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Brandon – my first experience part one

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When I was young, about ten, I lived in a condo with my father and two brothers. Our mother was not around for reasons I don’t need to get into. Christian was 15 and our oldest brother Jake was 17. The way our town school system worked we all got home at the same time even though they were in highschool and I was still in grade school. It was a small town and with some after school activities we ended up on the same bus taking us home at 4 every day. This was done on purpose so Jake could be there to watch us, really me, until our father got home. Being a single dad he had to get us all up and ready for school every day the work until 5:00pm and drive home sometimes not getting there until 6:00pm barely time to order out for dinner and get to bed before doing it all again.

But for a long time, honestly as long as I could remember back then my brothers had the same routine. We get home then they would run upstairs to the bedrooms, come downstairs and tell me to go up to my room for a while to do homework or play and they would go down to our basement. Our basement was small, but finished, with a couch and tv and a couple game systems as our area so we dont bother dad when he gpt home from work and needed to relax and watch some tv in the living room. They were adamant to not come downstairs and if I questioned it at all Jakes response was “we have so!e stuff to do, it’s not for little kids”. Not mean or rude, Jake was always very kind and attentive. Except right when we all got home from school and they disappeared for anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour.

Eventually I kept asking what they are doing and not accepting their “stuff” answer. And Jake said “ok, we’ll show you, but you have to promise to not tell anyone especially dad”. Of course I agreed, I was being accepted to do “big kid stuff” or what ever and thought this was a huge step in growing up.

When we get home that day the routine is the same, Christian runs upstairs and Jake very big brother like walks me downstairs with a smile and sits me on the couch as Christian comes back down and kind of frantically puts a DVD in and turns on the tv. That’s it?! I thought. Jake is acting like this is a big deal, like some right of passage, coming downstairs and watching a movie, we do this all the time. Well as Jake is watching me like he’s waiting for a reaction Christian if already fixed on the screen. Eyes locked and mouth hanging open. I’m very confused when the menu loads up and it’s a naked woman posing with some chapter options and normal DVD menu stuff. My eyes lock open wide and I glance out of the corner of my eye at Jake to see if he noticed I saw something I shouldn’t. He was still watching me with a smile that was partially amused and partially something else. As the movie played the people talked for a few minutes then started getting naked and touching and fucking. My 10 year old brain could barely process what I was seeing. I think I was so nervous my legs we shaking. It’s not a big basement so our couch down there was kind of small like a loveseat. I don’t even know when but at some point Christian had told me to sit on the floor with my back against the front of the couch so he could sit. Glancing at the from the corner of my eye I could see they had taken out their penises and where playing with them. Christians eyes were still locked on the screen but when I glanced at Jake I could see he was looking back noticing me looking down. I didn’t know the difference of a big cock or a little cock, this was the first nudity I had ever seen on the screen or real life all at once. But I could see that Jake’s was substantially bigger than Christian. Christian wasn’t small, I would come to find out he was very average in size like 5-6 inches, but Jake was huge at least 8 or more and thick with veins bulging. Also they did what they were doing very differently. Christian was attacking his penis stroking hard and fast, biting his lip with a very intense look on his face. But Jake stroked very slow and deliberate like he’s taking his time, he actually pulled out what I would later find out is lube to slick the whole thing up and would make faces that looked more like relief like when you first get into a pool on a hot day. That is when he wasn’t looking at me.

This went on for what seemed like hours but was more like 20 minutes. The Christian started making an odd noise, not grunting, but something like that. He stood up suddenly mouth open staring at the screen furiously pumping his penis so hard I thought it looked like it would hurt. The said “oh ya” as something erupted from his penis like a sprinkler spraying forward in every direction. I pulled back a little scared into Jake’s leg. I thought he was peeing, but quickly realized he wasn’t and was very concerned and confused. Christian never looked at us just said “oh that’s so fucking good”, let go of his beat red penis and walked out of the room. I looked back at Jake and he was smiling, almost laughing at my reaction. He said “it’s ok. He just came”. Jake then while never stopping stroking his massive lubed up cock gave me brief explanation as to masterbation as a kind of alternative to sex like in the movie, I had stopped paying attention to the movie a long time ago. He said guys need to do this and if they aren’t having sex they masturbate instead almost like practice. He said I was probably too young but that he started around 13 and so did Christian. The whole time he spoke my eyes were locked on his penis that he was slowly stroking. The he said “ya, I’m about to get there. Want to see?” I looked up at his face shocked and just said yes. He then intently looked at my face, and his own cock back and forth or a minute. When he finished it was very different than Christian. He would slowly pull up pausing at the tip for a second moaning very faintly. After a couple of those he started spurting thick white streams of cum up and slightly back onto his hand and stomach. It was so much more than christian and instead of spraying it everywhere because he’s shaking it so much it just came out very neatly. Jake then told me it feels so good and that I could hang out down there with them if I promise to not tell, because they were taking the DVDs from my dad’s room while he’s at work and putting them back before he got home.

So thats how I learned about sex and masterbation and why our basement floor smelled kind of funky. But that was just the start of everything I would learn. I find writing this very cathartic so I will keep writing my story for a while. It gets crazy at some points, but every word of it is my lived experience. Don’t judge anyone in it to harshly. None of us knew what we were doing as kids

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