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Brandon – learning what my ass is for – part 5

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My brothers start experimenting with different ways to use me for enjoyment

If you haven’t read the previous stories the jist is I found out my brothers Christian 15 and Jake 17 would masturbate everyday after school to my dad’s DVD collection and they started letting me 10 at the time join. I was too younger to really masterbate so I would just sit and watch. This let to me jerking them off, then letting them cum on me, then in my mouth, and eventually to actually sucking them off. Once this started they became insatiable. What was once a once a day thing became a 2 or 3 times a day occurrence. Jake couldn’t get enough and sometimes went for more.

With my brothers requiring blowjobs so much I didn’t have time for much else after we got home from school. I wasn’t complaining, it was my favorite thing in the world. The act, the sweet and salty reward at the end, and the satisfaction that I made them feel so good. It made me feel special and needed. Jake loves every second of it and was all about me doing everything. Christian while he never passed up a chance for a blowjob still seemed on the fence because he said he wasn’t gay and felt weird having a boy do it. But Jake being the ever proactive thinker had a solution. One day when we got home we started our normal routine. Me and Christian went to our finished basement where the couch and TV were and Jake went to my father’s room to get a porno for us all to watch. He brought down the DVD and told Christian to pop it in but asked me to follow him first. Christian looked put off, like where are you taking the blowjob device? He told Christian to not worry and we’d be right back with a surprise. I was excited to help jake get a surprise for Christian. As we went back upstairs I asked him what the surprise was. He said Christian doesn’t like getting blowjobs from a boy. I thought “well it’s just the three of us here and if he was successful with the girls at school he probably wouldn’t be here getting blowjobs from me every day.” Then Jake pulled out a shopping bag and said “I got these the other day” and started pulling out some clothes. “Take off your clothes” he said. I was confused, but I loved and trusted Jake so much I didn’t hesitate for a second and started undressing. He started handing me things one at a time. “Here are some lacy panties, a skirt, a shirt, and some stockings”. I put them on as he handed the to me, needing some assistance being unfamiliar with girl clothes. I found out they are way more complicated than a boys shorts and T-shirt. He also gave a small bra that had so much padding it looked filled up under the shirt, making it look like I had decent more than a small handful breast. And to top it all off a wig. It was cheap, I could feel that in my hand and on my head, but from a few feet away in the mirror you could be fooled at a glance that it was my hair. I thought I looked cute. “There we go”, jake said ” now we can really practice like you’re a girl. And we headed back downstairs.

As we walked down the basement stairs again christian was complaining “what the hell are we waiting for? We don’t have all day before Dad gets home.” We had at least an hour and a half still before Dad got home. Plenty of time to blow both of them twice at least. But as I cleared the stairs christian was taken back and startled a bit like someone was there that wasn’t supposed to know what we were doing. His eyes were wide and his mouth was open and frozen. Jake said to him “I know you don’t like getting your dick sucked my a boy. So I brought you a girl to do it today”. After a moment probably when he actually looked up at my face instead of my leggings, short skirt and what looked like breast he noticed it was me. “Holy shit dude, I thought you were a girl for a second”. I was pleased by this for some reason. I felt exposed because the top was also very short and didn’t cover much between the bra and skirt. My stomach was tiny though being so young. Since I hadnt hit puberty yet there wasnt much difference between my body and a 10 year old girls. I tried to cover up with my arms a little but Jake guided me to my normal position in front of the couch where they sat down, pulled out their cocks and started watching the movie. I started with Christian which I usually did. It was awk at first with the wig, it kept getting in the way and in my mouth. After a couple minutes I got it situated in a way that let me do what I needed without being to annoying. The movie seemed to be schoolgirl themed and heavily anal oriented. I thought it was a hot one, but in different ways than my brothers. I always imagined myself as the girl when we watched movies. Jake was again uncharacteristically talkative. I learned that when he does this he is usually trying to stear the activities a certain way. I didn’t mind. I always like what ever Jake got us doing, and I started getting curious and excited. He was commenting specifically on the girls asses a whole lot. Then looked over at me on my knees sucking christia next to him and said “you got a nice bubble butt under that little skirt too. Dont you?” I was now uncontrollably smiling with christians cock in my mouth. Then Jake reached out and lifted my skirt slightly. He grabbed my entire cheek in his hand and gave it a giggle then a semi firm slap before sitting back in his spot. He then instructed me to lift my ass higher so Christian could see it over my back while I sucked him. I did and Jake asked Christian “right? In those panties his butt looks just as good as those girls doesn’t it?” “It’s pretty close” christian responded “if I didn’t know better I would think it’s a girls”. “Relax” said Jake, “this is all pretend for practice. When we’re here Brandon is a girl. Just roll with it and enjoy the visual.” Christian the reached forward while I kept sucking and with both hands grabbed a cheek and squeezed. It felt nice to have them touching me too while I did this. “It is soft and juicy” christian commented. Squeezing and kneading my ass, pulling the cheeks apart. When he did I could feel the lacy panties rub against my asshole. It felt nice. They also lightly pulled across my small penis hidden away in the front. This also felt good, but what was happening in the back was where my focus was.

Jake after a few minutes told me to scoot over to him. Sometimes I would suck one for a bit then the other back and forth until one came. Sometimes just one at a time to completion. I thought Jake just wanted a turn sucking, but he told me to turn around a face the screen so he could see my bubble butt. I did. On my hands and knees leaning forward so my butt was raised higher I watched the movie and Jake started squeezing and massaging my ass cheeks commenting how soft and juicy they were. My feet were touching the front of the couch where he was sitting. He pulled my hips back so !y wass was just about over my feet then I felt it hit me. Jakes massive thick heavy cock. He just slapped it on my ass cheeks one after the other. Then right between them. My cheeks were very plump so when he slapped the center it didn’t hit my asshole but something made my butthole tingle when he did that. Then he let go of his cock so it just laid on top of the center of my ass while his hands went back to massaging. As he did this his cock slid more between my cheeks separating them. Finally when it rested as far between my cheeks as it could go I felt Jake’s this cock against my asshole through the panties. He squeezed my cheeks folding them around his massive cock like a hotdog bun and gave a few light strokes. His cock was a little rubbed up because he always used lube when he jerked off. Not very slippery, but just a little slick on my soft skin. “Oohhh, that’s nice” Jake let out. ” what if we try this? Then Jake moved his cock. I was sad, it felt great rubbing against me through the soft thin panties. Then his finger hooked underneath the panties and pulled them completely aside. He spread my cheeks and his cock slammed right back in the center landing right on my asshole. My whole body shuddered it felt so amazing. The he squeezed my cheeks again from the outside and started pumping his cock between my ass cheeks. The head poked out the top by the small of my back when I felt his hanging balls hit the bottom of my butt and back of my thighs. But the real fun was the length of his thick veiny cock running across my asshole while he did this. It’s all I could focus on. It felt so amazing. “Dude, this is awesome” Jake said to christian. “It’s like titty fucking but with butt cheeks”. “Really?” said Christian. Jake gestured toward the screen where a young girl was getting fuck from behind in a very similar position to what I was in. “Look dude, just pretend your fucking her like this” Jake got firmer with his hands and faster with his trusts. Then his familiar moan as he pushed all the way forward cock head poking out the top of my cheeks and he came. I could feel every pulse against my asshole and it made it pucker and feel amazing as the long thick streams of cum landed across my whole back. Oh no, I thought. I would never be able to reach back there to clean it or scoop it up. But it felt so good to have Jake’s hands on me while he did this and the feel his thrusting behind me and cock pressed against my asshole. When he finished he gently pushed on me side kind of passing me to Christian. I followed his guide and scooted in front of him in the same position. “Try it” Jake said. Christian followed suit and rested his cock between my cheeks and squeezed the sides. His cock was smaller and my ass cheeks completely engulfed his cock. And when he pressed all the way forward his cock didn’t clear the top of my ass. It stayed between my cheeks. “Oh that is good” Christian said before a couple sudden jerks and I could feel him cumming between my cheeks. It hard to describe. He has squeezing so hard no cum was leaking out so I felt his cock pulsing and the cum that was so hot filling between my ass like a water balloon filling up. He kept pumping a bit which spread the cum around a little and right onto my asshole. Feeling that hot cum on it drove me wild. This was the first time I enjoyed Christian cumming more than Jake. Christian let go and said “oh, it makes a fucking mess though”. His cock covered in cum. I didn’t hesitate I spun around and immediately sucked it all clean like I normally would. “Solves that I guess” Christian said as he stood up and left abruptly.

I looked back at Jake and he was stroking his cock again. “That was hot to watch, got me horny again”. Jake could something cum back to back being a young man who is horny all the time. So I thought great, maybe I can suck him off after all and get to taste his cum. But he said bring your ass back over here. I was excited, but a little sad. I thought, this is fun. But I hope they dont just want to do this from now on. I love to taste their cum, it’s what I live for. But Jake positioned behind me gain just a little different. Instead of laying his cock between my cheeks like a hotdog, he squeezed my cheeks together first and pushed his cock straight into them so the tip was pointed at the center and not up toward my back. And at the center was a very tingly cum covered asshole. When the tip of his cock bottomed out here my ass clenched. “Oooh” Jake let out. I looked back a jake “did you like that? You touched my butthole and I just kind of flinched.” “I liked it” he said, it got tighter and your butthole feels great on the tip of my cock.” I loved hearing that my body made him feel good. Every thrust was a little more forceful. Not hard or fast. Just slightly more pressure against my butthole Everytime he pushed forward. Christians cum between my cheeks acted like lube and I was faintly moaning I swear I could feel Jakes huge cock head being slightly engulfed by my asshole. Not in just making the ring feel looser. Then he said he was going to cum. I held still and he trust one more time. The piping hot thick cu! Shot straight onto my asshole. He was pressed against it so I felt like back pressure or something for a second before it shot out between my cheeks with force. This was the best yet. Hot cum on my asshole feels so good.

During our next session that day, round two before day got home. Jake showed Christian the new angle and Christian tried it that way. He squeezed my cheeks and fucked straight in poking my butthole with each stroke. He wasn’t gentle like Jake he was slamming into my asscheeks with his hip but his cock wasn’t as long as it only just made it to my butthole because my ass was so thick. But it still felt like he was punching my butthole with every stroke. I did start to enjoy it when I relaxed a little. Christian just goes harder so I need to catch a rhythm. He was hitting my butt so hard but it started to feel like before with Jake where my ass feels less tight. It wasnt open, but it made the punching feel a lot better. Christian came right against my asshole like Jake did and as soon has he stood up and hurried out jake pulled me over to him. Apparently very excited for this. That made me happy that he wanted me so badly. Jake got in the same position but seemed much more deliberate this time. His stroked were slower and straighter. Always landing directly center of my asshole. Now very slick with Christians cum. We would again push a little harder every time he presses against my asshole. Now I could feel it for sure. The very tip was opening my hole and pushing in. Just the tip, not even an inch. His cock was way to big and thick. I have seen girls in the movies take cocks in the ass but none like Jake’s. But this felt like sex to me, like a real woman pleasing a man. I was so turned on. I was in a trance feeling Jake’s cock press more into my ass. Soon he gave the signals. I could feel his cock stiffen between my cheeks. He let put a little moan and pushed hard. He didn’t go into me. Again less than an inch. But this created a seal where the only place the cum could go was in. I could feel it push past my sphincter and into my rectum. Almost like a water hose. It felt weird at first, but at the same time amazing. Feeling Jake’s cock pulse as it filled me with cum. The cum never felt so hot before. It almost felt like it burned but it didn’t, it just felt warm and amazing. Jake slumped back. I immediately reached back and rubbed my hand across my asshole expecting it to be covered and oozing with cum. But it wasnt. Just some remnants from Christian. Every drop of Jake was inside of me and again I couldn’t be happier.

The next day Jake dressed me up again and showed Christian how we did it the day before where he pressed against my ass at the last second and the cum went inside. He showed Christian that it made no mess and felt amazing. Christina protested a bit like usual. Expressed so!e concern about getting his cock dirty from my ass. But like always he ended doing what Jake suggests. Jake went first. To show him how to line up to my ass properly. He used some extra lube because he didn’t have christians cum to pre lube it for him this time. Like before he thrust, he pressed, and this time he pressed a little more when he came. It all shot in but I could feel the stretching pain a little. It still felt good. Everything Jake did always felt good. But I know he went deeper than before. When Jake tried he like usual did not go as gently as Jake. Once he found the right angle so his cock head hit my asshole every time he just started punching hard and fast. When he was ready to cum his hand slipped off my asscheeks for a second. He then suddenly grabbed my hips and pulled as he thrust forward. I felt his head pop into my ass suddenly and painfully. I winced and let out a cry. ” Are you ok?” Jake asked. I just grit my teeth and said yes. What a great guy always thinking of me first. Christian was just finishing cuming. Twitching while still holding onto me. I didn’t even feel the cum or any of the good parts I like because of the sudden sharp pain. And when his hands let go my cheeks separated and christians cock head was completely inside my ass, just past the head. “Oh shit” Jake said, “you really got in there”. Christian looked down. “I guess I didn’t. I was still clenching from the pain and I guess was holding his cock in doing that. I relaxed a little and felt him plop out of me. While this was relieving it also felt empty, like I wanted it back already. Christian said while dressing and leaving “I guess you’re right. No mess and nothing got dirty. And it does feel really good. Especially at the end.

As Christina hit the stairs Jake started asking how was, if I felt ok or hurt or anything. What a great guy. I told him I was fine. I said he could tell Christian hurt him. But had to admit it was really hot especially seeing his cock head in my ass at the end. He said he was so turned on he had to cum again. I asked if he wanted to cum from my ass again. He emphatically said yes. So I got in front of him again. He didn’t squeeze my cheeks this time though. I laid my face all the way down so my ears was high and my cheeks spread. He just looked at my asshole for a minute stroking himself. “That’s so hot” he said as he moved forward and started rubbing his cock head across and around my asshole in a circular motion. This relaxed me and made me happy to know jake thought my body was hot. He pushed at the center. But not hard, just to the point where I started to feel the stretching. It was like he knew the moment it bordered on pain and backed off them went again just a little more, each time feeling easier than the last. I got lost in time doing this we could have been there for a minute or an hour. I was just enjoying the feeling when I felt a similar pop again. Like my ass was being opened then suddenly closed just a little bit. Jake had gotten his entire head into my asshole. And his head was huge. I was surprised and clenched a little. He noticed and asked if I was ok. But there was no pain. I told him I was fine. It felt great. Because it did. I relaxed and Jake gently pulled back until the rim of his huge cock head popped back out. Then slowly removed the whole thing. My ass felt open and empty, I hoped he wasn’t going to stop because he thought he hurt me. Them I felt the press again and the pop when the whole head was in. I lifted my head up a bit and smiled as I moaned. He took the que and would over and over do this. Pushing his whole head in and out of my ass. I felt so many great things I had never felt before. His pace quickened and he said “im cuming” as he kept going. His hot cum shooting straight into my ass the the cool air as his cock backed all the way out over and over was a sensation like nothing in the world. He slowed, then stopped with his head in. As he pulled back I turned around to she the expression on his face. I could see some lingering cum coming from the tip of Jake cock. It seemed so long since I had blown him I reached straight for it with my mouth and gently sucked it out moaning as the familiar taste hit my tongue. Familiar, and new. I could also taste my ass on his cock. It was different but somehow very exciting and enjoyable. I told him that was great but I still want to suck his cock because I like it so much. He said “don’t worry. You know I like one before bed”. Jake my bottomless supply of delicious cum. As I was cleaning up and changing back I noticed the front of the panties i was wearing were a little wet. They didn’t get cum on them and I didn’t pee or anything otherwise they would be soaked. I think everything was feeling so good I was starting to cum too. This made me feel like a bigger kid but also great thinking that not only does Jake love my body but my body loves Jake.

As you can imagine this became the new norm for our after school sessions. I would dress like a girl and they would use my ass with just the tips of their cocks until they came. For round two Christian usually wanted a blowjob because it’s less movement and work for him and Jake usually also let me blow him just because he knows I love it and hes great. But each time they would use my ass, particularly Christian because he’s smaller and more reckless, they would go a little deeper. This was harder for Jake because he’s just so thick. But I could still feel him pressing harder and more of the stretching feeling eat time. Today we had already had one round of using my ass, both christian and Jake and it was feeling a little stretched and open. But round two is blowjobs. Not today, when we got back downstairs I knelt in front of Christian and he said “no, give me that ass again”. It was a little sore and full of cum, but I had become a custom to just agreeing with and doing what ever they said. So I tuned around and he started quickly poking it head in and out of my ass. This time he did something different he pushed a little bit further past the head, maybe an inch or so. Then pulled back but didn’t pull out. Them pushed back to that point again. He was holding his cock doing this, small quick stroke. It was actually amazing. I felt great and it also felt great leaving the cock head in the whole time instead of the constant popping in and out and making air pockets in my ass. He only did this for a minute or so. Then grunted. Let go of his cock and grabbed my hip and pulled me back as hard as he could while pushing his hips forward as hard as he could. He was cuming and hard. He convulsed a couple time then shook as he finished. This was surprising but not painfully at all. It felt new and kind of great when he was so deep and cuming.

After Christian finished and left Jake was smiling and excited. “Wow, how did that feel? Christian fucked you. Like really fucked you.” I told him it felt good and didn’t hurt, just surprised me. I was actually disappointed. I knew this was going to happen eventually I just wanted Jake to do it because he’s so great. But he’s just to big. His huge cock head would open my ass and christians smaller cock could slip in after. I asked Jake if he wanted to cum again and how. He said he wanted my ass again. I said ok and knelt I’m front of him. He said not like that. Get up on my lap facing me. I had seen this position in movies but we never really deviated from our normal routine. I was excited to try something new with Jake and hopped up immediately. I was flat on my feet seated just over his cock with my hands on his shoulders so I didn’t fall backwards. I felt the tip and let it open my ass and push all the way in. Jake held onto the bottoms of my ass cheeks with one hand and the other on his cock, guiding my movement and keeping his cock lined up perfect. He was doing a similar thing to christian not fully pulling out with small inch strokes. Something about the position was off so I moved my feet back so I was on my knees on top of him. He slouched a little more to a more laying down position. And I leaned forward so he was still inside but my crotch was against Jake’s stomach. I started rocking my hips instead of Jake. “Oh ya” he let out. I asked if that was good and when he said yes, very, I got emboldened and started going harder. I could feel Jakes thick cock stretching me more, but I was so turned on because I was making him feel good that the stretching felt good to me. I would slid forward and back on Jakes lower stomach and pelvis while rocking my hips with the rhythm. My eyes were closed and I could feel Jake’s hand on my body. First my side then down to my thighs and then squeezing my ass cheeks while I road harder and harder. Something came over me and I just had to keep going. Without thinking I leaned forward and got back up on my feet squatting straight down on Jakes massive cock. I don’t know how much I was taking with each bounce but I wasn’t an inch I was at least half of it. I didn’t feel like I could take more than that so when it felt like it couldn’t go any further I went up and when I felt the rim of his cock head I went down. This was so good. I kept bouncing on the balls of my feet like this for about 5 minutes. Then felt something new. A sensation started building up in my groin and all over my body like never before. I could feel it peaking and didn’t know what to do, just not to stop. Then finally it washed over me and I could feel my small but rock hard cock jump and pulse. When it did this my rhythm with Jake was thrown off and I kind of fell into him. I felt my ass cheeks land on his pelvis hard. And he groaned. For a second I thought I hurt him. Them he pulled down harder on my hips and started grinding his own. He was cuming. And he was cuming all the way in my ass.

He said that was the most amazing feeling ever while still inside of me cock twitching. I looked down at my own crotch and noticed a good amount of clear liquid coming from it. I immediately knew it as the clear part of cum. Jake asked if I just came for the first time. I said “yes, I think so.” The first time I had an orgasm was from Jake fucking my ass. I love sucking cock so much, but it’s going to be hard to not just take the cock in the ass because as much as sucking a cock and feeling and tasting it cuming in my mouth makes me happy, it never made me feel like this. My ass needs balls deep dick like this now every day.

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    Now you need jake I’m your ass and Christian in your mouth. You could have the best of both worlds

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      Funny you should say that. Stay tuned and read the next chapter

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    Keep it in teen then no more preteen

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      You obviously can’t read ages can you?

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      Dude, stop reading if you don’t like it. The main character is 10. He’s not a teen.

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      The funny part is you’re already done with the fifth part of the story line. You knew from the beginning that this had a 10yr old in the story. You knew this was where it was going. I’ll bet you’ve cum numerous times to the fact that teen age boys were using their 10yo brother for sex. So stop trying to pretend you’re not enjoying the story as much as the rest of us are.

    • VARamRyder ID:1epx0dx8b7td

      The way Jake popped his cock head in and out of that ass is a technique I use when I do anal on either men/boys oy women. The sphincter is where all the feeling is and it feels fantastic for them as it does me. Best when it clenches just before I pull out part way. I have an 11 yo soon to be HS freshman who craves that type of penetration.

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    Can’t wait to read more

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      Thank you. Theres a lot more. I will keep writing because I’m enjoying it so much. And it’s pretty hot knowing people are enjoying and getting turned on thinking about me and my brothers.