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Brandon – learning more part two

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If you haven’t read part one please read that for some context leading up to this part.

Life went on as in my previous story for a couple weeks or longer. We would all get home and one of my brothers Christian 15 or Jake 17 would run upstairs to my father’s room grab one of his porno DVDs and come downstairs where I would sit on the floor and watch while they sat on the couch and masturbated. I was only 10 so I couldn’t masturbate yet really. But I started rubbing myself through my pants during these sessions. We were usually home alone for at least an hour and a half, sometimes two hours before our father got home. In that time my brothers would usually masturbate at least once sometimes twice. I’ve even seen them knock out a third in that time. And Everytime I was sitting there watching the movie, but also tilting my head to catch a glace at them playing with their much larger cocks. Christian was always eyes lock on the screen pounding away so hard and fast I don’t know how he wasn’t hurting himself. Jake, with his much larger cock would use some kind of lube and slowly enjoy himself taking his time. That’s probably why Christian always finished first. And as soon as he did he would stand up shoot his cum out everywhere and just walk out of the room. Leaving me a jake watching a movie alone.

This time after christian came and left Jake looked at me, he actually looked at me a lot. When I would glance out of the corner of my eye at him, if I looked up I could see him looking at me smiling. Playfully, like he caught me doing something not bad, but I wasn’t supposed to do. But today when he looked at me he talked to me. He said “I noticed you playing with yourself a little there”. I kind of blushed and shrugged. He said “it’s ok, you can join if you want”. I told him I couldn’t because I was still to small. He said “that’s fine. You can still play with it, you’re just younger than Christian or I was when we started. Don’t be embarrassed or anything”. Jake always made me feel comfortable and safe. I believed every word out of his !mouth and trusted him without question. So I did like he said and pulled my pants down and sat next to him on the couch touching my small penis and trying to watch the movie. I didn’t even really get hard I was so nervous and I kept looking away from from the screen and staring at his giant rock hard cock, glistening with lube making subtle wet noises with his long slow strokes. He said “it’s ok. You’ll get bigger one day, it runs in the family. Then you’ll be able to cum like me and Christian.” I said I don’t want to cum like christian, he looks to angry. Jake laughed a little. He said “you think you’ll do it like me?” I looked down at his lap then up to his face and wide eyed just nodded. Jake then looked at his cock and like he was describing something completely different just said ” a little bit of lube, nice long slow strokes. Feels amazing on the coc, and in the hand.” I wasn’t quite sure what he meant by that. Then he looked up at me and said ” want to try”. I was shocked a little and confused. Try what using lube? I could barely get hard. He took his hand off his cock and just looked at me “you can stroke it a little if you want” so casual like he was asking if I want cookies. I couldn’t think but I reached out reflexively and put my hand on his hard lubed cock. It twitched, and he said “this way you can feel what it will be like when your cock grows big and you start stroking it”. Ok I thought. This is practice. Just like they were using their hands to practice for when they could get girls. That’s how I viewed all this, just practice for the next thing.

Jake was right. His cock felt amazing in my hand, my tiny hand couldn’t even fit all the way around it. He started giving me little pointer, like how hard to squeeze, the pace, to give a little twist at the end when I get to the tip. I started getting more relaxed but also very turned on amd entranced by what we were doing. “Oh ya. That’s perfect, just like you’re doing it.” I felt amazing, like I instantly mastered an adult kind of skill. ” You want to feel what it’s like when I cum?” I was again shocked but just asked “is this going to make you cum?” “Oh ya” he said. I couldn’t stop and said yes and started paying more close attention to jakes cock than ever before. I wasnt hiding small glances anymore I was full of staring with my hand wrapped around it. I could feel his cock get even stiffer as he got close and right when he said ” here it comes” the first heavy stream of thick white cum spurt out mostly onto his stomach. “Don’t stop” he said, as the second less intense stream shot shorter and onto him and some on my hand and arm. It was so warm, and exciting when I felt it. He shot a couple more times while I kept slowly stroking, everytime I could feel a strong convulsion from his cock in my hand. The last few kind of dribbled out right when I was at the top of the stoke at his cock head, just leaking completely onto my hand, still tick and white.

I looked up at him shocked and happy, smiling. Afraid to let go like he would never let me do that again. He said “that was great, even better than when I do it.” Those words made me feel like the most important person in the world. He told me to go clean up in the downstairs bathroom and maybe we could do that again before Dad got home, but he needed a break and to do some homework first.

I went upstairs and turned on the faucet. Before I rinsed my hand I stared at it. We have been watching pornos together for weeks. I’ve seen dozens of girls now that do all sorts of things and at the end the guy shoots his cum all over their faces and in their mouths. Jake says girls love it when guys do that. And the girls in the videos definitely seems happy and excited. Something compelled me and I brought !y hand to my face and stuck out my tongue. Touching just the tip to the gobs of white on my hand that were now cooling fast it tastes sweet. Not like candy, but very good. I did that ac couple more times just dipping the tip of my tongue before washing my hands and hoping we could do that again before Dad got home.

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  • Reply Shane ID:1dyj1xb5gtq9

    I’d like to know if U and Ur brothers wore socks. That’s my turn-on…

  • Reply Negative ID:1epjnfttnkgy

    Clearly a gay story with no intent you label it under gay so horrible and for that I leave this negative comment

    • Brandon95 ID:21cogc2t0d

      Sorry. First posting. I’ll clearly mark in the future

    • lPostMaloneFan ID:4bn00en3fia

      geez chill its a good story my man

    • Negative ID:1epjnfttnkgy

      I don’t care I say keep gay shit out of preteen and before y’all get annoying my cousin is gay and I love my cousin he is cool and fun to hang with but I refuse to see kids under 12 knowning they are gay and no way boys know younger then 11 atleast

    • Brandon95 ID:21cogc2t0d

      I didn’t know anything. I was following my brother’s lead and what ever felt good. If I had sisters or friends that were girls maybe the story would be different. I’m sorry about the labels. I just stared posting this story and did not know someone would get so upset. I can’t change it after the fact.

    • Positive ID:1d0pml0eb8q3

      You’re just an asshole, man