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Brandon – learning more is better part 4

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Getting Christian on board then things keep escalating

After I sucked jakes cock for the first time it’s the only thing I thought about or wanted to do ever again. Nothing made me feel better than his hard cock throbbing and erupting in my mouth then to keep gently going until he got soft and needed a break. After a few days of this we started our normal routine. Jake got the DVD this time and me and Christian went downstairs to wait. Jake put the DVD in and they started to take their pants off. I remembered this one. It was one girl surrounded by guys that she sucked until they came on her and in her mouth one after another for like 30 minutes straight. I loved this one.

My brothers started jerking themselves and christian who was reluctant at first was the one to get my attention today. “Hey, you wanna do me?” I quickly obliged by getting some of Jake’s lube, then sliding in front of Christian between his knees and taking his cock in my hand. “Oh ya” he spurt out as soon as I started. Jake looked over at Christian and commented on the movie, something he rarely did during these sessions. “That super hot isnt it? The girl just sucking cock like that?” “Yup” Christian replied short and curt. “You should have Brandon do that while you watch this, get the full effect”. “What?! Are you crazy?” Christian came back. Then Jake started to explain “What it’s cool man, it’s just like the handjob. What’s the difference? You see a blowjob, and you’ll feel a blowjob. He does it to me sometimes. He likes it and there no clean up after.” I was shocked that he admitted that to him and no breathing while i waited for christians response. Thinking if by sometimes he means twice a day every day and the whole time they where talking I never stopped stroking Christians cock. Christian kept protesting “you want me to cum in his mouth?” Jake snapped back “the way you cum like an explosion some gets in there anyway. This will feel like a real blowjob and again, no mess.” Then Christian looked down at me and asked “you like that? You do that to him?” I shrugged my shoulder and just kind of nodded. All while still stroking. After a minute of silence and Christian watching the movie while I stroke he said “ok, I’ll try it if you have, but I ain’t no fag.” Jake reassured again “it’s not gay, it’s just practice stuff.”

I leaned in and started very slow on the tip of christians cock, he seemed so apprehensive he actually got a little soft at first. But I kept my hand wrapped around the base and my mouth pulling at the head and he relaxed and was rock hard again in no time. Very shortly after the mumbling and hip twitching started. I was working my hand up and down with my mouth the way I had learned from some movies when in Christians signature move he suddenly stood up, but with my hand still stroking and my mouth still nodding on the end. Then he jerked his hips forward and I felt the first violent spurt fill my mouth as the head of his cock slammed into the back of my mouth. It hurt ever so slightly because I wasn’t expecting it, but I held on like a rodeo rider never letting his cock leave my mouth. My hands dropped to his thighs holding on to his thrusts that came with each spurt. It was all I could do to keep him from nocking me backwards with his hip thrusts. When he was finishing he put his hands on the side of my head and held it there while he kind of shook in and out of my mouth for a few seconds, just little one inch strokes while his cock was becoming sensitive after cumming. “Oh wow, that was good. Ok Jake, you were onto something here.” Then he pulled back plopping his cock out of my mouth and walked out saying, “have fun with my sloppy seconds”. I looked up at Jake with a funny expression I guess. He laughed and smiled and told me to come over to him. “How did you like that?” He asked. I just raised my eyebrows and smiled while nodding still having a mouth full of christians cum for the first time that I was savoring. It was sweet, not as thick as Jake’s and didn’t have quite the same taste, but still very good. He saw my full mouth and said “you want to use that as lube while you lick it off my cock.” This disgusting suggestion turned me on in a way like never before. Maybe the idea of it or just the fact that he even asked was so exciting. I opened my mouth a little and let some drip onto his cock it ran down the whole thing then covered his massive balls. I said sorry and swallowed the rest. “He smiled and said, it’s ok. Just clean it up the way you like to”. I immediately started licking and stroking. Sucking the head then licking down the whole length and when I got to his balls I just opened wide and slurped. I had never paid much attention to his balls before, but now especially covered in cum I couldn’t get enough. I kept stroking with my right hand while doing this and Jake seemed to be on cloud nine. Before long he he said he was going to cum soon so I left his balls and went back to my normal finishing routine stroking and sucking anxiously waiting for my reward. Then he put his hand on my head and guided it down. No force behind it. Just a gentle pressure, I could have pulled away, but didn’t want to, he had never done this before. Usually when he cums I have just the head in my mouth bobbing up and down as he finishes. But today he guided my head as far down at I could go. He hit the back of my mouth but it didn’t hurt like with christian. He didn’t slam it just gently pressed it to the back. Then he shot the first spurt of hot cum. My mouth was way more full than normal and there wasn’t room for his huge cock and his huge load so I started to try to swallow. I gaged a little. But managed to swallow just as he shot the next stream. This felt different. It didn’t fill my mouth. It’s like it went straight down my throat because I was swallowing as he came. I tried to do it again, and it worked. I also felt his cock go deeper in my mouth. But he was already at back, then realized he went just past into my throat. Not far, just enough so that as he came it went straight in my throat. I couldn’t breath but it was only for a few seconds really so I held firm and let him finish while he game very small strokes into the back of my throat.

We continued this new routine for a while. We would get home amd I would suck both of my brothers cocks back to back at least twice before Dad got home. They liked it so much and I guess needed less recovery time when I was doing all he work so multiple times they came back down for a third time in the hour and a half we were alone. I was so happy, I couldn’t get enough. And since jake didn’t seem to need the movie to visualize while I did it we would sometimes sneak one when ever we were alone. There were some days I swallowed 7 or even 8 cumshots from my brother between getting home and betime. It was amazing and somehow I wanted more.

One night after all these activities after my father came home from work and had a few drinks with dinner. He called me into his room and sat me down. He apologized for not being around a lot because he had to work and he apologized for drinking a little to much, but he said it was hard and he was lonely without mom. And he not only didn’t have the time but didn’t want the extra stress of his dating life on him or the family. But he assured me that he loved us all and I was still his baby boy and top priority. Then we watched some TV laying in his bed until he fell asleep. My father is a deep sleeper. I mean deep. Especially when he has a few drinks. I could punch him in the face and he wouldn’t wake up. And after weeks of sucking my brothers cocks so much something came over me laying in bed with father sleeping. He was laying on his side facing me, snoring loudly. He was wearing loose pajama pants with a button fly, soft pant. I reached down amd gently rubbed his crotch. I wondered wich of my brothers penises his would most resemble. As I rubbed his soft pant I could feel the soft pile of cock and balls underneath. Big balls. As I stroked he started getting hard. I didn’t know if that would wake him so I did it gently enough where if he woke up I could play it off like I was just laying next to him and we accidentally touched. Then I felt his fly, already unbuttoned. The pants were so loose and soft the button never stayed done. My tiny fingers poked in and felt his soft skin. It was still soft enough where I could lift the head to the opening and pop it out. Then teasing it softly it grew in my hand. I could feel how big it was. Definitely bigger than Christian I couldn’t resist anymore. I pooped under the covers and scooted down. I could barely make out the outline with the tv light coming through the thin blanket. But he was surprisingly just a hair smaller than Jake. I didnt know if penises kept growing as you got older or what, but I expected dad to be a mammoth. It was still very large, Jake is just an anomaly I guess. I kept teasing the head and it made him twitch. His snoring stopped fpr a moment and scared me that he would wake up. When he didn’t I felt emboldened. Something came over me and I just opened my mouth and took in ever inch I could fit. His cock seemed to not mind as it twitched in my mouth. His hips started gently rocking back and forth. But his snoring told me he was definitely asleep. I thought maybe what I was doing was making him dream of sex and he was imagining a girls pussy where my mouth was. This thought excited me so much. I started daydreaming about the girl he must be dreaming about while slowly sucking him as he fucks what he thinks is a pussy. Then I started touching myself rubbing my crotch as I let him thrust a little. Then I felt his hands on top of my head. He was definitely still asleep, but touching my head like he was holding it down from the top. I imagined the girl in his dream on her hands and knees while he pounds into her holding his hands on the small of her back for support. His pace quickened and got harder. Still not as bad as Christian sometimes but he was definitely fucking. I was so turned on touching myself to this I tried as hard as I could to relax my mouth and swallow while pressing forward more on his cock. Holding my head steady in place so like Jake’s the tip of his cock would go just into my throat when he thrust forward was difficult. For one I had to time my breathing and his thrust weren’t very rhythmic because he was dreaming, sometimes stopping completely before randomly starting again. After 10-15 minutes of his I could spot the signs leading to the end. His cock stiffened more. He even grunted in his sleep. I relaxed as much as possible and swallowed taking in as much of his coc as I could. I must have gotten at least two inches or more into my throat. More than I could get Jake because Dad was somewhat smaller. But it was in far enough that he never left my throat on the backstroke. I thought this must really feel like a pussy for him to finish to, but hoped he did soon because I couldn’t breath when I did that. And he did. He shot a thick long built up load that made it seem like he hadn’t cum in ages. He must jerk off because he had all the DVDs, but I guess time and energy didnt let him enough. It was so much I was glad I took it in my throat because I couldn’t keep all that in my mouth without spilling amd making a mess giving me away in the morning, but sad I wasn’t able to take that huge load and taste it all. But as he pulled out the final time I got some cum across my tongue. Gently sucking the last drops out before he fell out of my mouth. His breathing and snoring resumed to normal and I left his cock out of his pants thinking it would be easier. He would just think it fell out in the night. Dad didn’t taste as good as christia or Jake, but I still loved the taste. I was on cloud nine again. Laying back in the bed thinking I sucked both my brother on the couch three times today. That’s six loads of cum. Them Jake wanted a quickie before bed, I swear he is always ready to go. With Dad just now that’s 8 loads of cum I’ve swallowed today. I’ve done that once before when I didn’t both christian ad Jake three time like today and Jake wanted two more before bed. I was rubbing my crotch thinking I want more always more. And wondering after taking care of Dad in his sleep could I do the same thing to Jake and set a new record.

I climbed into bed with Jake but he woke up when I touched him. He was so happy though I still set my new record. Now I had to figure out how to hit 10.

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    I would love to hear more about you and your dad.
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    Or better yet, him waking up with his dick in your asd

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    Awesome 👏 story you seem hot 🥵

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      Thank you. Theres more, and I’ll keep writing my story. I really enjoy telling it

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    Also no women in this so bisexual will not work stop posting if you want to make mistakes labeling

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      I swear I labeled it gay when I posted it. Don’t know why it came out this way