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Brandon – ending school and getting free time – part 6

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The next chapter in my story learning that some is good. More is better

If you haven’t read my story up to now I’ll try a brief recap, but please read them if you like and comment on them. I really enjoy telling my story and hearing what people think about it and how I’m telling it. Don’t hold back because it lets me know if people want me to keep writing and honestly is a turn on to know if people are really getting into thinking aout me and my brothers.

So when I was 10 my brother Christian was 15 and my oldest brother Jake was 17 I noticed they would disappear downstairs in our condo after school. We had a finished basement that was just an entertainment area for us. Our schedules were such that we were home about an hour and a half before our dad who was a single parent would get home from work. I quickly discovered that the were taking porno DVDs from my father’s closet and jerking off to them downstairs. This all started around the fall when school started that year. The eventually invited me to join and I just sat and watched while the jerked off to the movies. After a while this escalated to me jerking them off and that quickly led to blowjobs. My brother’s being young would cum 2 and sometimes 3 times between getting home and my father getting home from work. And after the blowjobs started every single one of those cum loads went right into my mouth. This went on for months until my brother Jake, who honestly was always the one who escalated it to the next level, started admiring and playing with my ass during these sessions. Once they learned they could use my large soft cheeks to cum it led to the trying to press just the tip into my ass at the end to cum inside me for no cleanup and because it felt really good. Christian was the first to take it further and kind of accidentally full on fucked my ass but only with a couple inches of his cock. Then because I wanted jake to do the same and I felt it kind of unfair I tried the same with him which led to my first ever orgasm. Not only my first but completely from being being fucked in the ass.

And that catches up to where we are in my story. All that took place between late fall starting the school year and spring time the following year before school ended. The first time Jake fucked me was around our birthdays. We are all pretty close, Christian in March, Jake in April, and me in May. After they had fucked me for the first time that became the new standard for our daily sessions after school. One of them would grab a DVD the other would go downstairs and I would usually put on some sexy girl clothes jake had bought for me. A skirt sometimes with panties, sometimes nothing underneath, stockings, a wig, and a top that was very small and didn’t cover anything between my waist and a few inches below my nipples. Sometimes I would wear a very padded bra he got me tha made it look like I had at least b cup breast. All this made me feel very sexy. I would usually take care of Christian first. He was younger, more impatient, and also came much quicker. For him it was all about getting to the end as fast as he could then just getting up and leaving. That was fine with me, I still liked it and then I was alone with jake who liked to take his time. Sometimes by the time jake was done Christian would already be coming back downstairs because he was ready for another go before dad got home. I liked it if he was kind of tired still and just wanted to sot back while I sucked him instead. That way I could get the amazing taste of his cum also after being fucked. I also liked the taste of their cocks after they had already fucked my ass. It’s different but not gross at all. Just very erotic and sexy.

By now we are approaching summer. We were all a year older and Jake was 18 with a car. This made a lot of things easier on dad. He could run errands after school. Well the other thing he could do was buy his own pornos. We had watched all of dads so many times we almost knew them all by heart. And that made them start to be less interesting for Christian and Jake. I didn’t care, my enjoyment came from them enjoying me. But Jake had run an errand after school this day and on the way back said he stopped at the porn store not far from our house and bought a couple new DVDs. We were all excited and ran downstairs. He popped it in and christian was already naked from the waist down cock in hand staring forward. When he started it up I began to suck on Christian. “Holy shit!”I heard Christian say after a minute. looked up amd his face was locked on the screen. I turned around and there was one girl surrounded by cocks. She was on her knees and sucking the all frantically only a couple seconds at a time before !oving on to the next. This was new. And amazing. The idea of so many cocks at once never crossed my mind. I thought of Christian and Jake back to back over and over a lot. But so many at once was a rush. I went back to christian and he said he was ready to fuck. So pointing me at the screen he got behind me so he can keep watching while he uses me just for the feel. Christian always made it clear he wasn’t gay. He just used me to imagine a girl while he came. I didn’t mind, I liked that idea. Christian rarely started slow. He would use some lube then push in as soon as he got past the head he stated pumping slowly getting deeper as he went with short fast thrusts. As he got fully in and really going the girl in the video was on her hands and knees too. One guy behind her fucking while another knelt in front of her to suck. Oh my God, I thought. How lucky where she doesn’t have to choose the great feeling of a cock in her mouth or fucking her. Then Jake who had been sitting next to us jerking off said “I can’t wait, this is too hot, and I’m too horny”. He stood up and walked right in front of us knelt down all the way so he was sitting on his heels right in front of my face and said “do it just like the girl there”. Shocked, amazed and in heaven I opened wide and swallowed Jake’s head. I could only get a few inches down onto Jake’s cock usually. He was very thick and much longer than your average man even though he was only 18 now. But I had learned amd practices swallowing while I suck so his head would go just past my throat. I still couldnt get even half because of the thickness. But I could get plenty to make him feel amazing. “Dude! Your blocking my view” Christian spit out leaning to the side. Jake said sorry and grabbed my shoulders. He kind of shimmied to the side a bit keeping my head and his crotch together and making christian turn a little. It was a little awkward but when we were done Christian had a view pf the screen by just turning his head slightly and he was now pounding hard and fast like he was ready to cum soon. This pushed my face hard onto Jake’s cock forcing the tip past my throat with each push from christian. Jake seemed to like the pace and intensity because he soon started to moan and stiffen up harder like he did before he came. Barely comprehending what was happening because of the new wonderful sensation of simultaneous cocks, i felt christian grab my hips tight and drive into me one last time hard and grunt something i couldnt make out. He pulled out slightly then did it again. Each time I could feel the hot cum filling me up inside. This must have been a turn on for Jake because right after Christian started his grunting and cuming Jake exploded right at the back of my mouth. I was happy he didn’t cum in my throat. Not that I mind it. I like it, but in this moment i wanted to taste it so badly. I just swirled it around my tongue and the head of his cock in my mouth until the last pulse. When I could feel his cock starting to get soft I kept my lips tight as I pulled bad letting it fall from my lips but keeping every drop in my mouth. Christian was motionless behind me still inside, still semi hard. I rolled my tongue in my mouth and my hips started involuntarily rocking. “Fuck dude, dont move” Christian almost shouted. “Its way to sensitive right now”. I didn’t respond I just sat there motionless enjoying the cum in my mouth, but still clenching my ass hole that was still holding christians softening cock. “Fuck” he said one more time before quickly pulling out and hurrying out of the room like normal.

Jake still sitting back on his heals a foot in front of me. Smiled and looked down. “Did you like that?”. I nodded while finally swallowing the amazing thick sweet cum he had just shot into my mouth. “I got something else for you” he said. Surprised I sat up but didn’t say anything. I couldn’t believe he had gotten me something for no reason, no holiday or birthday, just because. I looked down when I sat up and saw the clear young boy cum dripping from he tip of my cock. I hant had an orgasm like I had from Jake fucking me, I never did with Christian, but that was so hot I was tingling and almost there. I reached down and ran my finger across the tip. Then brought it to my mouth and licked it off. Jake looked at me and smiled “you really do like that dont you?”. I told him I couldn’t help it, it just tastes so good. No matter where it comes from. But that his was the best. That made him smile really big. The he went to a bag he brought down from the porn shop and pulled out a package. Inside was a pretty large, almost jake sizes dildo. My eyes were wide. “What do I do with this?” Genuinely asking because my mind was racing and incapable of a thought at that moment. He said it was to play with and practice when Christian or he wasn’t around or able to play with me. I was so happy and excited and scared because I didn’t know how honestly or where to put it so dad wouldn’t find it and I would get in trouble. Dad didn’t go through our things or rooms, but I didn’t know if he would accidentally see it while putting something away in my room. I took it and said thank you. He then reached back into the bag and pulled out something else. Much shorter only a few inches, very pointy then fat then narrow with what looked like a handle maybe. I was confused. It looked nothing like a cock, what do I do with that? He told me it was a butt plug. Confused and curious I looked at him mouth open and dumbfounded. He said I could put it in my ass before we did thing to keep it open and ready. He knew that especially with Christian who even though he was smaller never eased into anything, just pushed in the started, he knew this sometimes was uncomfortable or even hurt at first until I relaxed and everything started to feel good. He said if I put this in even just a few minutes before it would make everything start much easier and feel better. I could not believe how thoughtful Jake was. Always thinking of me and making sure I was comfortable and happy. He then said he could show me how it works and grabbed a new small bottle of lube from the bag. “This is for you too”, he said while opening both packages. He told me to sit at he edge of the couch and lay back. I did. He then had me lift and spread my legs as much as I could. He lubed up the plug and slowly started the tip in my ass. I leaned forward curious but obviously couldn’t actually see my own asshole. I felt the tip then gradually the stretching feeling. It pinched ever so slightly but was smooth and easy. Then suddenly my hole closed. It felt like it was pulling the plug into me but stopped and I felt the base pressed against the outside of my butthole. It felt odd at first. I clenched and it moved but didn’t go in or out. “That’s it” he said and sat back. “You can sit normal”. I lowered my legs and sat there in front of him. Feeling the plug being pushed into me by the cushion but not going in deeper. It was a weird feeling, but comfortable and sexy. He told me to stand up. I did slowly, I thought it would fall out on the floor. It didn’t. It stayed perfectly in place. I walked around a bit smiling and said I could wear this anywhere and no one would know. He said I could if I wanted. And seemed to like that idea as his coc started to grow again.

I asked if he liked watching me with the plug and he said yes, that it was pretty hot. Then took his cock in his hand and started slowly stroking. He asked if I wanted to try the other one. I said sure smiling, excited. He opened it and told me to take out the plug. I reached down a fiddled with the base for a second. It was slippery with lube and soft and awkward at first, but I got hold of it and tugged. It didn’t come out right away. I had to put some force into my pull. But it didn’t hurt, I just felt the base getting wider and stretching. It actually felt really good. Then the widest part kind of popped past my hole and the rest slid out easily to the tip. I pulled it out and brought it to my front to see the fat little toy that was just in my ass. To my surprise it was dripping from the tip down the sides with white creamy cum. It must be Christians from just before I thought, that’s kind of cool. Looking at it amazed I brought it my lips and licked the cum. Oh my God! It had been in my ass for maybe 15 or 20 minutes staying hot and mixing with my ass this whole time and it was delicious. I put the hole plug in my mouth and sucked the rest of the cum off. Then caught Jake staring at me smiling rock hard. I embarrassed put the plug down and smiled. “I can’t help it”. He told me it was ok and he liked it. Then told me to lay back on the couch like before. I did with my legs up holding them back with my arms and laing forward to see as much as I could. He pulled out the dildo and used some lube on it. Watching him stroke the rubber cock with lube turned me on and I eagerly stretched my legs back further. He popped the head of the toy in right away very easily. It felt good with the stretching feeling but no pain at all. He looked at me and said “see. Probably feels better after the plug”. He was right of course like always. Jake always knew the right thing. I was so turned on. Jake wasn’t just using me, not that I didn’t enjoy him doing that. But this was new. He was playing with me seemingly for my enjoyment too. He stroked the dildo into my ass slowly a little deeper each time. It got thicker the further down the shaft it got. Not too much but enough to feel the difference each time he went deeper. But always feeling great. He saw my small cock getting hard and even though I couldn’t cum he knew that I could orgasm. Usually grinding my cock into his stomach while riding him. So he kept sliding the dildo in and out with one hand and worth the other hand laid it flat on on the underside of my cock pressing it into my own stomach and rubbing up and down. I guess my coc wasn’t big enough for him to really get a handful of. But this felt great like when I ride him, but better with his hand. Not long into this Jake said “I’ll keep going but I can’t wait anymore”. He pulled the dildo out and sat up a bit. Putting the dildo down and grabbing his own cock he guided it to my lubed up pre stretched ass. He slid in easier than ever before and started slowly rocking his hips feeling him fill me up more with every thrust. He kept rubbing my cock against my stomach with his other hand and I was starting to tingle and feel the build up. I was going to cum again from Jake’s glorious cock fucking me like the girls in the movies. I was Jakes personal practice girl and loved every second of it. When I felt his hips hit the bottom of my butt cheeks I knew he had gotten the whole way in. Every inch of his massive cock and that sent me over the edge. I convulsed and felt my asshole clench on his cock all the way at the base as my little cock twitched and spurt out a nice glob of clear sweet cum between Jake’s hand and my stomach. Jake took his hand off my cock while sweeping it across my stomach collecting the clear liquid and continuing to rock his hips brought his hand to my face and asked if I wanted it. I took his hand with both hands and eagerly started licking up and down each finger getting what little sweet flavor there was off. He grit his teeth and pumped harder then said “do you want more?” “Oh yes!” I said and he pulled his cock out of my ass and stood up. Reaching out he put his hand behind my head and pulled up it to him. I opened without being told and wrapped my lips tightly around his cock and suc in ad deep as I could. I only sucked up and down a couple times before the first heavy hot stream hit the back of my mouth and flooded it completely with his sweet cum. I continued to suck and lick until he finished. I didn’t wait to swallow this time. I swallowed the immediately started licking up and down the whole length of his cock tasting my ass on it mixed with Christians cum from the tip to the balls. As his cock softened in nestled my face into it and could have fallen asleep happy. Jake told me to find a good hiding spot for my new toys and practice when ever I wanted to.

I did. From then on there was not much time while I was awake where I didn’t have something in my ass. I woke up, got ready for school and then put my butt plug in before leaving the house. I wore it all day during school. Sometimes squirming in my chair or very lightly bouncing up and down to feel it moving a bit and daydreaming about Jakes cock. Between classes I would run to the bathroom and lock myself in a stall where I would take it out and suck on it while rubbing my loosening hole while tasting my sweet ass. Before the bell rang or if someone walked in I would pop it back in and hurry to class. I was so absorbed with this all day it’s a good thing it was about the end of the school year and my grades were already locked in mostly because I dont think I payed attention to a single thing said from then on. After school the routine was normal except now my ass was so ready christian or jake could slide in balls deep with little to no warm up. After dad got home I would retreat to my room where I would break out the dildo and keep going. Periodically pulling it out to clean off christian and Jakes cum that they left in there earlier. I would go to bed every night with my as feeling like it was wide open feeling the cool are from the fan in my room like it was blowing into it. I thought things couldn’t get better.

After the school year ended I was overwhelmed with the amount of free time we had. Dad left for work pretty early no later than 8 in the morning and between his commute and his long hours he didn’t get home until almost 6 at night. This left me and my brothers home alone all day. Usually we weren’t even out of bed when he was leaving because we stayed up late watching movies and playing games, among other things. So dad would just go room to room and say goodbye and tell jake to keep an eye on things. I would lay in bed and listen to the door close. Then wait a minute or so. That way if dad forgot something he remembered when he got to his car I would hear him come back. If he didn’t, I would get up and glance put the window at his parking spot. If it was empty I would sneak down the hall. I don’t know why I was trying to be quiet, it was just me and my brother home. But I would tip toe into Jake’s room where he laid in bed. He was awake, or waking up. He must dream about sex every night because he always woke up with his huge cock fully erect and poking out of his pajamas pants. I would slide into his bed under the covers and go right to work helping him with his morning relief. His cock in the morning was slick with precum from dreaming about sex all night. And he usually was already so worked up that he came fast. I always liked to suck him first thing in the morning. I don’t know why, but I found that the first load of cum right when he woke up was different. Extra precum that was very sweet and seemed to shoot with such force like it had been building up for hours. It was the best way to start my day. And he would always tell me how much he liked it and he wouldn’t know what he would do without me in the morning. After he filled my mouth I would slid up next to him and lay for a minute. I’d ask him who he was dreaming about and he would tell me this girl or that girl from school or a checkout girl he saw at a store. I loved it so much. Christian was not a morning person. Sometimes he would see me leaving Jake’s room in the morning and groan at me as he walked by to the kitchen to make himself breakfast.

I would go back to my room and put on a skirt and stockings, then get my butt plug in where it belongs. Finish up with a top and my wig and the I would walk around the house. I usually wouldn’t bother with the panties. While Christian was finishing his breakfast I would strut around and glance at him periodically. When I caught his eyes glancing down to my ass and legs and maybe caught a glimpse of his pants poking. Then I would make sure he saw me go downstairs to the finished basement. Where I would wait playing with my butt plug until he inevitably came down with a DVD. He’d pop it in without saying anything then pull out his cock and sit down. I would start sucking and shaking my ass high in the air as long as he wanted. Sometimes he would finish like that in my mouth and sometimes he would turn me around and fuck me from behind while he watched the movie. Sometimes he would call me girl names, names from girls he went to school with I think. Sometimes I would try to get into it and speak softly back to him, “oh ya Christian, fuck me harder. Fill up my pussy. Cum for me.” He seemed to like this because it would usually lead to him cuming shortly after. When we left the basement Jake would be up and about smirking at us. Sometimes he would remark something like “leave some for the rest of us Christian.” Christian didn’t like jokes like that right after he came. I remember Jake drinking coffee and looking at me asking “do you need a break or could you go for another round?” Such a sweet guy to ask. “I can always go again” I said and walked right back downstairs. Jake followed in a hurry and almost beat me to the couch. He pulled his pants completely off and his cock was already hard again. I just blew him in bed less than an hour ago and he couldn’t wait for more. He sat down and gestured for me to get on top. Christian had talent the DVD with him and I asked if Jake wanted one and he said no he didn’t need it. I felt great being all he needed. I climbed on top facing him and squatted down keeping my feet flat on the cushion to his sides. I felt the tip touch my sensitive open hole. He paused and asked if I needed lube. Again, always thinking of me. I told him there was already some from before with Christian. He didn’t ask twice and held my ass cheeks from underneath as I eased down onto him. I always felt the stretch when I first got onto Jake. He was so thick, but it didn’t hurt anymore. I was able to slide down more than halfway in one smooth motion before pausing for a breath and to start working up and down slowly on Jake’s massive cock. I would let myself down almost all the way the as I lifted up I would squeeze my ass cheeks and clench as tight as I could onto his cock as I slid up to the head. If I felt him jerk felt his cock throb I new he just released some precum. I would slide all the way off and scoot down onto the floor between his legs. The grab his cock by the base and squeeze as I pulled my hand to the head squeezing all the sweet liquid down the shaft and see it drip from the tip. Then lock my lips around the head and suck like it’s a lollipop with the sweetest flavor ever. I would suck him up and down for a few more seconds before climbing back on top and repeating. When he got close he held onto me on top of him by the waist or hips and assisted my pace as he needed. He would bottom out with my ass slamming into his lap every inch of that huge glorious cock filling me up. As he shot his first spurt of cum he pulled down on me hard making sure his cock was as deep as humanly possible shooting into me like a fire hose. I could feel the hot liquid as it shot deep into me. He held me there still as his cock throbbed with each jet of cum he shot into me. I would clench my ass as he held me still, milking out every last drop. He liked this very much. I could tell how sensitive he was after but he didn’t want me to stop. His orgasms seemed to keep going forever.

He asked if I came and I told him I didn’t that time but it felt so good I probably could. Then asked if he thought he could keep going. He laughed and said he probably needed 20 or 30 minutes to recuperate before another go. I smiled and said ok. Maybe the Christian would be ready to and we could do my favorite thing where one fucks me while I suck the other one. My cock was tingling with the thought. I had three loads of cum already and hadn’t even had breakfast yet. Maybe I could go for a new record. My current one was 9, I was already a third of the way there. This was going to be the best summer ever, 8 plus hours a day of non stop horny teen cock that seemed to never get tired or run out.

Thank you for reading. If you liked it please let me know in the comments it actually means a lot to me to hear people enjoying my story. Some people have asked about adding things or new stories about some kind of stuff. And maybe later on I’ll write some request fiction about things people like but for now I’m just writing it how it happened as best I can. I appreciate everyone who does read and comment and I hope you come back for the next part where I make new friends and things kind of spiral out of control. I did and still remember loving every second of it, but in retrospect was probably the craziest and least appropriate thing to happen to a kid my age. So stay tuned.

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  • Reply yourmano ID:2jowij9hrb

    Great series
    Thank you very much ❤️

    • Brandon95 ID:2t484mk0k

      Thank you. If people keep reading and liking, I’ll keep telling it. It gets pretty wild after a while.

  • Reply little boy ID:1cngmlssnvhw

    very nice narration and story. thank you

    • Brandon95 ID:21cogc2t0d

      Thank you. Telling it is not just a huge turn on it’s almost therapeutic. Not that I think there is anything wrong with it, I just don’t think I ever told it before. It feels good to get out

  • Reply Tease me ID:pvli0pxic

    I love reading your stories. They are so hot. I’m stroking my cock the whole time. I think it would be great if you got your dad involved. Having a family gang bang would be awesome. Jake likes trying new things. How about if Christian fucked him while you sucked his cock?

    • Brandon95 ID:21cogc2t0d

      I’m glad you like reading my story. I hope you enjoy it with one free hand so you can imagine me taking care of you. At some point if people like my style of writing I’ll do some “fan fiction” I guess. But for now I’m just enjoying telling my story how it happened as best I can remember it. I hope that you still enjoy it that way. And I promise it gets much crazier as it goes on.

  • Reply More please. ID:1dv19ii4yv06

    Glad to read another piece of the story

    • Brandon95 ID:21cogc2t0d

      Thank you. I write when ever I can. I have to have a long stretch to collect my thoughts and remember some details. Also honestly thinking about it gets me so turned on I need several breaks to get myself off.