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Bedtime buddies and Ice cream

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Dry humping my sister wasn’t enough for me so I took her out for a sweet treat and fucked her in a public restroom

When my mom turned off the lights and left, I had to wait a few seconds before I got up to sneak into my little sister’s room. But I got to her room eventually, and I cracked open the door and looked inside. Her moonlight gave me an outline of the lump under the covers. I shivered with glee at what I had intended to do, and then I slipped into her room, closing the door and locking it all with minimum noise as if I were a ninja.

I came around the front of her bed to find she had the cover pulled over her head. I pulled down my boxers and my dick flipped out; I began to rub my dick up against the blanket covering her face. I hoped she was awake, and she could feel my heat touching her lips, or maybe I hoped she was asleep, and I could cum on her blanket without her knowing. The excitement of her waking up to find my cum and then telling our mom turned me on even more.

I got my dick hard by rubbing against the blanket, but my little sister’s body called me, begging me to cum on or inside of it. I removed the cover, revealing her tiny face, and no sooner had I done that did her little blue eyes open. Clouded by sleep, I don’t think she saw my dick, “Jessie…what are you doing”? I had to think quickly, and my mind went to her birthday, which was last week. She had just turned 10. “I’m going to give you your birthday gift” Emma turned over her back not facing me, “My brother was last week. I’m sleepy leave me alone” “Okay fine” I walked to the door and opened it but instead of leaving, I just closed the door again and kept jerking off, this time in the dark part of the room.

I was getting close, I could feel it, so I forced myself to stop, “Emma”? I called her name and nothing came back, telling me she was asleep, so I went back to bed. This time I pulled the covers back all the way to reveal her nightgown. I got in bed with her and positioned myself where I was pretty, spooning my sister. I felt my cock on her back and I thrust up against her, humping her back slowly, letting out soft groans as I went. Again getting to the edge right before I got cut off by her, she woke up, and she squirmed away from me, “Let go I’ll scream MO-”! I covered her mouth, “I’m just giving you a birthday present”. I was so close, her nightie rode up and my cock her bare skin was teasing me. Emma licked my hand and I pulled away “Let me go” she whimpers and squirmed trying to get out of my hold, unintentionally rubbing up against my dick.

I grabbed her, squeezing her body, making her stay still. Emma’s whines turned into soft sobs, and I could feel myself cumming onto her nightgown and her thigh.

I let her go my body relaxed, but I still kept my arm around her. “I’m telling Mom” Emma said with a sniffle “Yeah”? I chuckled, “Tell her what? That I gave you a birthday gift”? “It wasn’t sweet you hurt me” she wiped her eyes “Get out, I hate you”! I looked down at my still hard cock in between her little legs. I saw my load squished all over her thighs and I pulled up my boxers, “don’t tell mom, and I’ll get you ice cream” Emma groaned at my offer. I knew she loved ice cream “fine” with that, I got out of her bed and walked towards the door to leave.

Emma didn’t say anything to anyone about what I did and after school, she stood in front of me “Ice cream now”? I nodded and sent Mom a quick text telling her we would be home later. I grabbed my sister’s hand, and we walked down to the ice cream parlor.

We got the ice cream her blue raspberry my bubble gum, and we sat down to eat. The way she licked the ice cream made me want to fuck her right there, but I knew I would get in trouble, so I waited as she innocently but sexually licked and sucked at her ice cream.

I got done with my ice cream before her, so I decided to be very sneaky and jerk off under the table. We sat at a booth so she would only be able to tell if she looked underneath or saw my hand move. I pumped my dick in my hand as I looked at my little sister, I could picture her on her knees milking my cock or on her hands and knees and me fucking her little kid asshole. My eyes scanned the parlor looking for a place to go, so I could cum without making a mess, and then I saw it was the perfect place for us. The bathroom was propped open by a wet floor sign, I don’t know how I didn’t see it before. I looked at Emma she was done with her ice cream, and she was licking her fingers I tucked my boner back into my sweats and pulled my shirt down covering it then got up.

“Emma come on you need to whip your hands” she shrugged “Okay” she jumped off the stool and walked ahead of me to the bathroom. Once she was inside the bathroom I listened to the tap turn on, and I waited for a second before opening the door and slipping inside. “Jessie get out”! “I’m sorry Emma, please don’t hate me,” I said before gripping her and putting her on top of the sink counter. She fought with me pushing my hands away “It won’t hurt okay I’ll go slowly” I yanked her pants down, and I unbuttoned mine taking my cock out. Pushing her panties to the side, her hands flew to her pussy. “Don’t put it in there” I pried her hands away from her pussy and I rubbed my tip against her little sweet innocent sex “I’m scared please plea-” I put my hand over her mouth and looked into her eyes while rubbing my cock on her getting it lubed up with her juices. She was no longer my 10-year-old baby sister, she was now also my toy. I pushed myself into her, and she grabbed my arms tightly her nails pushing into me, and she yelped in pain I began thrusting inside my sister pumping my cock in and out of her.

Emma was panting, and her hot breath against my hand encouraged me to go faster and harder. “Take all of your brother’s cock” I told her I always dreamed about fucking my sister ever since she was 4, and she jerked me off accidentally. Ever since then, I wanted to feel the inside of her, and now I was, and I wanted her to know what was happening. “I love my little sister’s pussy your pussy is going to take my load all of it,” I told her making sure she knew I was planning to shoot my load into her baby pussy. My sister was crying softly, but she had stopped trying to push me away and whenever she would close her eyes I would slap her and make her look at me. I wanted her to see me I needed her to know who took her innocent I always wanted this, and she would learn to want it as well.

“I’m going to cum in your pussy” I told her and her eyes widen with fear and I went faster inside of her making myself groan leaning down by her ear steadying myself with my hands on either side of Emma. “shit you feel so fucking good I love my sister’s young pussy” I kissed her head and she flinched away but froze as my cum shoot inside of her. “Fuck yes ahh” I put my head on top of her chest so she couldn’t move as I emptied my balls she truly had the best pussy I ever had.

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    5 stars.

  • Reply Cyndel ID:1epcl1dz27g7

    not sure where you’re finding 8 at, I just reread it, and her age was only listed once at 10

    • Negative ID:1epjnfttnkgy

      It said 8 then 10

  • Reply sleepy dad ID:3ywnlf2hl

    when my girls were little and had sleep overs one little neighbor would sneak in to my room at night and take her night shirt off and get in bed with me and dry hump me i slept nude she would slide her pussy slit up and down my hard cock I’m leaking she is so wet then starts to pant and shake. now this kid is coming seven i think not sure. this went on every time she came over. i asked her why she did this and her reply was daddy puts his willy in me and i want you to do it to. so after that i started to fuck her slow and easy, she cant take to much cock i found out shallow vagina but so nice.

  • Reply Negative ID:1epjnfttnkgy

    So is she 8 or 10 because first you said she just turned 8 last week then later you said she was 10 so which is it 8 or 10

    • Cyndel ID:1epcl1dz27g7

      curious where you saw 8 at, her age was only mentioned once and that was 10, I know, I just reread it

    • Drpeeppee ID:1cxmqthq145e

      Nah you’re just retarded and can’t read.

    • Kylo Reed ID:1e6bqpkdcccn

      Emma is 10

    • You're an idiot ID:1ehle0kv2

      No where in the story can you find the number 8 even mentioned…

  • Reply Zero Sum ID:8hdrzf4st5d

    I’ve always wanted to have younger family members to play with. Sadly for me it never worked out, just got to imagine things.

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    • DuckSoup ID:1elkj37lfq04

      Hi 69them . . .,
      I like your account more than 95% of the stories here. You should expand on it and publish it for all to read. You having 5 years with 3 hot girls sound very interesting and is an experience that many would like to duplicate. I expect you have hot material for several parts. Give it a try.