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Baddaddy201 – Part 3

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Welcome to part 3 of Baddaddy201 Sorry for the delay, I had a broken hand. Please check out parts 1 and 2 so that you’re up to speed.

This is the story of when I caught my dad using a special dating app to meet girls and finding out he was chatting to Lisa, a friend I sat with in math class. I was 10 years old at the time and so was Lisa. My brother Michael was 14.

So the next day, I arrive in math class and sit next to Lisa, just as I would normally do. The class went by as normal and we were idly chatting when we could get away with it without the teacher catching us.
As the class was ending, Lisa then asks, “are you free tonight? I’m really struggling with the math homework due in tomorrow, and you seem to be really good at math.”
“Sure Lisa, always happy to help a friend, wanna come round mine at say, 6pm?”.
“Perfect, I’ll eat before heading over, thanks Ellie, you’re the best!”.

And with that we part ways. The rest of the school day passed as usual although the perv kid in my English class kept trying to steal a glimpse up my dress by dropping his pencil so that he could get down low to the ground. I was feeling frisky, so I thought I’d shut him up. The next time he tried it, I pulled my panties to the side and showed him. His face was a picture!
When I arrived home from school, I got changed and had a bite to eat. Dad always works late so I’d become pretty independent.

My brother Michael, a typical 14 year old, his room always a cesspit and doesn’t wash enough, was in his room playing some wargame online, randomly yelling down his mic at someone who fragged him.
6pm rolls around and I hear the doorbell. It’s Lisa.
Lisa was dressed to impress, a short pink skirt and white blouse combo, she was also wearing some stubby heels to look a little taller. She was wearing makeup too which I admit did make her look older and she smelled amazing!
“Wow, hi Lisa you look a million bucks! Come on in, we can set up on the dining table”, I said.
For the next hour or so we beavered away at the math homework together, I’d already done mine so I was mostly helping Lisa through the questions. We then hear a key in the front door. In walks dad!

Freeze time for a moment here. Here we are, Lisa thinks my dad organised this meeting where it was actually me, so my dad is totally unaware that Lisa is here, nor does he know that I know, that him and Lisa have been chatting on that app. Coupled with Lisa looking drop dead gorgeous, you could almost see my dad processing everything, as his jaw hit the floor. I proverbially patted myself on the back for my mischievous plan unfolding before my eyes.

You can see dad snap back into reality. I break the silence with, “Hi dad, this is Lisa, we’re doing some math homework together. Lisa, this my dad, Tony.”
The atmosphere is palpable, then dad casually says, “hi Lisa, I need to take a shower, you girls OK for drinks?”
“hi Tony, I’m so happy to finally meet you, and yes we’re OK for drinks just now”, retorts Lisa.
Dad stammers, “O-ok then, I’ll hit the shower, be good”. And with that, he disappears upstairs to take a shower.
Shortly afterwards, I help Lisa with the last of her math homework and she’s doing that ‘I need a pee’ dance, wriggling in her seat. “Can I use your bathroom?” Lisa asks. “Sure, I think dad’s finished in there now, up the stairs, first on the left, you can’t miss it.” I reply.

So like 10 minutes pass and Lisa hasn’t come back down, neither has dad. I crept up the stairs making sure to miss out the top stair with a creaky board, hmmm nobody in the bathroom but my dad’s door is open a crack and a dim table light casts a glow around the door. As I got closer I saw my dad, and Lisa sitting on his bed. They are kissing very passionately, my dad still in his bathrobe and Lisa had only her panties on. My god, Lisa has a thong! I so wanted a thong but dad wouldn’t get me one.

My dad unties his bathrobe belt and slides his robe off his shoulders. I see my dad’s cock for the first time in the flesh. I’m almost instantly wet as I watch events unfold. Lisa reaches for my dad’s already erect cock and starts to slide her dainty hand up and down his shaft. Dad seems to be loving it. He whispers something I don’t catch, Lisa pauses and looks up, nods then starts to lick my dad’s cock.

I really wish it was me in there but for now I sit on the sidelines. I slide my hand into my shorts and start playing with my clit, confirming how soaking wet I’d become.
Lisa’s head starts bobbing up and down, my dad’s hands guiding her heads pace and depth. My dad is breathing deep and fast. I just about hear him say something like “swallow this, baby girl”. Dad bucks a few times uncontrollably and Lisa didn’t miss a drop.

It was at this point I get pangs of jealousy, I wish that was me, not Lisa! So I creep back down stairs and call up to Lisa. I hear some frantic shuffles and bangs and a minute or two later Lisa comes down, her makeup didn’t stand up to well to the events in my dad’s bedroom. Shortly after that my dad comes down, still in his bathrobe. Lisa packed up her bag with her finished homework thanked me for helping her and left. It was so fast, barely a word was spoken. “See you in math tomorrow, bye” I said.

Dad looked guilty as fuck as he sat on the couch and turned on the TV. I sat next to him and lay down with my head in his lap. I was determined to wind him up and I was super horny from what I’d seen. I can’t even remember what was on TV that evening, my thoughts were elsewhere. I kept wriggling my head in dads lap. After a while doing that, it had paid off. I felt a hardness through his bathrobe.
“So do you like Lisa, dad?”, I ask. I felt a sharp poke from dad’s cock as I mention Lisa’s name. “Do you think she’s prettier than me?”
There was a pause and then dad said. “Lisa is a lovely and pretty girl but you are way more beautiful than she is, pumpkin.” my heart was beating hard in my chest as I belted out my next question. “Can I do what Lisa just did to you then?”
My dad’s body stiffened, unsure how to respond.
“W-what do you mean?” dad asks, his voice, audibly shaking.

Now I’ve always been told actions speak louder than words so I figured I’d give that a go as I really had no clue what to say. I sat up and slid my hand up dad’s bathrobe and grasped his rock hard cock and started stroking it slowly.

He jolted but made mo attempt to physically stop me and his pleas to stop were weak and insincere, “No Ellie, I’m your dad, you shouldn’t mmmm do that”. I took that “mmmm” as a green light hehe. I teased open dad’s bathrobe and there it was, dad’s hard cock in my hand, which barely reached around his girth. I could tell how much he was enjoying it. He was laying back on the couch, his head up, his mouth agape.

I leaned in and licked the tip and a moan escaped dad’s mouth. I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock making dad’s legs shake. I took more of him into my mouth and started sucking and I felt dad’s hands grasp my head and he started feeding his cock to me.

“I can’t believe this is happening, I’ve wanted this for so long” dad confessed. “Those little bikinis your mom used to dress you in, by the pool in the summer, got me hotter than you can ever know. And now you’re sucking my cock like a good daughter.”

As he was speaking, dad was really getting into it and was pushing his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth and I gagged several times but I kinda liked his forcefulness.
“I think you like that, don’t you pumpkin. That’s it, take my cock like a good girl. When I cum you have to swallow every last drop”.
Dad’s words turned me on so bad, my pussy was dripping wet.

“Here it comes pumpkin, swallow it all up like a good girl”. Dad pushed real hard into my throat as he came, I really could do nothing other than swallow as he held my head in place as he pumped rope after rope of hot cum into me.

Just as my dad’s orgasm was subsiding, “WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS GOING ON HERE? DAD? ELLIE?” It was my brother Michael, having emerged from his pit and catching dad and I in a compromising situation that simply could not be dismissed as something innocent.

I hope you enjoyed this installment. There are more parts of this story to come. Please feel free to comment.

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  • Reply Anon ID:2037apbfij

    I only have a son, but I still wouldn’t mind something like this happing

  • Reply Dull Minds ID:mpsz0aot8u

    That was Great!

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    Great stories. Hopefully they can have fun with Lisa some more.

    • Ellie B ID:5c8rcvk0b

      Thank you, Lisa will appear again 😁

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    Great story. Keep it cumming

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      Thanks, more to cum😁

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    Love your stories you shared so far. Keep it going

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      Thank you, plenty of opportunity in this story yet. Definitely more on the way.

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    Please more

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      More will come 😊

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    Where you from Ellie

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    Love the story, hope brother joins.

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      Thank you, glad you like the story so far. Your wish is very likely to be granted. 🤫

  • Reply Bob in Tulsa ID:sxy6o1o98db

    Oh my God, you are the perfect daughter. I had boys, but if I had a girl, I would hope that she would be just like you I would love to find a Divorced woman with a couple of girls maybe he ages 4&6 And raise them watching them grow and mature, and then seducing them or them seducing me

  • Reply Ellie B ID:5c8rcvk0b

    I’m pleased you like my story, sorry I don’t use kik though.

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      Thank you, I’m glad it your your attention, there’s more to come

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    More please. Get the friend round for a threesome/ foursome, maybe some more wild fun, golden showers, anal, mans best friend. More chat room joiners. Loving this.

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      Thank you so much, I’m glad you like the story so far. There’s quite a bit more to the story.

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      Thank you, I’m glad you like my story. There are definitely more parts to come.