Back To Fantasyland

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What a gorgeous day here in Florida. It’s the first day of June and I went to the nude beach for an all over tan. I got so horny looking at all those cocks. Big, small, young , old, black, white. I was approached by a couple of men, but I just wanted to tan.

I’m home now with nothing to do. I think I’ll shower put on a sundress naked underneath and go to Fantasyland. It’s an adult store that has booths with glory holes. Just thinking about strange cocks coming through those holes has me so wet and horny.

Fantasyland isn’t far from my townhouse, so I should be there in a minute. I park my car and go inside. I ask the man behind the counter for some tokens. He gives them to me free and says hope you enjoy yourself. I had to mess with him and I raised my dress showing him I had no panties on. He yells out great ass.

I get inside the booth and put some tokens in. The movie had an older white man and a young girl. My dress was already of me and I was laying in the chair playing with myself. I love to see an older man fuck a hot young woman.

It didn’t take long when I hear hey look at what I’ve got for you. I look and it’s a long thick white cock in the hole. The man says come and suck it for me. I grab his cock and start to suck it. I hear him say you sure know how to suck a dick. I laugh and keep on sucking.

I’ve always enjoyed sucking a man’s cock and letting him cum in my mouth. I hear pssst psssst. I look and there’s another cock in the other hole. It wasn’t a big cock, but still a cock. I turn to suck his cock and put the cock I was sucking on inside me. I tell the stranger yes fuck me good fuck me.

It’s too early to start letting men cum in me. I turned around and swallowed his whole load. I went back to my smaller cock and got him hard. He says bring that pussy over here I want some. I put my pussy in front of his cock and he’s in me. Fuck me baby fuck me I tell him. He’s fucking me so fast. I turn again and he cums in my mouth.

I needed this. Then there’s a knock on the door. I ask who is it. The man says open the door and find out. I’m not a surprise person so I put my dress back on and open the door. He’s a tall thin bald older black man.

He’s says I’m Lamar what’s your name. I tell him Carol. He pulls my dress over my head and pushes me down on the chair. Lamar gets naked and he has a huge cock. Now I’m happy because now I’m going to be fucked.

Lamar puts his cock in my mouth and says get me hard this black man wants to fuck you. Well he was hard in an instant. Lamar put his head between my legs and he starts to lick and suck my pussy. I’m so ready to be fucked.

Lamar spreads my legs and says are you ready to be fucked. I tell him yes fuck me. Lamar pushes all of his cock inside me. OMG my pussy is being stretched and Im loving every minute of it. I came twice and Lamar pulls his cock out of me and cums in my mouth. Lamar gets dressed and Im laying there ready for more.

Lamar opens the door and a young black man comes inside. He’s naked in a flash and he has his young cock inside me. He’s fucking me hard and deep and he says Hi I’m Jeff. I grab his ass and tell I’m Carol, nice to meet you now fuck me.

I’m not paying to the holes anymore because I’ll just let the person in the booth with me. I cum again and Jeff cums inside me. Jeff says I’m sorry but I couldn’t help it. I tell him I’m not mad. Jeff gets dressed and leaves.

The door opens again and it’s an older white man. He looks like Conrad our handyman who fucked me. He shuts the door and gets undressed. Holy shit he has a horse cock. He tells me his name is Jack and I tell him I’m Carol.

Jack starts to rub his cock on my pussy. I tell him don’t tease me fuck me. I feel Jack’s cock opening my pussy even more. I love it and I tell him to fuck me Jack. He has my legs up in the air and Jack is hammering his cock inside me. Mmmmmmm yes Jack fuck me make me cum.

We both cum and Jack says I want to fuck you some more, can I come to your house. I tell him let’s go to your house. Jack laughs and says follow me. We’re leaving and the man behind the counter says it looks like someone got fucked. I again lift my dress up and he says next time your pussy is all mine. I say ok.

Jack didn’t live to far away but his house is absolutely gorgeous. We go inside and Jack take me to his bedroom. I pull my dress over my head and Jack says you’ve got great tits Carol. I squeeze them together and ask him do you like them. Jack grabs my tits and I grab his cock.

I start to suck Jack’s cock and he’s nice and hard. Jack wastes no time in putting his cock inside me. I tell him in his ear, that’s right Jack fuck me, fuck me baby. Jack is fucking me like he’s trying to hurt me. I love it.

I cum and Jack cums inside me. We fuck most of the night. The next morning Jack’s cock is inside me. I scream this time fuck me Jack fuck me. I really needed this. We fuck a couple of times and my pussy is on fire.

I can hardly walk but I make it to the shower. I take a shower and I’m ready to leave. I look and Jack is laying in bed with his huge cock in his hands. He looks at me and says Carol how about going for a ride. You don’t have to ask me twice. I jump up and feel his huge cock sink inside my pussy. I know I have to make Jack cum quick so I start talking dirty to him.

That did the trick as I feel Jack’s cum inside me. Jack says Carol why don’t you spend the weekend with me. I think about and say oh what the hell yes I’ll stay. Well it’s Monday and time to leave. I’m so sore Jack has to help me to my SUV. Jack says will I see you again. I tell him how about next weekend. Jack smiles and says that’s a date.

I’m driving home thinking about how I’m going to be fucked next weekend. I love going to Fantasyland.


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  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

    I’m so sorry Carol that I offended you !!! Please forgive me !! please !! I was just being sassy and I didn’t know it hurt your feelings ! sometimes I do stupid things that hurt people and I don’t want to lose you as a friend and thank you for defending me in the past !!! and I know you’re not a racist I was a real bitch for even insinuating that !!! So please forgive me !! I still love you Britney !!

    • Carol ID:1ek2qenzra

      You didn’t offended me Britney. What you said wasn’t true. I accept your apology and let’s keep fucking big black cocks.

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

    Oh auntie Carol !!!! you are so easy and desperate unlike me !!! First of all !! If the guy or guys want to fuck me or be with me !! I expect to be wined and dined at a French Bistro and taken to the Hotel Hilton for a night of luxurious fucking with room service !!!! So ! if you want to experience getting fucked in luxury with a king-sized bed with white fur bed spread laying on top of it wearing a pink babydoll with heels waiting for one of my stud’s or black stallion’s just let me know !! love your (Queen Of Spades) and spoiled bitch !! Britney !!

    • Carol ID:1ek2qenzra

      I’m easy never desperate. I love to fuck what can I say. I don’t care where, when or with who. When I need to get fucked like yesterday, I know where to go. I was fucked no strings attached. I love to be in the booth and strangers cocks coming through those holes. I loved every minute of it. Now I’m soaking in a hot bath to soothe my swollen pussy. I’ll definitely be going back in the future. Love Carol

    • Carol ID:1ek2qenzra

      Please stop criticizing me. First you put me in one of your stories and called me a racist. Now you’ve called me desperate. I’ve defended you. I’ll admit to being easy and a slut because that’s true. I don’t need or want anything from a man except what’s between his legs. All races can fuck me. Love Carol

  • Reply Big Bad John ID:1fuvflep49c

    That is one shit hot story Carol and I’m hard thinking about you taking multiple cocks!!. I’m definitely taking my vacation in Florida this year Carol and when I get to Tampa, I’m going to look you up. I want you to show me the nudist beach, Fantasy Land along with your big tits, juicy pussy and ass!! I’ll pack my big cock and we’ll have some fun!!

    • Carol ID:1ek2qenzra

      I’ll take you wherever you want to go. Nude beach, Fantasyland just as long as you give me what I want and need, a good hard fucking.

    • Big bad John ID:8bvvy07zrj

      You got it Carol. I can guarantee your ass and pussy will get a good hard fucking!!