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Baby Sitting Experience With 11 years old neighbor girlie

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My sister gave me a blowjob when I was young. She kept on doing till she left home. I enjoyed it so much I started looking for another way to satisfy my needs.

I babysit my neighbors daughter Amy and she was eager to play. First thing she did was go into bathroom to freshen up. It took longer than expected so I went back in the bathroom too, and saw her panties hanging on shower rod. So devil is without panties. I got the idea. She is hot to trot. I washed up and came back in family room. I asked if she needs anything to drink and next thing she is helping with a beer. I opened one for myself. We are doing small talks and suddenly she standing on chair I am sitting on. My face in line with her pussy. I lifted her skirt and saw a beautiful pink pussy. Next she pushing my face in her pussy. I obliged and licked her lips and managed to coax her clitoris out of the hood. We stayed in that position for ten minutes and she shuddered and came on my face.
By this time I was horny and wanted more so I carried her to my bed and got in 69 position. Now I feasting on her pussy and she had my cock deep in throat. Her juicy cunt drenched my face with her delicious juices. She orgasming and creaming my face. I took my breath and focused on my rod and I was ready to explode and soon I released my cum down her gullets.
We took break and after half hour she was sitting on my and wanted to eat her again.
Well good things come to end soon her parents came to pick her up. Her father said to me I hope she was not too much bother. I said no and we watched a movie. He asked me what was the name of the movie and she blurted “Breakfast At The YWCA” and winks at me.
Her parents trust me completely.
They went out for a 3 days funeral and left Amy in supervision. Those three days were like heaven she would suck my cock she would ride my cock all eat her pussy. We just took break for lunch and dinner I cannot describe.

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  • Reply Noone ID:1de15q4cpumt

    Way to short no description of her, and hard to read

  • Reply A. ID:1evd94426oxa

    Poorly written

  • Reply Big Joe ID:1enzw5dsa2yp

    Too short story, need more

  • Reply Donald Nickell ID:3zxjmhgw20b

    Yes babysitting is the best . I teaching girls and boys about sex
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