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Always love daddy pt 3

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A year has passed since me and daddy had sex for the first time. In 15 now and next year daddys going to get me pregnant. We had moved from NYC to Atlanta. Mom had caught me and daddy making love 3 times last year the last time she couldn’t take it said she didn’t want to be a mom anyway she only had me for daddy and left. I’m happy about it and she’s happy. Me and daddy now live in Atlanta we got separate rooms so when people come over but we sleep together every night.

Daddy’s whole family is from Atlanta and I’m suppose to meet uncle drew today. I can walk around naked when ever I want and if I feel that urge he would always stop what he’s doing and fuck me like I want I love Atlanta.

It was after 9 I notice uncle drew haven’t came yet I couldn’t wait to meet him all I knew he was daddy’s big brother. I’m cooking in the kitchen nude my perky tities was getting hard I’m so in love with daddy thinking about him give me crazy urges. Daddy sneaks behind me slaps my firm butt kisses my neck grab my tities. You horny baby girl? I turned around kissed him mmmhhmm. He picked me up inserted his big dick in me and pumped hard and fast. I love you baby I love this pussy you turning out to be the perfect whore!!

Yess daddy fuck me !!! I be your perfect whore!! Yess daddy yesss! As I started to climax the door bell rang. Daddy took his dick out of me and said shit that’s drew. Daddy I didn’t get to finish! You would baby you would I didn’t either. Go get dress. As I walked up stairs I hear a man’s voice.

I put on my white mini dress think how much I love sex and daddy always tell me when you get the urge just go for it and enjoy it so mad uncle drew messed it up. I come down seen a very attractive man. Hi beautiful I’m uncle drew he gave me a hug. I felt my pussy tingle as he held me it was weird. She’s beautiful bro she is but you gotta visit aunt Tammi in the hospital I watch her. Daddy said you be easy with my baby and he left me with uncle drew who I don’t know!

He sat on the couch turn the tv on so child tell me about ya self. I giggle because he was so handsome and I didn’t know why my pussy tingle like how it does when I think of daddy. Um.. I’m 15 I want to be a nurse. You got a boyfriend with a body like that boys has to be in you he smiled so sexually. I looked at him sorta kinda I said. Come here he pulled me close come sit on my lap.

I sat in his lap and stared at him in his face my pussy was tingling out of control. He rubbed my leg I started to gasp. Yeaaahhh you like that? It’s okay if you do baby girl. Then he kissed me and I kissed him. You like to get fucked? I love it but.. But what baby you only kissed daddy? I looked at him and kissed him and turned around and wrap my legs around him. I didn’t even know him but this was amazing. He started to unbuckle his pants and pulled out his dick and it was just like daddy’s but thicker. I felt my urge.

Ha laid me down inserted his self in me hard. I moaned mmmmmm yes! He thrusted hard and rough with his hands wrapped around my neck choking me and pumping me hard and I loved hit. Uncle drew moaned yes you little bitch we going to break you in good you so pretty and firm and you like to get fucked I only been here for 10 min your such a slut already.

As he was pounding me and I’m letting him I scream I’m a little slut and I know it fuck me! I climax all over his dick then daddy walks in.

Daddy starts to clap I get scared congratulations baby girl don’t stop let your uncle use you. I looked in uncle drew eyes as he still pounding me and I loved it. Then daddy walks by me watching us. I moaned mmmmm yesss .daddy pulled down his shorts shoved his dick in my mouth and started to fuck my face while uncle drew was using my pussy as a toy.

I loved it being used was the best feeling I got off on the fact I was being used and my uncle was rough and I like that too. My uncle and my dad said they want to put me in movies and have me meet their friends in their poker game

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  • Reply AlabamaSlamma ID:1dldx4zlgtds

    What a perfect little slut!

  • Reply Michael ID:5az13ew42

    Wow! can’t wait for the poker game.