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Always love daddy pt 2

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Daddy set the alarm for 6:00 am that’s the time mom gets out of work and it takes her an hour to get home.

I heard the alarm I was so sore from daddy’s big dick inside me. Since daddy kept his dick inside me when he got up I felt his dick stiffen. He started kissing me squeezing my face. My pussy was soaked wet I couldn’t believe how good daddy can make me feel.

You gotta go to your bed before ya mom comes home daddy said. I just couldn’t help to moan “ daddy I don’t want to stop I love this feeling.” I grabbed daddy closer to me my tities rubbing on his firm chest. I can feel him inside of me thrusting hard but slow.

Daddy started moaning I knew you would want this you feel so good. I couldn’t wait any longer daddy says while pounding faster. We been showering with eachother since you was 7 i couldn’t wait for this day. I felt the pleasure I screamed don’t stop daddy I do anything you want I love you. Daddy moaned so loud “ YOU MY BITCH NOW AND IM GOING TO TURN YOU OUT!!!!!

Daddy ozed inside me so warm I felt a huge pleasure as he finished inside me. He picked me up bring me to my bed kissed me I play with you again tonight.

After I came home from school mom was still sleeping she be up in 3 hours for work. I been thinking of daddy’s dick so much and how much I wanted it in my mouth. I know it’s not right he’s my biological father but I love him and I love him on my body.

Daddy just got off work he jumped in the shower and I got in with him. What are you doing your mom can get up?! Ssshhh daddy I missed you. I got on my knees water hitting my back took daddy into my mouth. He moan yesss he grabbed my hair wrapped it around his fist. I knew you be a great little slut my little princes. I started to put him deeper down my throat sucking and gaging until I taste that great amazing cum of his I loved it I sucked it all up till there was no more.

I got up stared at him licking the rest off my lips. Come here baby girl give daddy a hug. I hugged him and kissed daddy tongues wrapped so tight. Daddy grabbed my ass and said I love you and you need practice you want to make daddy happy right? Yes daddy I want you to always be happy. Daddy took his tip of his huge dick and rubbed it in my pussy making me gasp for air.

We started kissing he played with my pussy rubbing it only putting his dick half way and I was going crazy holding my mouth not to scream. Daddy whispers to me your mine I do with you as I please once you turn 16 you will have daddy’s baby.

I climax all over daddy when he said that. I smiled ok daddy I want to have your baby.

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