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Acting Older Than I Was At 11, Only Got Me Raped

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I was always acting older than my age. I thought and felt I was older than I was. Mommy and daddy, had divorced so, I experienced a few more things than some other girls. I was wanting men’s attention. I know now it was because, I was looking for a father figure which, I didn’t have in my life. I was 11 when they divorced. We moved to Kentucky where my mom’s parents lived. My hormones were screaming to me. I thought about sex all the time. I remembered my uncle.

When I was 8, I had an uncle who would play with my pussy while I sat on his lap, as he played cards. He never fucked me but, I had to sit on his hard dick. He would let me hold the cards. He would take one of his hands and slip his fingers inside my panties and finger my clit, back and forth. It felt so good and I liked it. He was so smooth about what he was doing to me. I found it very exciting and naughty.

I was around a lot of men because, my mom worked at the local truck stop as a waitress. I would go over there everyday after school. The bus dropped me off there and then I’d walk home. We only lived a half mile from the truck stop.

I’d wear little mini skirts with a little crop top or blouse. I liked showing off my body. My titties were only a B cup but, hopefully they would grow a lot more. I was 5’1″, with long waist length curly blonde hair and green eyes. The truck drivers always made comments to me and made over me. When mom wasn’t looking they would slip their hand up my skirt and touch my pussy. I would let them cop a feel and then act like, you shouldn’t be doing that.

I liked what they did to me and the things they’d say to me when mommy couldn’t hear them. It was nasty things they wanted to do to me. It would make me wet. This one guy always said, “I’m gonna get you alone and stick my dick in that little pussy of yours.” He was cute and probably about 35. He always wanted me to go to his truck.

I really thought about it but, always backed out. But, one day I was feeling so horny, I was beside myself. I had a tingling in my pussy an a aching in my ovaries. So, when he came in I was elated. I sachet around him and he said, “When you gonna go to my truck?” I just smiled at him an said, “I’m thinking about it.”
A minute later, I noticed his dick was hard. So, I told mom I was going home and she said, “Be careful.”
I left and went to his truck and climbed in. I crawled into the sleeper and waited for him.

His name was Jessie. He was sexy. Finally, he climbed up in his truck. He was shocked to see me there.
He said, “Well, son of a bitch, you startled me.” I just looked at him. He said, “Hello darlin’.” “I’m glad you’re here.” He climbed in the sleeper and pulled the curtain. They were thick red velvet curtains, to keep out any light so, they could sleep when they needed to.

He sets on the bed and puts his hand on my thigh and slides it up to my pussy. He said, “This is what I want, you gonna let me have it?” I grinned at him. He picked me up and laid me in the bed. Then, he took off his pants but, left his boxers on. He reached down and pushed up my mini skirt grabbing my panties. He was trying to pull them off but, I was trying to pull them back up.

I mean he was moving so fast, an I wasn’t ready. I said, “Wait.” But, he got them off and laid on top of me, between my legs. He used his knees to spread my legs open wider. He said, “I’m glad you finally come out here, I’ve been fantasizing about you for months.” He starts kissing me as he pushes down the front his boxer shorts. I’m trying to stop him but, he keeps kissing me and I suddenly feel his dick at my pussy.

He’s trying to push it in me. I really start bucking and trying to talk to say stop but, he doesn’t. I feel his dick on the inside of my pussy lips. I finally get my head turned enough to say, “Stop, Jessie.” He says, “Oh no little girl, you’ve teased me everyday for months with the way you strut around letting men touch your pussy, I’m fucking it right now.” He rammed his dick in me so hard. It broke through my hymen an I screamed out. He covered my mouth with his hand and fucked me hard and fast.

He removed his hand and kept fucking me. He said, “Fuck, I didn’t know you were a virgin, you’re pussy is so tight.” “It’s the tightest place I’ve ever been in.” Mmm, baby, I’d like to take you on the road with me, I’d fuck you to death.” I’m letting him fuck me and the pain has stopped but, I’m not pleased how, he just raped me.

He was so excited and his dick was getting bigger feeling then, he rammed it in me as far as be could and cum in my pussy. I felt him squirting his cum on my cervix. I didn’t mind that or his dick at this point but, the fact he forced it in me, kinda pissed me off.

He rolled off of me and said, “Honey, you’ve got some good pussy there.” “You could make a lot of money selling that thing instead of, just kissing through it.” He said, “You didn’t act like you were a virgin.” “Are you mad at me?” I said, “Jessie, you raped me.” He said, You acted like you wanted fucked, why else would you let guys touch your pussy and get in my truck unless, you wanted to fuck.”

He said, I’m sorry I didn’t stop but, I thought it was a game you played with other guys, pretending you didn’t want to be fucked when, you really did.” “Are you alright, did I hurt you?” I looked at him and said,
“I’m alright, I was just shocked, I guess.” I couldn’t be mad at him, he had a point. I was the one who got in his truck acting like a grown woman. I probably deserved to be fucked.

He said, “Well, can I fuck you again, like right now?” I laughed and said, “You might as well, no need to be shy now.” So, he climbed back on top and slid his dick in me again. It did feel nice. It burned a little at first. Jessie said, “Do you feel how tight it is on my dick?” I said, “Yeah, it’s tight but, the cum in there makes it slid in an out easier.”

He fucked me a lot longer this time and I got a good feeling. I didn’t cum but, I liked it. After we finished, Jessie drove me home to my house. I went inside and washed up. I hadn’t started my period yet. I didn’t know when those were gonna start.

I thought about how he took me all night, an it turned me on so much. I loved how he forced it in me so hard and fucked me like he did. I was surprised I got so excited, when I thought about it. When I see him again, I’ll have to tell him, maybe. It makes me feel kinda slutty.

The way I feel right now, I’m gonna like getting fucked. Maybe, I’ll get in another guys truck. There’s this older man John who’s always touching my pussy and telling me he has something I would love, out in his truck. So, when I got off of school a few days later John was already there. I was feeling sexy and I took my panties off when I was in the bathroom.

I walked by John and as usual he reached up and touched my pussy. He was surprised when I didn’t have on any panties. He said, “You need to go to my truck darlin’.” I looked around and Jessie wasn’t there so, I messed around a few minutes and told mom, I was going home. I looked at John and went to his truck that was parked way out back.

He came out and said, “Finally, I got you in here.” He got in the back and pulled me down in the bed. I couldn’t see very well but, thought I heard him unzip his pants. He climbed on top of me an I realized he took off his pants and was naked from the waist down. He spread my legs apart when he got on me.

I was a little afraid. He slid his hands up on the sides of my thighs pushing my skirt up to my waist. I felt his stomach next to mine and his dick was tapping my pussy. I said, “John, I don’t think I can do this.” John said, “What are you talking about, you’re not doing anything.” He put his dick at my opening and I started struggling to get away. He grabbed my hips and forced his dick in me as hard as he could. He had a big dick compared to Jessie.

It was much longer an he hurt me when he rammed it into me. I grunted with each thrust he made. Be was fucking me and be would ram it in me 3 or 4 times then, he’d fuck me normal. Then, he’d ram it in me again. I couldn’t believe it but, he made me cum on his dick. I never felt anything that felt so good. He said, “Ooh, you little slut, you just cum on Johnny’s dick.” It slid in an out so much easier. I said, “Make me cum again.” He rammed me again an again. He made me cum.

Oh my gosh, I loved that feeling. John said, “I’m cumming.” and he did. John was probably in his 50’s.
But, I’d let him fuck me anytime he wanted, if he’ll make me cum like that. He laid there and said, “Did you like that?” I said, “I’ve never cum before, it was great.” He said, “You’re a wonderful 11 year old slut, I’m glad I could please you.” “When I call you a slut, I love sluts, I don’t mean anything bad by it.”

“Your pussy is gold baby.” “It’s so tight and you’re so young, you could get rich if you charged men.” He said, “I’d pay for it.” I said, “I don’t wanna sell my pussy.” I couldn’t understand why these men thought I’d sell myself. I said, “Fuck me again, John.” He said, “Gladly” He had me get up on top of him. I started pounding myself on his dick. It hurt a little but, I wanted to cum again.

John started rubbing my clit with his thumb an it made me cum again.I fucked him until his dick squirted his load in me. He squeezed my ass and run his finger around my asshole. He stuck it inside a little as he pushed up my top and sucked on my titty. John did things to me I liked.

I told him I had to go home so, he dropped me off at my house, on his way out of town. He said, “I’m gonna want to fuck you again real soon.” I said, “Okay.”
I went inside and thought about how he fucked me and again, forcing me but, then making me cum like he did. I loved it. I was definitely gonna fuck John again real soon.

It’s the weekend and momma doesn’t work weekends so J don’t go to the truck stop either. I’m thinking all weekend about my new sex life. I like getting fucked. Can’t wait for Monday.

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    Perfect story

    Wish I coukd get my hands on a young lil cutie. Would be perfect.

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    Little one
    Those numbers and letters are for something called sessions
    A private secure chat program
    They are an us code

    Loved your story by the way

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    I have NO CLUE what this means.?????

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      I wish you were in the uk little one. I would love to have you in my van and having plenty of fun

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    Mom needs to find out and join in!!

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    Looks like you’re a little slut for older guys

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    What happened when your mom finally found out?

    • Little one ID:1a912bhj

      She never found out. I knew the truckers would never tell. They were hoping to fuck me themselves. And, I did fuck a lot of them.

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    Lovely Little one.
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