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Acting Older Than I Was At 11, Only Got Me Fucked

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I couldn’t wait, until Monday so, I could go to the truck stop after school. I thought about sex all weekend. Especially, about how John made me cum. I wanted to cum again so bad but, as much as I tried to do it myself, I couldn’t do it. All I got was a tingling sensation. I didn’t understand that, I know some girls do it to their self.

Finally, I was on the school, bus on my way home. I wondered who would be at the truck stop, Jessie, John, I hoped it would be John. I went in, saw mom but, didn’t see John or Jessie. Crap. I couldn’t believe this, my pussy was having a convulsion of some kind and my two possibilities aren’t here. I was sitting at a table, doing my homework waiting to see if they would come in today.

A few of the guys ask me what was wrong, I didn’t seem to be my chipper self. I said, “I gotta lot of homework to do.” I don’t guess the guys aren’t coming today. I sat there an hour. Awhile later, Perry called me over to his table. He’s a 40 something guy who’s kinda soft spoken but, he’s one of the guys who always slipped his hand up my skirt, when no one was looking.

One day he did that and so he could do it longer, he pulled my arm down like he was telling me something and slipped his finger inside my panties rubbing my pussy. He slipped his finger between my pussy lips an I was letting him but, then mom came out of the kitchen so, I had to stand back up and he quit. He did whisper to me, “I’d like to play with this little pussy sometime.” It felt good, I wish he could have continued.

I wonder what Perry wants. I walked over and he said, “I bought you something.” I said, “You did, what?”
He said, “It’s something to wear but, it’s in my truck.” I said, “Can you go get it?” He said, “Well, I don’t want anybody to see me giving you gifts, especially your mom so, when you get ready to go home I go out to the truck and you can get it then.” I said, “Okay.” He said, “Do you know how long you’re gonna stay here?” I said, “Not much longer, I’ve got a lot of homework so, I was gonna finish it at home.”

I talked to mom and told her I was leaving then, walked out to Perry’s truck. He was sitting in it. I climbed up and he lifted me in. He lifted me over him and stood me up in the sleeper space. I sat on the bed and he spun around and handed me a wrapped package. I was kinda excited, nobody ever bought me a gift before unless, it was my birthday or Christmas.

He said, “I hope it fits, I guessed your size.” I opened it an it was a full mini skirt with a matching top to go with it. It was a Hawaiian flowered print. It was so pretty. The skirt would flare out if I spun around. I couldn’t wait to wear it, I loved it. I said, “Perry, this is so nice of you, I think it’s beautiful, I love it.” He said, “I’m glad, I saw it and thought of you.” Then, he said, “Put it on, make sure it fits.” He pulled the curtain a little an I took off my top and skirt.

Just then, he came into the sleeper. He said, “Does it fit?” I was still trying to get the top unbuttoned to try on. I saw he had unzipped his pants. He pulled the drapes but, had the little light on in the sleeper. He said, “I was hoping you would let me play with your pussy again.” He reached for me pulling me into his legs. All I had on was my bra and panties. He unhooked my bra and slipped both hands in my panties pushing them down as he cupped my butt. He’s squeezing my butt then runs his hand around to cup my pussy.

I’m thinking maybe I’ll get fucked after all. I mean, he did buy me this outfit, which I love. He’s rubbing my pussy and puts his finger in me. He can tell I don’t have a hymen and he inserts another finger. I’m getting so excited. I think I could cum if he keeps it up. He starts sucking on my titty. I like what he’s doing. He said, “Do you like somebody playing with your little pussy like I’m doing?” I said, “Yes.” He said, “Lacy, you’re one little girl made for fucking.” “My dicks so hard so, I’m gonna fuck you.”

He picked me up and laid me on the bed. He dropped his pants down and pushed them off with his feet. He got between my legs and laid on top of me. He’s kissing my titties and sucking on them. He leaned back on his legs and pulled my spread legs up around his waist. My pussy was touching his belly.

He reached down, got his dick and put it at my opening. He said, “I hope you can take my dick, it’s kinda big.” Then, he started pushing it in. Ow, it was big, big around. He kept working it in an out trying to get it all the was in. Then, he started rubbing my clit. He stopped pushing his dick in and worked on my clit. He said, “If I can make you cum it’ll go in easier.” “Are you gonna cum for me, Lacy?” My clit was getting hard and I felt it coming on.

He said, “You like to fuck don’t cha?” “Who all’s fucked this pussy from the truck stop?” He said, “I know John fucked you, I saw you getting in his truck.” “Did you like John fucking this pussy?” He was just talking, I don’t think he expected me to answer because, he never gave me time after he would ask me something.
But, it did get me turn on. I was gonna cum. He said, “Cum on my dick, little girl, come on cum for me.”
And, I did. It felt so good. He started fucking me and his dick went in so much better.

He was about the same length as Jessie but, so much fatter. He stretch my pussy that’s for sure. He was sliding in an out and he was hitting my clit again. I cum on his dick again. He puts his hands on my butt and pulls me down on his it. It was buried to the hilt an it felt so good. I’d say him and Jessie were probably six an a half inches long. All I know is, I was getting my pussy fucked which, is what I wanted.
Plus, I got a new outfit.

Perry keeps saying “Your pussy is so tight, so tight, it feels amazing.” He pulled out of me and stood up in the truck. He picked me up turned me around to bend over the bed and fucked me from behind. He was pounding his dick into me now. It was shaking me hard. He said, I’m gonna cum, I’m cumming, aaahhhhh, oh fuck!!” I felt him squirting his strands of cum in my pussy. He jerked 4 or 5 times to finish cumming, as he pulled me onto his dick.
He laid down beside me and said, “I wanted to fuck you so bad but, never thought I’d get a chance.” “I would think about when I put my finger inside your panties and how you let me then, I would jack off remembering that.” I said, “You did?” He said, “Oh yeah, then when I saw you get in John truck and how long you stayed, I knew he was fucking you.” “I sat in my truck while you were in there and jacked off thinking about what he was doing to you.”

I sighed and said, “I’m sorry, Perry.” “I didn’t think anybody saw me.” I said, “I feel like I tortured you somehow.” He reached over and started fingering my pussy. He said, “You were well worth the wait my little loose Lacy.” I said, “Am I a slut?” He said, “Well, how many guys have you fucked?” I said, “You’re the third.” He said, “Well, I don’t think three determines you being a slut maybe, the fact you like to fuck means you have slutty ways but, I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Liking sex don’t make you bad.

I said, I do like sex and love to cum.” He’s playing with my clit and he said, “Well, let me see what I can do about that.” He’s got three fingers fucking my pussy while rubbing my clit and I’m getting ready to cum.
“Oh, I’m cumming.” It made me shiver all over. He climbs back on top of me and rams his thick dick in me and he made me cum again. It’s funny after I get started, I cum so much easier.

Perry said, “Fuck my dick with that pussy.” I said, “Fuck me harder, Perry.” He did. He pounded me. He fucked me a long time before he cum again. I had never been fucked that long. I loved it. I cum a few more times and was so satisfied. Perry said, “Do you let anybody touch your pussy in the truck stop?” I said, “Just about.” “I like it.” He said, “You should take off your panties when you get there and let them know you aren’t wearing any panties.” “It would drive them nuts.”

I said, “Hey, I might just do that, it makes me horny too” He ask me, “Has anybody ever fucked your mouth, I mean have you sucked a dick?” I said, “No.” He said, “I’d love it if you’d suck on mine an I’ll suck on yours.” I said, “We’ll have to do that the next time, I’ve got to get home before mom gets off.” He said,
“Okay, deal.” I thanked him again for my outfit and he said, “Let me drop you off.” So he did.

I got home and tried on my outfit an it fit perfectly, I loved it. I was gonna have to hide it until I could go shopping and tell mom I bought it. I thought about sex with Perry and as much as I liked it, I liked it better with Jessie and John because, they force fucked me. Was there something wrong with me or what. I realized, I liked being raped. That was sick but, I wanted to be force fucked again. How could I make that happen?

A few days later, I was at the truck stop when this young guy came in. I’d never seen him before. He was young, probably in his 20’s. Good looking. He sat down at the counter and I got him some coffee and started talking to him. He was very chatty and he flirted with me. I had taken off my panties like Perry had suggested. So, I bent over to get some milk out of the cooler. It was right in front of this guy. I’m sure he could see my butt was naked.

He said, “Hey, my name is Luke, I’m sorry I didn’t introduce myself earlier.” I said, “Hi Luke, I’m Lacy.” He smiled and said, “Ah, Luke and Lacy.” We laughed. I stood and talked with him a long time. He ate a sandwich and said he had to take a break due to the laws but, he’d be leaving in the morning.

He said, he was tired and needed to try and get some sleep but, he wasn’t that sleepy. He said, “That’s what makes this job hard, needing to sleep when you ain’t sleepy.” I said, “Well, I could go with you to your truck and play cards or something with you, if you like.” He said, “That would be great.” I told mom I was leaving and I walked out right after he did.

I followed him to his truck and he helped me in. I’m sure he got a good look at my pussy when I climbed in the truck. I got back in the sleeper and sat on the bed. He got in on the drivers side and looked surprised I was in the sleeper. He got in the sleeper and pulled out a deck of cards. He said, “What would you like to play?” I said, “You name it, I’ll play whatever you like.” He said, “Lets play strip poker.” I said, “Okay but, I’m not very good at that.” He said, “Good.” And, we laughed.

We played a few hands and I was down to my bra and skirt. He had taken off his shirt and pants. He had on his boxers and socks. He pulled the drapes and turned on the light. I could see he had a hard on. His dick looked pretty nice. I lost the next hand and took off my bra. He said, “This is getting very sexy, I’m getting horny.” I didn’t say anything. He dealt and I lost the next hand too. I had to take off my skirt. So, I was naked.

He said, “Looks like I won.” I said, “Okay then.” and reached for my clothes. He grabbed my hand and said, “What are you doing?” I said, “I’m leaving, I need to go home.” He pulled me on his lap and held my one arm behind my back. He said, “You’re not going anywhere yet, were not done.” I said, “What do you mean, the games over.” He said, “You’re sitting here naked in front of me and I’m just getting started.” He grabbed my pussy with his right hand and stuck a finger in it.” I grabbed his wrist and tries to pull his finger out of me.

He was jamming it in me an I couldn’t stop him. I said, “Luke, we can’t do anything.” He said, “Oh yes we can and were going to.” I said, “No, you need to stop.” He was getting rough with me an I was getting excited. He put me straddle his legs and pulled my titties to his chest. Then, he stood up and laid me down on the bed with him on top of me. My legs were spread wide open.

I could feel his dick was hard and he was pulling down the front of his boxers. I said, “Luke, stop, J don’t want this.” He said, “Bullshit, you come to my truck, play strip poker, get completely naked in front of me an you don’t want to fuck?” “I’m not buying it.” “I’m fucking this naked pussy I saw in the restaurant.” I’m trying to push him away but he’s holding my wrists above my head with one hand. He’s really strong.

I said, “Don’t fuck me Luke, please don’t fuck me? I’m bucking up against him when he slaps my face and said be still, I’m fucking you right now.” He put his dick at my pussy opening and then, he grunted real hard as he rammed it in me. It hurt but, he kept ramming it in, time after time he rammed his dick in .I started cumming. And I cum again.

Luke said, “Fuck, you cum on my dick, you like this don’t you?” I acted like I didn’t. I said, “No, stop, stop fucking me.” He pounded me more. An I cum again. He said, “Every time I pound your clit, you cum, don’t tell me you’re not loving getting raped by my dick.” I said, “You’re making me like it, by forcing me is making me cum.” He let go of my hands and grabbed my butt with both hands and pounded my pussy.

Oh my gosh, it felt so good. I cum and cum on his dick. He pulled out of my pussy and climbed up on my chest. He put his dick at my mouth and said, “Suck my dick for me.” I said, “I’ve never sucked a dick.” He said, “Open your mouth.” I did and he put it in and started fucking my mouth. It was rubbing against the roof of my mouth. He said close your lips around it, keep your teeth off of it and lick the bottom of it with your tongue.” I did and he got bigger when I started sucking on it.

I didn’t mind it at all. He really loved it. He was pumping into me faster and pushing it in my mouth farther each time. Actually, he was pushing it down my throat. I was gagging and had a hard time getting a breath. It kinda made my pussy twitch. I think I liked being forced to suck it. He kept fucking my mouth even though I gagged or couldn’t breath. He was really hard and then he started cumming in my mouth.

He pushed it in deep and I just held it in my mouth until he finished and then, I leaned over and coughed it out, gasping for air. He said, “Wow, that felt great, Lacy.” I said, “You didn’t tell me you were gonna cum in my mouth.” He said, “I couldn’t stop when you got me so worked up, I had to cum in your mouth.” “It feels so good to cum in somebody’s mouth.”

I laid down and he was playing with my pussy. He said, “I could teach you lots if things and do lots of things to you to make you feel good.” I said, “I enjoy cumming, that’s the thing I like most.” He said, I think you like to be forced.” I said, “I think I do too.” He said, I’ll force fuck you every time.” “I can force you to do lots of things that you’ll love.” I said, “I’d probably like that.” He said, “Yes, you would, I’d make you cum every time too.”

I said, I’ve gotta go home but, when you come back through, I’ll be here. I got dressed and went home.
I liked Luke forcing me like he did. I will be fucking him again.
Wonder where Jessie and John have been. Oh well, I’ve got Perry and Luke.

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    Looooooooooong dragging story with changes in-between. Stories like this, is why people rather watch the movie, than read.”D” for effort is all you get

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