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A young teen sex lover PT 1

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I m fourteen yrs old, with small perky tits ,firm slim body , and a tight pussy and ass. School was almost over for the summer and I had just finished my gym class I was wearing shorts and a tshirt, I was heading to the locker room when a guy I had a crush on stopped me and asked if I could join him ,I didn t have a class to go to so I did, he smiled as we talked as we went to a quiet room where they did some wrestling practice there was nobody there but us and he smiled after we closed the door and he kissed me,I liked it as I giggled a little and we kissed some more,then as we kissed again I felt his hand slowly slide into my shorts , I wasn t wearing panties and he caressed over mt ass as I moaned, I was enjoying it and soon he smiled and whispered in my ear to take off my shorts for him and I did as he took off his gym shorts,soon we naked and we kissed again as he had me get o my knees, I stared at his 6″ dick as I opened my mouth and he had me suck his dick hard,then he smiled as he had me lay down on the mat and soon he was eating my pussy I moaned a little it felt good and then he sucked my tit. He positioned himself over me and smiled as I felt his dick push slowly into me it hurt alot as he broke me and soon he was deep inside of my pussy he was stillfor a moment and then he started fucking me slowly I was enjoying it as I moaned and soon I felt him push deep inside of me and I felt his hot sperm rushing into me. It felt so wonderful to and I told him I wanted more and he smiled and said that we could do it all I wanted to as long as I let him and some friends have sex with me and I told him yes and as much as they wanted to it felt great to me .I wanted to do more I felt like a whore for a moment but I didn t care as I asked him when and he smiled as he asked me about friday nite at his home his parents would be away for the weekend so I agreed. I lied to my parents about staying at a frinds place for the weekend and I went to his home,I was dressed in shorts and t shirt when I arrived, there were six of them there and soon we were all naked at first I sucked there dicks and then one of them had me get on top and lower my self down on him and then one of them got behind me and kissed my neck as he slowly slid his dick into my ass it hurt alot but soon both of them were fucking me I moaned alot as they fucked me I loved it and then they both unloaded there hot sperm deep inside of as I moaned ,after we parted the others took turns fucking me as I wanted it and we did it all weekend.

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    Yeah sure.. .

  • Reply Toast ID:1esde634ubjx

    I fucking loved the story and I’m 14 too and I have a lot of experiences if you’d like to share experiences and maybe other stuff since I’m into your type of body email me at [email protected]