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A young girl gets in beastality

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A young girl really gets in dog sex big and small

IM a l 11YO skinny white girl. My name is Sally and this is the story about my decent into have dogs fuck me. Between seeing dogs fuck in the streets and watching dog fucking videos on the internet , my pussy was in wet and i was horny all the time. It had become an obsession for me to have a dog fuck me and take my virginity. I set my sites small to begin with. I know some dogs have huge cocks and knots and i wasnt ready for that on the first time. My neighbor had an average size beagle He was an old dog but he was uncut and knew me. Finally one day when i was alone i got him into my house and up in my room. I removed my clothes and laid on my back on the floor and spread my legs. Snoppy the beagle came between my legs and sniffed my pussy . He must of liked what he smelt and he started licking me. It felt so good , his ruff tongue moving over my clit and opening up my pussy. He got me off several times. I had to push he away because i couldnt take any more. And i wanted his cock in me . i got onto my hands and knees and offered my pussy to him. Looking back i noticed his red cock was poking out some. He came behind me and started licking my pussy again. All at once he mount me and wrapped his legs around my waist. i could feel him humping me trying to find a hole to fuck and breed this little bitch. But with that time he had claimed my pussy as his. He was bigger than i thought he would be. And his knot was holding us tied together like i was a bitch dog. I didnt feel his knot go in so he must had knotted me at first. He had me good . not of drop of his cum was escaping from my pussy. He had his head resting on my shoulder and licking my fast once in awhile. He seem to be thanking me for letting his fuck and breed me. I know he thought he was putting puppies into me. His cock felt so good . It was some what uncomfortable but i got what i had been yearning for. Very soon he lifted his leg over me and we were ass to ass. I could actually feel his cock twitch and shoot more of his cum into me. I was reaching between my legs and rubbing my pussy as his cock and knot bred me. I got myself off a few times. After about 20 minutes his knot had shrunk enough to pop out of me. A large amount of cum followed his cock and knot as he pulled out of me. I then noticed the size of his cock and knot. Of course they were small now than when they were in me. I just laid there and he laid down to lick his cock. I was basking in the great feeling i had just experienced. Soon he came over to me and butted me with his head. He whined when he butted me. I then realize that he wanted to fuck again. I rose up and let him breed me again. It was better than the first time. Over the next few weeks i let him fuck me several times. but i wanted more and bigger. I scouted around but i couldnt find a larger dog running loose. Then one day while looking out the window i saw a large male dog in our back yard. He was a mutt the size of a large lab. My parents were gone for the day so this was my chance. I ran out of the house and called to him. He came over to me wagging his tail. I petted him some and started into the house and called out to him. He followed me into the house. We went up to my room. I got undressed right away. As i was standing there he came up behind me and licked my ass and pussy from the rear. He did this several times. it seemed to me that he knew what he was doing . Maybe he had done this before. I dropped down on all fours and he mounted me as soon as i was down. He started humping me right off searching for a hole .When he did he really let me have it. It hurt alot but he held me tight and i couldnt get away. He fucked me like to tomorrow. I soon concentrated on this huge cock that was way up in me . The pain turned to pleasure. i soon felt his knot banging up aganist my slit. He want to knot his bitch, I wanted it in me also. I pressed back into him as he fucked me. His knot soon popped into me. He fucked me with short strokes after he had me. He stopped fucked and he stayed on top of me with his huge cock and knot in my pussy. It was the best feeling knowing he was filling me with his cum. Just the thought of him knocking me up with puppies got me off. He turned on me very soon. When he did there was alot of pain. His knot was so big and my pussy so small made this unpleasant. We did go ass to ass . For about 35 minutes he filled me with his cum. i just laid there having some orgasims and enjoying the fullness of his cock and knot. His cock was way up in me and i hoped i hadnt been hurt. When he pulled out it made a popping sound. His cock and know were still huge. I couldnt not believe all of that was in me. A huge amount of his cum ran out of me and thankfully no blood. He came over and licked me clean. i let him out of the house before he decided that he wanted to fuck me again. i went and sat on the toilet and a huge amount of cum plopped into the toilet. Over the next several days i was sore but the thrill of the fucking made me masturbate alot. I was hooked on dog sex. That dog knew where he could get pussy and came around quite often. i let him fuck me when ever i was alone. i was very happy but in was greedy and later on found me a great dane.

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  • Reply horny for young pussy ID:8le667cfia

    Cool I did have it before

  • Reply horny for young pussy ID:8le667cfia

    Whats that on

  • Reply Emily ID:1dwpb8kxfoxm


    • horny for young pussy ID:8le667cfia

      Is it just the dog cock you had or you had a guy cock in you yet

    • Emily ID:1dwpb8kxfoxm

      Just the dog so far

    • horny for young pussy ID:8le667cfia

      I see at least you know you will manage the guy cock in you easy enough with taken the dogs 1 in you loads

  • Reply Emily ID:1dwpb8kxfoxm

    I loved it once i was use to it

    • horny for young pussy ID:8le667cfia

      Do you still take him in you now

    • Emily ID:1dwpb8kxfoxm

      Yes i do in all 3 holes

    • horny for young pussy ID:8le667cfia

      Nice and guessing you hide it from your family about it

    • Emily ID:1dwpb8kxfoxm

      Yes i hide it

    • horny for young pussy ID:8le667cfia

      That must be fun hiding it from them and bet you wish you could have him in 1 of your holes and a guys cock in another hole at same time

    • Emily ID:1dwpb8kxfoxm

      Yes please

    • horny for young pussy ID:8le667cfia

      With the guy cock would you want him to breed you and hopefully have girls so they could take dog cock in them when older

  • Reply Emily ID:1dwpb8kxfoxm

    I lost my virginity to my uncles rottie when i was 9

    • horny for young pussy ID:8le667cfia

      How did it come about for you to be naked or half naked for him to get his dog cock in your virgin pussy

    • Emily ID:1dwpb8kxfoxm

      I was dog sitting for my uncle and i qas changing foe bed when dog knocked me over and started to lick me then he mounted me just glad i was alone i scream really loud

    • horny for young pussy ID:8le667cfia

      When you got use to it’s cock was you glad before he cum inside you

    • Sara ID:fygya5xic

      Was the dogs cock to big for your pussy, it must have hurt alot

  • Reply The Penetrator ID:30hrg0lifia

    Great story, so many yng girls these days fucking their dogs!!

    • Lulabell ID:1crfaia92760

      Because it’s amazing

  • Reply Happy_time22 ID:vag70l3hrk

    Lovely dog

  • Reply Jon doe ID:1ck85lboa489

    Hope there’s more.

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    Fantastic story any dog would love to lick a tight little 11-year-old pussy? It would be fantastic to watch you getting fucked by this dog.

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      Yes watching a yng girl getting fucked by a dog sure would be a turn on.

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    Good girl. I have helped a few get knotted but I always joined in the festivities. Yeah all female just can not believe the size of cock and knott their lil pussies can accommodate. Usually I went first to loosen her up then let woofie have fun. I still love to give her what she wants and luckily the one I have now wants to try it. Let the fun begin girls.

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    Would love chat about more times xx

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    Excelente historia, me imagino que continúa con tu virginidad anal y lego para rematar un enorme gangbang con perros enormes

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    I wish my doggy would lick my little pussy after my daddy fills it with cum but I’m not allowed to.

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      Why are you not allowed to? Don’t let your father know you don’t have to tell them everything and your dog would love to lick your pussy and eat it.

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      Do you have telegram

  • Reply Mark ID:agw48vt8

    Great story Sally is always hot when a girl need a dog..20yra experience with and always love helping young girls with ther dogs or other needs.