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A preTeen loves dog sex

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A girl catches her mom with a dog and she was turned on

Hello my name is Joy. At the time of this happening i was 11yo. I was being raise by and alcoholic and slut mother. I come to find out even more than that. I was a very skinny and really naive about the ways of the world. I knew about sex but i hadnt reached an age where i was all that curious . My mother was always bringing strange men home and having sex with them. I could hear her as they fucked her . She would tell them to fuck her harder or faster and stuff like that. I really didnt care what she did as long as i was left alone and she took care of me. Then one day something happened that was out of the ordinary. I was coming home from school one day and as i walked into the front door , ji noticed my mother letting the neighbors large black lab out the back door. I asked her what was Duke doing in here. She said sometimes he comes over and visits me and wants to play. i didnt put two and two together at that time. I thought it was weird but my mother was weird. A few days later i came home from school and my mother was out. I went into the living room and noticed her lap top was on the coffee table and it was on. She never leaves it on so i wanted to see what she was looking up. What i saw was the shock of my life at that time. It was a video of a large dog fucking a woman. I never ever thought something like that could happen. i watched it several times and i must say it was the first time i had some sexual feeling in my pussy. I put the computer back where i found it and went up to my room. I couldnt get over how is made me feel. My pussy was wet and i felt funny. I didnt say a word to my mom. A few days later when i got home my mother was in her bedroom with the door closed. I could hear her talking in her room. She was talking dirty , telling some man to fuck her harder and how good it felt. The last thing i heard didnt make any sense to me but i didnt put two and two together then. I went to my room and changed my clothes .I started to come down stairs and stopped in my tracks. I saw my nude mother letting the dog Duke out the back door. I heard her day thanks Duke for the great fuck. I turned around before she saw me. I started thinking that what i saw on her computer was what she was doing with Duke. I did something i had never done. I took off my shorts and panties and began masturbating. My pussy was so wet and i had my first climax. I had to know more about dog fucking. I got of my computer and watched and read about dogs fucking girls. I read about how dogs fuck and knot their female partners . Over the next few weeks i heard Duke fucking mom several times. i decided that i wanted Duke to fuck me and take my virginity. So one day when mom was at work i went out and go Duke. He seemed excited to be in the house. I guess he may have thought he was going to fuck my mother. Duke just sat there in my room as i removed my clothes. There i stood nude a 11yo skinny girl weighing 90 lbs about to let a 130lb dog take my virginity. Duke didnt make any move toward me. I wasnt going to chicken out. I got down on all fours facing away from Duke. He must had reconize the breeding position. He came up behind me and started licking my pussy. After a few licks he mounted me and wrapped his front legs around me. He was so heavy that i feel forward but his legs held my bottom up. I rested my head on the rug as he humped by back side looking for my pussy hole. He soon found his objective and not so gently slammed his cock into me. My virginity was gone in a second. I let out a scream and started moaning as he hammered my pussy. Dogs dont fuck for a long time but he did what he had wanted to. He had fucked his bitch and knotted her and was now giving her his seed. He felt so huge and it was hurting some.. I knew he was way up in me and had me knotted. I also knew he was filling me with his cum. His knot was huge and really streatched pussy. Soon he turned on my and we went ass to ass. This was so painful but he was in charge. My head was still resting on the rug. His knot in my pussy held me up. As we were tied together his cock and knot started feeling good. I knew is was full of his seed. I know he thought he was putting his puppies into me. We stayed knotted for 30 minutes. When he popped out a gush of blood streaked cum ran out of me. I fell straight down on to the rug and just laid there. Duke came over and cleaned up my pussy or he was checking to see if i was bred to his liking. After i recovered and let Duke out and I went to clean up. My pussy was so sore and gapping open and leaking his cum. I have no regrets over what i did. From then on Duke was getting all the pussy he wanted. Between me and mom we kept him busy and his balls empty. Maybe a few months later and i was up in my room and Duke had fucked and knotted me. I didnt know mom had come home early. All at once my bedroom door was opened. There i was on all fours , ass to ass knotted to a huge black dog. Mom just laughed and said i was looking for him to fuck me but my daughter beat me to it. She said ill leave u two to keep making puppies. After it was over i sat down and talked to my mother. I told her im sorry but knowing that duke was fucking her that i wanted him also. She said to me daughter like mother. She told me Joy that she had lost her virginity to a dog when she was 12 yo. We both continued to get dog fucked , iN fact it got better, We got a big dog of out own. What a site to be seen. Mother and daughter in the same room. Each knotted to a dog . Im older now but still a dog slut.

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