A new begining pt 1

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I m a twenty five yr old woman with 30 d tits a nice ass and body and a tight pussy, I had finially gotton out of a bad relatenship with a guy and a couple of friends of mine had decided to get me a massage to relax with and help me to also forget about things . I went to the massage parlor and was shown into the room and I was asked to undress and lay on the table ,so I did, soon the massuse came in he was a very handsome guy well built, he smiled as he started his massage working down the front of me slowly as he oiled me soon I delt relaxed as he parted my legs a little he massaged over my stomach and now my pussy it felt great and he kept going down my legs and soon enough he asked me to roll over .After I did he massaged my back and legs and then he slowly massaged over my ass he put a little extra oil in my butt crack and he massaged it slowly and then I felt his thumb slowly push into my ass hole moaned and he slide a finge into my pusst and slowly worked them both, I was getting very turned on by this, as I moaned and he leaned over and whispered in my ear that he wanted me to suck his cock I said yes as slid his fingers out and soon he was undressed, he was hung nice at 8″ and he slid his cock into my open mouth and I sucked it til he was rock hard, he smiled and had me lean over the table as slid his cock deep inside of me and soon he was fucking me hard and I loved it sensing I was submissive he pulle out and slid in to my ass I moaned as he did and he fucked my ass until he cum inside of me.After he pulled out I striaghtened up and he smiled as he told me I was his new sex slave I at first wasn t sure and then I said ok and he had me tell him where I lived and he smiled and said that he and a friend would be over that nie and I would be expected to have sex with them both I smiled and told I would.

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