A loving stepdaughter

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I m sixteen yrs old with a tight firm body and 28 cc tits, my mom had remarried to a wonderful man he took care of us and he is very handsome , my mom had to go out of town for a few days and school was out for the summer, I deciced toput on my bikini and sun tan in the back yard we have a privacy fence, I laid out for a while when I heard my stepdad come home, I laid there a moment and then I decided to go in andcool off. After I went in I went to the kitchen where he was and opened the fridge door to get a drink I bent over a little with my bikini on and soon my stepdad was behind me I felt his hand slowly caress over my ass it felt good to me as I moaned, I looked back and smiled as he slid my bottom down a little and slid his finger slowly into my pussy I moaned some as I wanted more, soon we went to the living room and I finished undressing for him and he smiled and did te same, I put my arms around his neck and we kissed I could feel his hard dick against me . We kissed a little and then I got on my knees and soon I was sucking his 8″Dick his balls were full and I wanted his sperm in me I decided I loved him , soon after he was hard I looked up with a wanting look for him as he smiled and asked me to lay back, so I laid back and spread wide for him he got down between my legs and ate my pussy and then he positioned himself and looked down at me as I felt him slowy slide his cock into me , it hurt a little I wasn t used to him soon he was deep inside of me and I felt him inside my cervix before he stopped, he slowly fucked me as my pussy gripped him and massaged him and then I felt him push deep into my cervix and I felt the rush of his hot sperm filling my cervix and soon my pussy I moaned and orgasmed from it and I looked up and smiled as we kissed, he pulled out and laid back I cuddled up to hom and I told him I loved him and I always wanted him inside of me also he smiled and said ok but only when my mom wasn t there I agreed. He asked me about what I willing to do sexually I smiled and said I was willing to do anything he wished me to and that I needed some experience, he smiled and said ok and told me we would work on it when ever my mom wasn t around I said ok that was very willing to learn

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    Tell him you are willing to learn what it means to be bred and carrying his baby in your belly if you truly love him