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A Great Indian ( Chowdhury ) Family : 1

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Characters of Chowdhury Family, Daughter-in-law Protibha’s Horniness,

Sweat was pouring from Pritam’s body as his cock pounded in out of his wife Supriyadevi’s squishing cunt. His hands clung tightly to her hips only letting go long enough to give her rump a playful swat. It had taken him several months to get her to try sex in doggie style and a couple more months until she decided to try anal. Now that she had tried butt fucking she couldn’t seem to get enough.

Her fingers worked on her clit as her husband’s strokes got harder and deeper, “Oh fuck me dear, I’m gonna cum”

“Shit give it to me; I want you to fill me up,” Supriyadevi growled back.

In a matter of seconds Pritam was shooting stream after stream of hot cum into her bowels. Her entire body quivered several times as his orgasms ran through her. As his limp member slipped from her back door, they collapsed on the bed. He pulled her into his strong arms and gently kissed….. caressing her tits until she fell asleep.

Thinking he was hearing some strange noises, he freed himself of their entangled bodies and put on his cotton pyjama. The noise was coming from upstairs where his son Goutam and his wife Protibha were staying in a small bedroom that had a bathroom attached. He could not tell if the noises were angry or loving as they had been fighting almost all the time ever since he came every weekend and stayed with them only two days….. Saturday & Sunday.

When he got to the landing he understood why the noise could be heard so loud at downstairs as they had not bothered to shut their bedroom door. There were both of them totally naked and his son was standing in front of his Bouma ( daughter-in-law ), hands on her head, as her mouth glided up and down his shaft.

He groaned as he bellowed, “Suck me slut; good little bitch!”

Pritam was frozen in place and his spent up cock sprang back to life suddenly. Although he had seen his daughter-in-law in her semi-naked state while she was changing her clothes, it was first time he saw her fully naked. Her large boobs swung gently like pendulums….. swaying back and forth as she sucked his son’s cock deeper and deeper.

But, even more amazing was her large round ass…. consisting of two large pillows of flesh separated by a deep dark crevice. He couldn’t move. In fact without thinking, he found himself creeping closer and closer until he was at the doorway…. hopefully out of their line of vision.

Pritam’s cock had pushed it’s way out of his thin pyjama, standing out proudly. He watched his Bouma Protibha put her hands on his son’s ass…. drawing him deeper as her sucking became more intense. He was almost as turned on by the sight of his cock as he was of his Bouma’s luscious body which disturbed him greatly on one level. Just then, Goutam pulled his wife’s face from his member and shot a massive load of cum all over her face and tits. Stream after stream seemed to jet from his rigid pole.

“You like that my little cum slut?” he asked panting. Protibha was covered with globs of whitish jism. One particularly large one was about to drip from her right nipple. She caught the droplet on her nipple and sucked it sensually into her mouth

Looking down Pritam realized that he had started pumping his own shaft…… he couldn’t stop…. the scene was just too damn hot.

“You know I do so nasty and hot baby…. now fuck me dear….. please ram your cock into my pussy,” Protibha pleaded as she gave his still erect member a squeeze.

Goutam slid onto the floor even though their bed was only two feet away. Protibha knew what was expected and stood up showing her father-in-law the full glory of her ass before swinging a leg over her husband’s legs as she turned around.

Glued by the hot live blue-show, Pritam was pumping his cock more frantically when he saw her full jet black curly bush…… it was a major forest of thick beauty.

Swiftly, she lowered herself down on her husband’s skyward cock. As soon as her cunt lips touched his cock, he yanked her down onto his shaft at the same time….. ramming his cock deep. He could hear their bones crash together from outside their bedroom.

Protibha growled and put her hands on her husband’s chest as he commanded, “Ride me….. you fucking slut…… ride me hard!”

It was like being in a state of hypnosis as Pritam stood there in a daze jacking off madly…. watching his son’s big cock sliding in and out of his Bouma’s twat. Her boobs bounced out of control… splattering droplets of Goutam’s cum onto him and the floor. Seeing this Goutam scooped some from her broob and fed it to her and then to himself.

At one point Pritam could swear his Bouma’s eyes suddenly locked on him and he thought that he saw a crooked smile appear on her cum drenched face. Then the tempo of their fucking increased as she was really into it and their moans and groans filled the room.

If his wife Supriya wasn’t such a deep sleeper it would have awaken her. He bit his lips to keep himself from making any noise as his balls tightened and he sprayed his massive load onto the floor. Quickly he knelt down and wiped the spot up with the end of his pyjama and got the hell out of there. Before leaving the place with trembling legs, he could guess that his Bouma had spotted him.
Dear readers, before we peeked into the current theme which was based mainly on different incidents of the great Chowdhury Family of Behala, Kolkata….. I think we should just look into the characters who would play the major roles in the forthcoming twenty ( approx ) episodes :-

1. Smt. Supriya Chowdhury ( Supriyadevi ) : Bengali film Actress, 49 yrs.
2. Pritam Chowdhury : Film Actor, Supriyadevi’s Husband, 52 yrs.
3. Goutam Chowdhury : Their Son, Emploee of a Pvt. Company, 25 yrs.
4. Soma Chowdhury : Their Daughter & Rahim’s wife, Film-Actress, 28 yrs.
5. Protibha Sinha : Goutam’s wife, Housewife & Film-Actress, 22 yrs.
6. Mala Sinha : Protibha’s Mother, 45 yrs, Film-Actress.
7. Moloy Sinha: Protibha’s father, 48 yrs, Pvt. Firm Employee.
8. Tarun Majumder : Supriyadevi’s brother, Producer cum Director, 35 yrs.
9. Prankrisno Mohanta : Previously Tarun’s Cook cum Driver… now Munmun’s, 25 yrs.
10. Sanjit Chatterjee : Film-Actor, 19 yrs.
11. Suman Sen : Sanjay’s Son, Student of Class-XII.
12. Rahim Seikh: Soma’s Husband, Cricket Player, 21 yrs.
13. Rahamat Seikh : Rahim’s father, Tarun’s Assistant, 39 yrs.
14. And Few side Characters.
Although Smt. Supriya Chowdhury alias “Supriyadevi” passed away six years ago ( 2018 ) at the age 83 leaving her numerous fans in great shock, the Tollygunge film-industry and media till now discussed her amazing performance in more than eighty Bengali films. However here we would mainly focus on the great sacrifice, she had to take for her family and with that we would see another great side of this renowned actress.

It was first week of the month of October 1982 and today she was highly pleased. Puja Vacation had officially begun and things seemed right with the universe. Her son Goutam had just been promoted to a higher post in Calcutta Electronics while her son-in-law Rahim got a chance in national level cricket and just three months ago she became a proud Grandmother of her only daughter Soma’s son.

But the most important thing was that she achieved the highest fame in Bengali film this year…. being selected as the best actress due to her remarkable acting performance in the film ‘Bonpalasir Padaboli’. She felt herself really happy being a great successful lady in Tollygunge film-industry.

And above all, her slight weight gain made herself extremely curvy which created her look even more attractive and sexy. She could feel that too from the lustful glance which she got from all the age groups. Yes, she had finally added those extra five kgs in her quest to become a voluptuous lady.

At one point she sighed in disgust…. remembering some odd situation she had to face with one of her blind fans. It made her irritated as she tried to push away the thoughts of that awkward moment.

She then moved to her bathroom to refresh herself for the preperation of her evening Puja. She passed another lousy weekday afternoon with nothing to do. Entering into her spacious bathroom, at first she stared into the mirror and saw a reasonably attractive 49 year old woman staring back.

‘Not bad’, she thought to herself, ‘A few wrinkles around the eyes and a few gray hairs, but otherwise I look fine. I wonder if I should color my hair to hide the gray ones.’

‘No,’ she thought next moment, ‘It would just look fake.’

In reality her body’s milk-white complexion blended well with the occasional gray hairs and no doubt it had a positive effect on her great personality.

She continued to towel herself after the shower from which she had just emerged. She then glanced at herself in the full length mirror attached to the back of the door.

‘I guess I still have a pretty decent figure for an old lady,’ She thought to herself humorously.

Actually Supriyadevi had never been a beauty queen, but neither was she a woman any ordinary man would not take notice of. Her tits were too large, as of the last few years they had begun to sag just a bit.

She was mid-height, standing about 5 foot 5 inches tall. Her waist was not fashion model thin, but was slightly chubby which made her lower abdomen extremely attractive. She certainly didn’t look like she had borne two children. Although, she thought to herself, there were stretch marks over her swollen abdomen if you look closely

She laughed when she realized she had placed her rather modest achievement in the same category as that of her “guys,” as she referred to them. Vanity, thy name is woman, she thought. And their party in this Vacation was decided to be held regarding the celebration of her highest achievement in Bengali film and it looked to be even more successful than she had ever expected.

Every guest….. mostly VVIP and related with the Bengali film-industry was invited cordially. However very few was in attendance from other profession along with several people she had hardly met. And, it appeared that everyone had a reason to celebrate.

Her 22 yrs old married daughter-in-law Protibha knew it was mostly her in-law’s friends, but she decided to go anyway. So many filmy personnel would be arrived and she would have to impress them for her career. She looked at what to wear. It was a party, so she grabbed a short navy-blue skirt and a white tank top. She had a bit of belly showing between the skirt and top so that her sexy deep navel was clearly seen.

She looked in the mirror. Too sweet…. she thought. She was still feeling horny from the day before…. by the incident….. being watched by her father-in-law when she was roughly fucked by her handsome husband Goutam…. it was so hot. As it was the peak moment of the party, she hated the idea of go back to her room to get a quickie with her husband.

However she changed to a pink party dress quickly…. she knew it clung to her every curve. Inside it she wore a lacy red bra and a pair of panties set. It was decorated with white ruffles. The dress had a deep V-neck. The bra and V-neck really put her 34″ tits on display. The red bra and panties showed a little through the thin dress. Anyone could see her ass outlined through the dress from behind.

‘That’s better’, she thought. ‘Now at least I’ll get some good attention and have people talking about me.’ She liked the idea of people talking about her at a party.

In the meantime, her mother-in-law Supriyadevi and father-in-law Pritam were ready to go. She came out of her room to go with them. Her mother-in-law was also wearing a party dress, but it was not as tight as Protibha’s.

Pritam throughly checked her beautiful daughter-in-law’s semi-exposed body and smiled. “Bouma, that looks kinda slutty. I bet you’ll get a lot of admirers.”

“I hope so, Baba” answered Protibha as her eyes quickly came down to his crotch and there she noticed a slight bulge.

Throwing a wicked grin to her father-in-law, they walked down together the long corridor to the party. Outside the huze building, there were many cars parked in front of the house. When they walked in the big hall there must have been 50 people. Between greeting people and getting drinks, Protibha got separated from her mother-in-law and father-in-law.

She walked through the crowded party…. greeting and talking to people she knew. As the hall was so packed, she’d often have to rub against people to walk by. More than once someone would grab her ass and squeezed it quickly as she walked by. Sometimes she’d turn to see who it was, but the room was too crowded to recognize. She’d linger with the married couples….. especially if the husband was checking out her tits and the wife looked unhappy about it.

She stopped to talk to a group of three VVIP Tollygunge couples whom she had seen in Bengali film-magazine only. They were all pushed together because of the heavy crowd. One of them was Sanjay and Aparna…… and Sanjay was right beside her. That’s when she noticed her two in-law ( Supriyadevi & Pritam ) coming towards them as her FIL introduced her to the Sen couple.

While Soma started talking with Aparna…. standing beside her FIL, she could feel her FIL put his arm around her waist. Noticing that Supriyadevi gave her husband a approving smile, as he started hugging her towards him. And as the people moved in around them and they were pressed tightly together.

After some conversations with Aparna, Protibha now could realize Aparna’s contribution in Bengali film and continued to talk with her. As she did so, she felt her Sasurmosai’s hand slide down over her ass. She was feeling flirty, so she pushed her ass back a bit. She liked knowing he was feeling her ass while she was talking to Aparna. The hand kept exploring.

Protibha looked around a bit to see if anyone had noticed them or not. The room was too crowded. She looked at her Sasurmosai smilingly, and said, “I can’t imagine Baba, Aparna Auntie is such a marvelous actress?”

“Yes,” He said, “I’ve acted three films with her….. she is one of my favorite actresses.”. As Pritam said, his hand slipped under his daughter-in-law’s small dress.

Protibha then turned back to her mother-in-law and started to chat with her in an oblivious way as if nothing was happened. She felt her Sasurmosai’s hand slide down her ass to the top of her thighs. While he was talking with his wife, he grabbed her ass and it was turning Protibha on. She parted her legs a bit to give her Sasurmosai better access.

Within seconds Pritam pushed away her small panties at one side and found her clit… he then started playing with it. She was getting wet. Knowing that her father-in-law had his fingers in her leaking cunt while she talked to her in-law or Sen couple was so hot and erotic. Protibha was having a hard time keeping up the conversation. She could feel the fingers pressing against her clit. The whole situation excited her tremendously….. and she was about to cum.

She couldn’t balance herself due to her rapidly increasing excitement….. as she put her right hand on her mother-in-law’s shoulder to steady herself. Supriyadevi looked at her daughter-in-law being confused slightly…… that’s when Protibha let out a loud sigh. Her knees started buckling and she came all over her Sasurmosai’s invading fingers.

Supriyadevi could easily guess that her daughter-in-law was having her orgasm due to her husband’s manipulation and asked if she could help her anyway. Protibha nodded smilingly as she regained her balance and said, “Not now Maa, I’m fine…. thanks….. ”

Saying that she reached behind her and grabbed her Sasurmosai’s hand. She brought it up to her face and in front of her Sasurima as she sucked her juices off from his glistening fingers. Supriyadevi smiled knowingly and before she could say anything Protibha walked off. When she turned, she could see them grinning wickedly.

She continued to wander around the party chatting with the people. She was often distracted by her wet pussy. Her Sasurmosai’s fingers had her all worked up….. she really wanted to be fucked.
-‐—‐- ——– ——— ——— ———- ——– ——– —-
Supriyadevi knew very well, the keys to organize a successful party and she knew how to operate it smoothly. So to make it a grand success, she had decided to fix her son-in-law Rahim and his dearest friend Sanjit for that…. in which Prankrisno would do mainly the heavier jobs. She was quite confident about the appropriate coordination and management of this trio’s energetic capabilities.

On the other hand, she made sure there were plenty of foods, good music and a never-ending supply of potent potables for her guests to enjoy. As night began to fall, she made certain the caterers had every platter of food refilled, plentiful supplies of drinks were within easy reach. The perfect music was playing in the background and it was finally her turn to relax and enjoy.

As if reading her mind, her second husband Pritam was instantly at her side, as at one point, his right hand offered her a large peg. “The perfect hostess deserves the perfect drink.” He leaned and kissed her lovingly on the cheek. “You have done a wonderful job, Priya ( Nickname of Supriyadevi ).”

“Well thank you, dear.” She noticed his hands were empty and asked why he didn’t have a drink to toast with her.

“I’m just pacing myself, love. You know I have some spl plans for later this evening.” He flashed a devilish grin and let his hand casually drop to her perfect ‘Pumpkin’ like ass and give it a gentle squeeze.

“So you think you are going to get lucky, eh…anyone in particular?” She quickly glanced around for prying eyes…. then dropped her hand to the front of his pants, gripping his cock through the thin material of his trousers. “If you don’t mind, I just happen to know of a certain woman who might love to ride the beauty all night long. I hear she’s a whore in bed.” She grinned wickedly and quickly released his cock.

“She sounds like my kind of woman…I just hope she has something left for me after the party because I’ll have plenty for her.” He replied professionally.

“I think I can guess your choice,” Supriya winked her husband.

It had been several days since they had had sex and she felt her pussy begin to moisten at the thought of her husband’s gorgeous cock pounding another woman’s hungry cunt.

“Maybe you’re right….. anyway as for you,” he added laughing, “You had better go and mingle with your fans. Beyaimosai ( Son’s / Daughter’s FIL ) has been waiting to dance with you all night.” He laughed and kissed her on the cheek. “Just be careful, he is on his third drink and you know how he gets,” he teased. She laughed….. remembering their last party and Rahamat’s wandering hands on her ass.

“Thanks for the reminder, love. Maybe I should go and put on a silken Saree.” They both laughed until her husband gave her a gentle shove towards the garden where a bunch of Tolly actresses were giggling in some naughty jokes.
-‐—‐- ——— -‐–‐‐– ——— –‐‐– —–‐- —-‐- —– —–
“Now get.” Sandhya ( Sandhya Roy, Tarun’s wife ) was still laughing as she approached the small group of her friends chatting near a statue. She declared that the Seikh couple ( Probhaboti & Rahamat ) and Chowdhury couple ( Supriyadevi & Pritam ) mostly stayed together at parties…. probably they had more than a close relationship.

However Munmun dismissed the rumors flatly that the ‘Seikh’ and ‘Chowdhury’ couples had no such relationship, but she knew first hand that Rahamat, Soma’s father-in-law, was definitely a ladies man. And it was Rahamat, not his son Rahim that her husband should worry about.

Actually Munmun herself felt an attraction to Soma’s FIL hearing her MIL’s pregnancy from Prankrisno as she wanted to become a mother very badly. To achieve that holy purpose, at first she seduced Prankrisno and when she realized that Prankrisno too wouldn’t be able to provide that, she targeted her young co-actor Sanjit.

She had come awfully close to stepping over the line with Sanjit as she wanted to attain her pregnancy anyhow. While she had never actually been unfaithful to her husband, she had to keep a closeness first with Prankrisno and later with Sanjit due to her husband’s low sperm count.

It was about more than a month ago, when after too many drinks to remember, she wound up with Sanjit in her kitchen pantry. She could still remember the fateful incident with Sanjit’s hand inside her panties as her hand firmly wrapped around his big cock.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on your point of view, at one point, she tried to guide his cock towards her smoothly shaved pussy. But suddenly he stepped on the tail of ‘Minu’, their family cat. And the episode ended with a scene that resembled something with the ‘Tom & Jerry’ cartoon.

There was overturned shelving, broken bottles of champagne spewing all over the place and a small bag of flour exploded as it hit the floor. However they sobered themselves instantly…. rearranging their clothing. Lastly they flicked the light back on before the crowd rushed in to see what had happened.

The once black cat even scared a few of the other guests as she tore out of the room covered in flour. The two ghost-like creatures were laughing like fools when their friends finally arrived at the scene.

Since that awkward situation, they had kept a friendly and discrete distance. It was their little secret they kept. And she was almost grateful that the encounter had turned out the way it had.

And in the case of Supriyadevi it was more or less like Munmun. Like Munmun she too loved her husband Pritam Chowdhury, a famous film-actor and truly wanted to remain faithful. But a little seed of desire for lesbianism remained firmly planted in her mind which induced her to create a lewd relationship with Munmun’s mother Chitradevi ( Suchitra Sen ). And it wasn’t either unknown to her husband.

To becontinued…..

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