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A Families Descent part 10 Riri gets cleaned

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The eldest daughters torment continues as she is further enslaved

Riri woke from her fitful, uncomfortable sleep at the sound of a metal door at the far end of the hall clanging closed. As she lifts her head she sees the slave in the cell across from her immediately take the now familiar kneeling position in her cell. Riri barely hesitated, and remembering her training also struggled to her knees with her legs spread widely. As she listened to the cell doors open then close Riri looked at the girl kneeling across from her. Evin in the low light Riri noticed the bruises, some old, some fresher. She also noticed several small shiny emblems hanging from the girl’s collar. Soon a man, walking beside a small cart full of dog bowls of food, and water walks into view. Stopping in front of the door to Riri’s cell he stops the slave pushing the cart and takes a bowl of food and unlocks the door to the cell. Stepping in he sets the bowl of food on the floor in front of her, and goes to get a bowl of water. As he leaves the cell and locks the door, he says “eat”. Soon he has done the same with the girl across the hall, and continues past. As Riri watched the slave across from her bend forward and start eating and drinking from the bowls like an animal, with her hands locked behind her, she sobbed, too hungry and thirsty after her ordeals to resist, but completely humiliated and crying softly as she ate.. Soon another man came up the hall, cell by cell. With him there are two young slaves, one pushing a cart where the empty bowls are piled, and another with a large bowl of water and a cloth. As the man took the bowls to the cart, the young girl quickly wiped Riri clean and returned to her cart. As soon as they passed down the hall the slave across from Riri slumped down, laying on her side and groaning softly. Riri also laid down, slowly slipping into a restless, uncomfortable sleep.
Again she was startled awake by the clang of the door, again she forced her aching, tired body into the proper kneeling position. This time the man walked directly to her cell, smiling as he unlocked the door. As he clipped the leash to her collar Riri sobbed, recognizing him as the man who raped her mouth for the first time, when she was taken from her home. As he began to leave the cell, he roughly tugged the leash forcing Her to scramble to her feet and stagger after him. “Heel” is the only word spoken as he leads her back down the hall and through the door. Soon they enter a room of white tile, with hoses, brushes and cloths on shelves along one wall, and four vertical poles, with a large metal dildo mounted on the top of each. Grabbing a controller off a hook by the door the man leads the teen to stand over the one nearest the door, the tip just penetrating the entrance to her still sore cunt. As soon as she is positioned, he pushes a button on the controller, and she feels the cold metal forcing into her. As the metal intruder is forced deeply and painfully into her forcing her to her toes she groans with the pain, and shock, from this new cruelty and humiliation. Immobilized by the cold metal penetrating deep inside her, Riri could only watch as the man rolled a stand, with a large bag of liquid hanging from it, beside her and grabbed the large anal plug on the end of the hose. “This is to start its cleaning. It is a dirty whore but we can at least make it look and smell clean” he said as he held the plug up for her to see. As soon as he stepped behind her, she felt an uncomfortable pressure on her ass, which quickly changed to pain as he forced the wide plug deep up her aching ass. As she panted from the discomfort of the objects filling her, both holes uncomfortably stretched leaving her feeling painfully full and helpless the man slapped her right tit, and laughing said “wait here, cum dump.” and opening the valve on the bag he walked to the shelves of cleaning supplies and busied himself preparing a hose, a harsh looking brush and several other things.
Soon she felt cold liquid rushing into her bowels, followed by a mild, but increasing burning itch deep inside her sore bottom. As the cold water filled her, adding painful cramps to the increasing burn and itch of her abused ass, cold water began to also flow into her filled cunt, and soon she was rocking and moaning on the hard intruder into her tender hole as the burn and itch began to build in both tender holes. She soon found that if she fucked herself wth the cold, hard dildo the itching reduced, but as soon as she stopped it came back even worse. As she humiliatingly fucked herself on the pole imprisoning her, moaning in pain as she watched her flat belly bulge with the water forced into her burning ass, the man approached wth the hose in one hand and a cruel looking brush in the other. “What an insatiable slut you are, you wont even stop fucking yourself while I clean you.”. Humiliated, but becoming too aroused to stop herself Riri hung her head in shame as she continued to fuck herself on the pole she was impaled on. The cold water he sprayed her with brought her back to the cruel reality of her situation as she neared orgasm in spite of the increasing discomfort from her swollen, cramping stomach. “Listen you horny little cunt, it does not cum without permission, When it wants to cum it had better remember to beg for it, and thank me for my kindness if I let it.”
Sobbing, humiliated, but unable to resist the orgasm being forced from her exhausted body, Riri look at the man and begged “please master, May you please let this slave cum” as she continued to rock and fuck herself on the cold metal. “No, stop moving now”. Riri moaned, and forced herself to stand, the ever increasing itch making it nearly impossible to stay still. “I am going to pull the plug out now, and you will not spill any, or be punished. Do you understand?” “Yes master, I understand” sobbed the girl. The man immediately strode to a wip hanging on the wall, and the few steps back, uncoiling a long wire attached to the wip handle. “Wrong answer, it has been taught. When it refers to itself, it is always this slave, or it. You are not a person, you are a toy, a thing for us to use.” He then gently brushed her hip with the wip. The electricity coursed through her, from the metal strands braided into the wip, to the metal penis buried deep in her wet and itching pussy. Riri threw back her head and screamed as her stomach muscles clenched from the shock, sending a new wave of painful cramps through her abdomen. “If you make that mistake again, it will be five strokes of the wip. Does it understand?” “Yes master, this slave understands” she gasped out.
The man returned the wip to its place, and brought over another bag of liquid, as large as the first bag that was forced up the poor teens bowels. “Not yet” he said as he gripped the flared end of the plug and began to pull firmly. Riri let out a long moan as the plug was forced out of her clenched hole as she strived to make sure nothing leaked from her burning ass. Stepping over to the hose, the man turned, and said “now”. As she relaxed her burning hole, Riri heard and felt the stream of water from her burning bottom. As the stream splashed on the tile floor, and ran down her slender legs she sighed deeply at the sudden relief, then moaned from the quickly increasing itch from both holes. As she struggled to stay still, she began to beg, lost in her growing need “Master, may this slave cum, please let it fuck itself on this post master”. As he caressed her firm breast, pinching and slightly twisting her erect nipple he smiled “Not yet” and stepped behind her with the hose. As he sprayed her back and legs he focused a hard jet up and down her crack, and onto her now slightly gaping ass. He then forced the large plug for the second bag of liquid into her again. As he opened the valve and she felt the cold liquid rushing into her once again he said “ Now “ Immediately she started rocking and lifting up and down on the thick metal rod, clenching around the plug to try to find some relief from the maddening itch and burn in her sensitive young holes
As the pressure and discomfort grew in her stomach, her arousal also did. Again on the brink of orgasm she began to beg “This worthless slave begs you to allow it to cum master” she gasped out, fucking herself lewdly. “This slut needs to cum master, please master”. “Cum, slave” was all he said. Instantly she drove the intruder even deeper as she hunched forward, moaning and shaking as her fluids flowed over the dildo and down her legs.
As she gathered her senses the pain from the metal forced so deep inside her forced her to straighten her legs, bringing them together to reduce the pressure and the cramps and discomfort radiated from her again swollen belly “Thank you master, for letting this slave cum” He again stepped beside her, and began to slowly pull the plug from her. As she struggled to hold the water in her aching, swollen stomach he walked back to the hose, and turning to the groaning, shaking young girl said “release”. Again the stream of water flowed from her itching, burning ass. Again the man sprayed her thoroughly with the cold water , and again he focused the painful stream on her tender, irritated ass while she moaned and rocked her hips. He then lowered the intruder from her cunt, leaving her gasping and groaning as the sensations began to once again build in her suffering holes, making her crave anything to stroke inside herself to relieve the quickly rising need. As he clipped the leash back to her heavy collar, he said “ come on slut, time to be given your decorations now that you are clean” and with a tug on her leash, led her to the door for her next torment.

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