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I started touching myself at a young age, almost got raped, and might get raped soon

I might not put much details in here because honestly I’m embarrassed, but I started touching myself at a young age, I saw my parents fucking and so I got curious, I explored my body finding out a lot of different things, when I was alone in my room I felt tingly down there after making my dolls kiss, I touched myself and it tickled a lot so I giggled half the time but after some time I had my first orgasm, I was definitely surprised but I loved the feeling, I kept doing it everyday and as I grew older I still kept doing it, I did it until I felt so sore down there, I took breaks sometimes but I was still addicted to the feeling, when I was 11 or 12 my mom got me into boxing classes because she wanted me to pick a summer activity, my coach let me do one free day and on the second day he asked if I wanted to have a sleepover at his house alone, I said yes because that would be my first sleepover ever and I felt attached to him, but my mom got spooked and said no and took me out of those classes, sometimes I still miss him even if I might’ve known what he wanted to do, I might be wrong though, now I’m 13 and I’m talking to this guy he’s I think 28 he’s turning 29 in a couple months, and I’m genuinely in love with him, I asked when he thinks we could meet and he said hopefully soon, he lives far and it would be over 200 or a train ticket which is the cheapest option, I wanna meet him so bad, he said he’d choke me out and rape me until I could barley breath, he said he’d carve his name on my thigh with his initials, and I’m fully down with it, and when I deeply think about it sometimes I think I might be a masochist, because I want to feel pain, not to much but not to little, just little things, like being choked but still have some air yk? Being fucked until that person feels better, maybe small cuts, slapping, bruises, just thinking about it makes me so excited, especially to meet him, but I’m very insecure about my body, because I am a little chubby and I have what people call roast beef uhh flaps?? I’ve always been insecure, but he said he loves all of me, god I love him, and when we meet I hope he fucks me until I can’t take it anymore, and also I forgot to mention, sometimes I day dreamed about getting raped and used but still loved, I wanna be fucked so hard I sweat non stop, I wanna be fucked until I’m breathless, I wanna be screamed at until I cry but I also wanna be comforted and feel loved, sometimes I can’t believe I turned out this way but I love my life and I’m fucking desperate to meet him, so hopefully soon me and him get to meet

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  • Reply Skye ID:1a4l092i41

    Hope ypu see this find me on discord i think we have a lot in common…. @reaper10432

  • Reply durrrr ID:5m9tb98m

    this shit is just sad

    • Ashton ID:1ekvpja2b8f0

      Ikr? 🙂

  • Reply Skye ID:1a4l092i41

    I think you and i have a lot in common do you think we could chat on discord girl 2 girl?

    • Ashton ID:1ekvpja2b8f0

      Oh lol um I actually consider myself a boy, I was born female but I feel like a boy, but sure we can chat if you want! I like making friends!

  • Reply Skye ID:1a4l092i41

    You sound like my best dream maybe we could talk girl to girl?

  • Reply Reficul ID:fx7i92c8j

    I’d love to talk to you do you have any socials like a snap or discord

    • Ashton ID:1ekvpja2b8f0

      Oh, I’ve got both actually, um do you want one of them? ^^ I don’t know if a specific someone would like that tho

    • Reficul ID:fx7i92c8j

      Either or please