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45 yo auntie Jessica blackmailde by 12 yo nephew Matt

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45 yo auntie Jessica caught and fucked by 12 yo nephew Matt !

I was in my bedroom, wearing my black tights and red lace lingerie, including my black and red 5-inch stiletto boots. I was laying back on my bed with my legs spread wide, my black tights-covered legs up in the air, and my black tights-covered feet and my red lace-covered pussy fully exposed. I had two of my favorite vibrators on each side of me, ready to use. I was so horny that I couldn’t wait any longer, so I reached down and started to play with my red lace-covered pussy, sliding my long red fingernails across my pussy lips, then sliding them into my wet pussy, I moaned out, “Ohhhhhh!!!!! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!! Ohh god!!!!! yes!!! Ohh my god!!!!!”

I started to fingerbang my pussy as I moaned out loud. I was so turned on that I didn’t hear someone enter my bedroom. I looked down and saw my 12-year-old nephew Matt standing there, with a huge bulge in his pants. He had his phone out, secretly recording me as I fingered my pussy. I gasped out, “Matt!!!!! What are you doing here!!? What’s wrong with you!!? Stop recording me now!!!”

Matt didn’t say anything; he just stood there, staring at me, with his phone still recording. I dropped my head back down and kept on fingerbanging my pussy. Matt got closer to me and quietly undid his pants and pulled them down, revealing his fully erect 7-inch cock. I gasped out again, “Matt!!!! What are you doing!!!! Stop that!!!! You’re too young for sex!!!! Go!!!!! NOW!!!!! Before I call your mom and dad!!!!! Go!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!”

Matt just stood there, stroking his cock, watching me fingerbang my pussy. I kept on fingerbanging, not caring that he was there watching me. Suddenly, he came up behind me and put his cock between my black tights-covered legs and my red lace-covered pussy, and started to rub his cock on me. I moaned out, “OH GOD!!!! MATT!!!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!!! YOU NEED TO STOP THAT IMMEDIATELY!!!!! NOW!!!! BEFORE I CALL YOUR PARENTS!!!!! NOW!!!! MATT!!!!! NOW!!!!!!”

Matt didn’t listen to me; he just kept on rubbing his cock on my pussy, and I was loving it. I reached back and took his cock and started to stroke it. Matt took his cock and rubbed the head all over my red lace pussy. Then he pushed it between my black tights-covered legs, and I felt the head of his cock pop and stretch my pussy as he slid his cock all the way inside me. I gasped out, “OH GOD!!!! MATT!!!!! ARE YOU CRAZY!!!!! YOU’RE TOO YOUNG FOR THIS!!!!! NO!!!! MATT!!!!! NO!!! STOP THIS IMMEDIATELY!!!!! NOW!!! NOW!!!! BEFORE I CALL YOUR PARENTS!!!! NOW!!!! I SAID NOW!!!! NOW!!!!!!! Ohhhhhh!!! Mmmmmmmm!!!!! Oh my god!!! Yes!!! Ohhhhhhh!!!!!! Ohh god!!! Yes!!!!!! Yes!!!!!”

Matt started to pump fuck me hard as I kept on screaming and moaning out loud. I felt my orgasm building up, and I knew I was going to cum all over my nephew’s cock. “OH GOD!!!!! I’M CUMMING!!!!! I’M CUMMING!!!!! OH GOD YES!!!!! OH MY GOD YES!!”

Matt kept on fucking me hard, and I felt his cock twitch and swell inside me, and I knew he was about to cum inside me. “OH GOD!!! NO!!!!! YOU’RE GOING TO GET ME PREGNANT, MATT!!!!! DON’T CUM INSIDE ME!!!!! PLEASE STOP NOW!!!!! NOW!!! NOW!!!! BEFORE I CALL YOUR PARENTS!!!!! BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE”!!!!!

It was too late. Matt kept on fucking me hard until he blew his load inside my pussy. He pulled out of me and left me laying there, with his sperm leaking out of my pussy and down onto my black tights. I looked up at my nephew, who had a huge smile on his face. “Oh my god, Matt!!!!! What have you done!!?!? I’m pregnant!!!!! You stupid kid!!!!! Oh my god!!!! I can’t believe you did that to me!!!!! I can’t believe you put me in this situation!!!!! Oh my god!!!!! Now, what am I going to do!!!!! Oh my god!!!!! Oh my god!!!!! Oh my god!!!!!!!

Matt just stood there, with a huge grin on his face, and then he left my room. I got dressed and left my house. I didn’t know what to do, so I called my sister, who is Matt’s mom.

“Sis, I need to talk to you, and I need you to come over right away.”

My sister came over, and I told her everything that happened. She was furious with her son, but she also understood that I was at fault too. We decided that I should go to the doctor to see if I’m really pregnant, and if I am, then I’ll have an abortion.

It was a scary time for both of us, but we got through it together.

Two weeks later, I went to the doctor, and thankfully, I’m not pregnant. My sister grounded her son, and he’s not allowed to come near me anymore. I’m glad that everything worked out in the end, and I learned my lesson.

The next day, I received a text from my nephew Matt. “Aunt Jess, I saw you fingering your pussy the other day, you look hot as hell, if you don’t want me to show the video to everyone, you will come to the park tomorrow at 7:00 PM. And dress like a hooker, and give me what I want. And if you don’t do it, the video gets sent to everyone.”

I was scared and didn’t know what to do, but I had to do it, so the next day, I put on my black tights and red lingerie, and I put on my black and red 5-inch stiletto boots and went to the park.

When I got there, I saw my nephew Matt standing in the shadows.

He walked toward me and said, “Aunt Jess, you look very sexy in your outfit. Now, get on your knees and suck my cock, and if you’re a good girl, I might let you go.”

I got on my knees and unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick. It was already hard and waiting for me to take it into my mouth. I started by licking the shaft, then I wrapped my soft red lips around the head and started to slowly suck it. Matt moaned and grabbed my head, and started to fuck my face. I was gagging on his dick, but I didn’t stop, I kept on sucking it, and I could feel his sperm building up. He pulled out of my mouth and told me to turn around and bend over the bench. I did as he said, and he pushed my red lingerie to the side and started to fuck me from behind. I moaned out as his cock split my pussy wide. He kept on fucking me hard, and I felt his cock swell up inside me. He grunted and said he was going to cum. I was scared that he was going to cum inside me, but then he pulled out at the last second and blew his load all over my black tights, making them white with his sperm. He fixed his pants and walked off. I stood up and looked at my black tights, and there was sperm all over them. I didn’t know what to do, so I took out my phone and took a picture of my black tights with sperm on them. I sent it to my nephew Matt and said, “Here’s your little souvenir.”

I then blocked his number and deleted the video from his phone. I felt empowered and proud of myself. I was the one in control, and he didn’t realize it. I felt sexy, and I felt like a fuck-me Pussy. I put on a different pair of black tights and threw my red lingerie and his cum-soaked black tights in the wash.

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    What 12 yr has a 7 inch cock?

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    Well, auntie Jessica if you are ever visiting France, do let me know, l would very much love to enjoy a fun day with you. Please keep cuming!