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4 Baddaddy201 – Part 4

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I caught my dad using a special dating app to meet girls and finding out he was chatting to Lisa, a friend I sat with in math class.

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I was 10 years old at the time and so was Lisa.
My brother Mikey was 14 years old.

Just as my dad’s orgasm was subsiding, “WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS GOING ON HERE? DAD? ELLIE?” It was my brother Michael, having emerged from his pit and catching dad and I in a compromising situation that simply could not be dismissed as something innocent.

The silence was deafening, Michael had seen that which he should never have seen and dad and I had no way to wriggle out of it.
“YOU’RE BOTH SICK!” Michael yelled, turning on his heels and going back upstairs to his room.
Dad and I, both in shock and then dad started to make moves to get up to intercept Michael.
“No dad, I’ll go talk to him. I will sort this out I promise. But, I want something in return”, I smirked.
My dad, confused, finally spoke. “Err… What?”
“Sexy underwear, thongs. I hate these little girl panties”. I didn’t wait for an answer and dashed upstairs to confront Michael.

Before I go on, here is a little back story on Michael. I have always called him Mikey. He was a bit of a computer nerd, never had a girlfriend that I knew of and just liked to play games on his computer. He’s not ugly at all and is in great shape, he was just very socially awkward around girls. I had also caught him stealing glances at me, more specifically my ass, when I walked around the house lightly dressed. So I knew I had some leverage.

On the way to Mikey’s bedroom I detoured to my own bedroom to change. I stripped off my day clothes and put on my cute little silky pink night dress and nothing else. It was a size or two too small so it was quite short and tight around my body but I just loved it and didn’t want to part with it. If my plan I had in my head worked, that night dress would be an instrumental tool.

Right, here goes mothing!
I barged into Mikey’s room and was met by Mikey, caught in the act, furiously jerking his quite impressive cock, for a 14 year old. Clearly, he was so turned on my seeing me suck dad’s cock a few moments ago that he took matters into his own hands, quite literally.
OK change of plan, this will be even easier than I was expecting. Mikey froze, his cock still in his hand. Before he could say anything, I asked, “Would you like me to help you with that?”
Mikey scanned me up and down, the dim table lamp behind me making my thin night dress seem see-through, the look on his face slowly turned from a mix of shock and embarrassment, to one of lust.
He said only one word, “Yes!”.

I crawled between Mikey’s legs and relieved him of his duty, slowly jerking his cock. The first girl to touch his cock is his own little sister. He instantly let’s out a moan of appreciation. “Would you like me to do what you saw me doing to dad?” I asked. He nodded but didn’t speak. I provocatively laid down on my stomach, not breaking eye contact, opened my mouth and let the tip inside for my tongue to work it’s magic. Mikey’s head falls back, loving the attention. I start to take him deeper into my mouth, he is such a perfect size for me. Just as I bottom out on his pubis, his cock head tickles my gag reflex.

Like father like son, I felt his hands reach down and grip my head and feed me his cock at the pace and depth he likes best. Mikey took me by surprise as his pace was frantic, my head bobbing up and down so fast that my vision was blurry. He didn’t last long like that and I felt him engorge inside my mouth and he took a few long and slow pumps as he offloaded his seed into my mouth, which I dutifully swallowed of course. There was a lot of it and it tasted a little sweeter than dad’s. He released his grip and I sat up, smiling.

Mikey spoke, “Can I ask you something sis?”, I nodded, “Can I……. can I lick you…… on your butt hole?”
I wasn’t expecting that, although I’d caught him staring at my ass on many occasions. I had never done this before but I didn’t see any harm and perhaps it was pleasurable so I agreed.
I turned around and laid on my stomach as Mikey skooched down, his face near my ass. He lifted my flimsy night dress, exposing my bare ass and I feel his breath as the word “ohhhh” escapes his mouth, as this is as close as he had been to my ass. He parts my cheeks with his hands and I feel him closing in.
His hot tongue hit my rosebud and instantly every hair on my body stoods erect. What a sensational feeling I was experiencing. Mikey licked and twirled his tongue around my balloon knot with surprising expertise, making me wonder if he had done this before. Occasionally dipping into my sphincter.

“Oh my god Mikey, what are you doing to me?”
The feeling was highly erotica but also infusing my body with a gargantuan sense of tranquility, it was quite a cocktail of emotions all triggering at once. Then suddenly he stopped. “I love eating your ass Sis. You’re so soft and delicious. Can I slide my cock along your ass crack, just the crack?”
I nodded and he started rustling inside the draw on his bedside table and produced a bottle of lubricant. At the time, I didn’t think to wonder why my 14 year old brother had sex lube. He spread some on his rigid cock and a little in my crack and pressed his hot cock between my cheeks. I removed my night dress, now fully naked. While holding his cock in position with his thumb, Mikey starts fucking my ass crack, building up speed. He lasted only a few minutes before he let out a gratifying moan as he fired his load all up my back. What a dark horse Mikey was.

Suffice to say, my little seduction plan worked better than expected, many new things were learned that evening and a deeper bond with my brother was shared. I took a shower then spoke to dad to let him know that Mikey was no longer upset. Dad was very relieved but also had a lighter wallet, as that evening he placed a next day delivery order for some nice new sexy underwear for me and also some really exciting items I had not asked for😉.

I went to bed knowing that I was seeing Lisa the next day in math class, she did leave in a hurry, seemingly in a great hurry and a possible feeling she was caught in the act with dad earlier. Will I confront Lisa and see how that plays out? On the other hand I could let them have more secret sessions. And what was the deal with Mikey’s butt obsession? Why was he so proficient at eating my ass? And why the hell did he have a bottle of sex lube in his drawer?

I hope you enjoyed this installment. There are more parts of this story to come. Please feel free to comment.

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