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23 yo virgin

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When I first met the woman who became my wife she was a virgin. 23 years old good Catholic girl. Took me 6 months to persuade her to even get naked and sleep with me.
We were in her room in a shared house and on the bed. I got her.top off and could see her tits were big my cock was throbbing in anticipation. I turned her over to undo the bra staps and then pulled down her jeans. Big pants lol. I pulled them off too. Cute arse. Kissed her all over. Tried to finger her from behind but she wasn’t having that. She later told me some perv old guy and lingered her from behind on the way home from school. Anyway flipped her over again and removed her bra. Lovely rosy pink nipples. I sucked them for a good while.
And kissed all the way down to the big pants an slowly peeled them off. God I nearly shot my load then. Huge red bush real thick. I sniffed and kissed. Managed to get her thighs apart and finger her. Found her unused clitty and in minutes she gave a little cry and she had her first little orgasm
No she’d never jiggled herself. I got undressed. And gave her my cock to handle. She had no idea what to do.so I showed her. I wanted to put it in her but had no protection with me and she didn’t want me to Anyway. We weren’t married lol. So with my guiding hand I got her to make me cum and I spurted on her smooth belly. It was another 4 months before she let me fuck her on my 28th birthday.
I didn’t have protection then either. I wasn’t expecting that as a birthday present. She just said let’s get in bed and she let me finger her again. She came stronger this time. And I got her to wank me. But she said no I want you to have it. God I was practically cumming straight off. So she opened her legs a little and I got on top and nudged my cock into her gently. She gasped and I went straight in and she cried out as i broke her hymen. And I pumped away as slowly as I could.. I said do you want to stop before I cum but she just said no let’s do it. Fill my hot little hole. So I did

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  • Reply JairBrasil ID:1eh4un9g285o

    Part 02 please

    • Sc ID:1dczxg5jt7pv

      Had to teach her every thing. She’d never seen a hard cock before except the perv who got his hand down her knickers on the way home from school. So I taught her how to wank. And after a lot of persuasion to suck. Actually she still isn’t very good at it. She’s 60 now. 32 years and only my cock

  • Reply White boy ID:16m0qk9ys2ub

    How is this incest?

  • Reply watcher ID:n2ahpc2d9j

    Totally interesting. I would love to hear more about your cute virginal wife and her learning of sex.

    • Sc ID:1dczxg5jt7pv

      Well what do you wanna know?

    • watcher ID:n2ahpc2d9j

      I have heard men tell me of their virgin wives who refused to do basically anything sexual, sometimes for many years, then something happens to jog them awake and they become very interested in sex. Has this happened yet with your wife? If so, what triggered her awakening?

      Often the wife just needs someone or something besides her husband to make her feel sexually desirable and shatter her inhibitions. She then feels the freedom to enjoy herself sexually with her husband.

    • Sc ID:1dczxg5jt7pv

      It was so fun teaching her. Ask me anything

  • Reply Sc ID:1dczxg5jt7pv

    Wanna chat