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16 year old boy was looking for fun

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A super horny teen boy finds himself at a brothel and has the time of his life…

So this is a true story about me. It stated when my class had a spring break trip to Mexico. This was supposed to be a heavily supervised trip but my teacher supervisor was extremely lazy and all we had to do was call him every hour to check in. Seeing as though I didn’t know anybody in my group I went to go join some of my buddies just a couple minutes away from where I was at. On the way to them I was walking past this older building and there was this smoking hot chick, couldn’t have been older than 20yo, who was half naked with just a skinny thong on and a small crop top. And she was perfectly built, gods finest creation. Perky medium sized breasts, a butt outa a porno magazine, and a beautiful smile. She waved at me and I waved back, she motioned for me to come in and I said something that I immediately regretted, “ sorry but I’m 16”. She just shrugged her shoulders and said in bad English “come in, your in for a good times”. After a couple of seconds thinking about if I’m going to be killed or smthing I figured why the hell not and I went into the house. Inside there were probably 10 guys being grinded on by some decently hot chicks, and a couple of bedrooms with their doors shut. The chick that waved at me motioned for me to come into the only bedroom with the door open and I of course did. S the second I got inside the room she motioned for me to take off my shirt and once I did she pushed me onto the bed and started to grind on my virgin dick. After about a minute of straight grinding she pulled down my pants and pushed her thong off to the side and boom, no longer a virgin. We went at it pretty hard for about 2 mins then I came inside her, I didn’t really care because it felt way too damn good. After I got hard again we continued at it for about another hour, couple of times I came in her, came on her perky tits, and once in her ass( it was wayyy to tight), but damn was she sexy. I made it back to their group and nobody knows I did this. Email me if you want to talk, [email protected]

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  • Reply Paul and Kath ID:1cqqkrlm4gcw

    No offence but it doesn’t at all sound truthful because my experience of prostitution and I mean all over the world is that most girls no1 hate doing it and certainly don’t do it for nothing ,
    Never ever met one yet that didn’t want paying and many in places as you mentioned want it up front , btw I spent 21 years in the Royal Navy and visited more knocking shops around the world you could shake a stick at

  • Reply Slutty mom ID:1ck78njowllr

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