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13yo Boy Scout gets his “Helping Hand” badge

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A boy scout helps and old man who fell and gets the best badge of all.

I was walking home after Scouts, still in my uniform. It was about 8pm and, though it was going dark, I decided to take a shortcut through the park. I knew mum and dad were out at a work do so I would be going home to an empty house and was looking forward to surfing a bit of porn and having a good wank or two before they got home. At 13 I was already feeling horny just thinking about my “me time”.

As I made my way through the twisting paths, dodging the puddles as it had been raining that day, I came across an elderly man who was on his hands and knees.

“Are you OK?”

“Not really, son. I tripped over that tree root there and fell. Could you give me a hand to get up please.”

“No problem.” I took his arm and gently helped him get to his feet. He was unsteady, his trousers were wet and muddy from the puddle he’d landed in, and he didn’t look like he could continue his journey on his own.

“Would you like me to help you to get home,” I asked.

“That would be wonderful, if you’ve got the time. Do you need to get home because if you do I’ll just rest here for a minute and then carry on.”

“I’m in no hurry. Put your arm around my shoulders to steady yourself. Where do you live?”

“Just outside the park over there. It’s only a couple of minutes away. This really is very kind of you. I see you are a boy scout, you deserve a special badge for this. Thank you so much.”

I stood close to him and he put his arm around my shoulders as we started walking.

He was right, it only took us about 5 minutes to reach his bungalow.

“Let me help you get inside and settled before I go.”

The old gent opened the door and I helped him to remove his coat and go through to the kitchen where he sat on a chair to get his breath back, kicking off his shoes.

“Do you think you could help me a little more.” I nodded. “Could you help me get undressed because I feel so unsteady I really do with someone here to make sure I can get changed without falling over again, old fool that I am.”

I was a little concerned about helping him undress but I thought I should to make sure he was safe.

We went through to the bedroom at the back of the house. It was quite dark by now so I switched on the light and, as he sat on the edge of the bed, I closed the curtains.

He started to remove his jumper and shirt. Then he stood up, swaying slightly. I quickly took his arm again.

“Do you think you could help me take off my trousers, I don’t feel I can bend down.”

I leant forward and undid the clasp, then the zip. As I lowered them to the floor my face was right in line with his cock. I could see his cock clearly outlined in his underwear. He looked to be getting hard and this started to get me hard too. I couldn’t help it.

I had never had any experience or desire to do anything sexual with a man but this was such an unusual situation, it just happened.

“Do you want to just get into bed like that?” I asked, expecting him just to swing his legs in snuggle down.

“I really wouldn’t be comfortable like that. Would you mind removing my underwear too please?”

I slipped my fingers inside the waistband of his pant and started to slid them down. I’m sure I heard him breathe a big sigh. As his cock sprang free it almost hit me in the face. He looked pretty long but not too thick. I just froze and stared at it as it grew harder and stood straight out from a patch of curly greying pubic hair.

“The look on your face says you’ve never seen a man’s cock before, eh?”

“No, only on the internet.”

“You can touch it if you want. I would really like that.”

Without really thinking I reached out and took hold of his cock. It was hot and hard and heavy. Instinctively I slowly pulled back the skin revealing the head. Again, like I was on autopilot, I started very slowly stroking it up and down, the skin slipping forward covering the head then back down again so it was visible again.

“Ooh, that’s really nice. Please keep doing that.” I did. I started to wank it like I did my own. I realised my cock was trying to straighten and harden but was trapped in my pants. I was pulling at the front of my trousers to try and getr more comfortable.

“Don’t be shy, boy. Take yours out if it’s uncomfortable. It’ll feel a lot better if you release it from those clothes.”

I knew it was wrong but I was so horny by now. I unclipped the hook and unzipped the fly. “Go on son, take it right out. I’d love to see your beautiful young cock.” I let my trousers fall to the floor and stepped out of them, then slipped down my boxers. My cock sprang free and stood almost straight up against my belly.

“Wow, that’s is a nice cock, son.” He reached down took hold of my 5 inches. “That feels so nice. The skin is so soft cos you’re young but it is as hard as iron.” He reached down and gently rolled my balls in his hand. “I bet you can cum and cum, can’t you? How many times can you cum in a day?”

“The most I’ve done is 4 but I was so sore afterwards I had to lay off wanking for a day or two.” Why was I telling him all this? Probably because I was stroking his 7 inches while he stroked my 5, fondling my balls every now and then.

I could feel my cum starting to build. “Please stop, I’m going to cum if you carry on.”

He sat down on the bed and pulled me towards him, his hand on my naked bum. He looked me in the eye as he pulled back my foreskin then leaned forward and took all my cock into his mouth right down to the root, all the time gentle squeezing my balls.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to cum.” I thought this would make him let go and stop but he just carried on. He was holding the foreskin right back and licking and sucking the head, then down to the root and hold me there, then back to the head. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. His hand was still on my bum and I could feel his finger seeking out my butthole. He found it and gently pressed in slightly.

I was gasping for breath until all too soon I couldn’t stop. I just started squirting right into his mouth, he took me down to the root again and held me there while I squirted right into his throat.

It was the most fantastic cum I’d ever had. I didn’t think I would ever stop.

Eventually I had to tell him to stop because I’d reached that super sensitive stage where I couldn’t take any more sucking on my cock.

“That was lovely,” he said, licking his lips. “Would you like to do the same for me?”

I knew I wanted to know what it felt like. I was still horny as hell and my cock, though sensitive, hadn’t gone down.

“Kneel down in front of me and suck me like I did you.”

I knelt down, holding his cock in my hand. I pulled back the foreskin and licked the tip of his cock, scooping up a drop of precum from the slit. It tasted OK so took the whole head in my mouth. Like I said his cock wasn’t that fat so I could easily fit him in my mouth.

His head arched back and he just moaned. “Oh that’s fantastic. Keep doing that and try and take more into your mouth.”

I did, holding the head in my mouth and licking around with my tongue. Then I leaned forward, taking another inch in, then back to the head, then back down again, a little bit more this time.

“Good lad, keep going. Try to take me deeper, put your tongue to the bottom of your mouth and let me slide into your throat.”

I did as he said, taking another inch. Then he touched the back of my throat and I gagged. “That’s OK son, keep trying, you’ll get used to it and learn to ignore that feeling. Ohh yesssss!” as I did what he said and another inch slid in and he went into my throat just a little. I gagged again but didn’t want to be defeated.

Again and again I went down till I could take no more, then back up, then down for more until my nose was brushing his pubes.

“Oh fuck,” he groaned. “That’s incredible. Don’t stop. I’m going to cum in a minute. Try and hold me down as deep as you can, just hold it there. Ooooh yessss. Fuckkkkk.”

I could feel his cock getting bigger and harder in my mouth and throat. Then it throbbed and his thick, sticky cum spurted out and into my throat. I choked a bit and had to pull back, his cock still shooting cum into my mouth now until he filled my mouth and it started to dribble out of the corners of my mouth.

Eventually he stopped, gasping for breath while trying to say “Shit, shit, shit. That was amazing. You are one special kid. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’ve not cum like that in years.”

After a few minutes he had got his breathing back to near normal. “You deserve a treat for that amazing blowjob.” With a wink and a smile he said “Do you want to fuck my ass? I can see you are still hard. Are you ready for another cum?”

“Fuck yes!”

With that he laid back on the bed and pulled his legs up from behind his knees and spread them. “OK, go on and fuck my ass. Just rub some spit on your cock first to help it go in.”

I did as he said, spat on my cock and spread it around over the head. I moved up to the edge of the bed and positioned the head against his pucker.

“Just stick it in all at once. Don’t hold back. Go for it.”

I took a breath and then, with all my might, I pushed forward. I could feel the pressure against his hole until I suddenly broke through. I kept pushing sliding right into his ass until my balls were against his bum. I had no more to give him.

“Fuck me you little fucker. Fuck me as hard and as fast as you can. Fill my rectum with your cum.”

So I did. I fucked him as hard as I could. Having cum not half an hour ago I was in not rush to release again and revelled in the warm tightness of his ass, his ring pulsing and gripping on my cock. I fucked and fucked, my legs were trembling, my breathing was just loud gasps and moans.

He grabbed his cock and started to wank in time to my thrusts. He was grunting and panting.

My excitement built and built until I could hold on no longer. I let loose my jets of cum right into his ass and as I exploded inside him, he took one enormous gasp and shot his second load onto his belly.

As my cock subsided it slid from his well lubricated insides. I was exhausted.

As I sat back on my heels trying to get my eyes to focus again, he stood up, cum dribbling down his belly onto his cock and balls. I suddenly reallised he was not swaying or staggering. He was just stood there with a silly grin on his face looking down at me.

“You weren’t hurt at all, were you?” I asked.

“No I wasn’t. But I bet you’re glad I played my little prank on you.”

“You bet,” was all I thought.

“Well now you know where I live, just pop round if you want some more fun. I’m always ready for more of this if you want it.”

I had a feeling I might be back!

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    Beautiful! You really are a helpful boy scout. I hope next time you’ll offer your peach of a bum to the friendly old perv!!

  • Reply Cumfillmeupp ID:10o4i4ja8ra

    Idk how this story has no comments, I’m about to cum really hard from this. I’ve always wanted a young boy cock down my throat or in my ass. Really badly. And even though I’m a woman and not a man I think this is so hot.

    • Rdm ID:y2k04l64gz7

      Absolutely yes 😁