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13f always like getting looked at when i go out :)

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THIS IS REAL πŸ˜€ I’m 13 years old

im like hypersexual all the time its weird like im in heat or something, i wish my internet access was less restricted so i could go crazy.

yeah like last week when i was at the mall i think i noticed a bunch of ppl looking at my legs and butt xD i kind of always liked that tbh and i always wanna like try chatrooms and stuff but my parents are strict and sometimes look at my internet stuff, i’ve been caught a few times talking in chatrooms about my big ass and twerking and stuff lmao xD when i was around 10 years old even i had a big butt for my age and i used to wear bikinis and short shorts and stuff, feeling my thighs and booty jiggle when i’m walking around is super fun lol but i have like 0 tits.. It’s so obvious who’s a creep when I walk around dressed like that, they can’t help themselves. Even kids look at me sometimes but that’s not really the usual for me.

I’ve even showed off at like family events like thanksgiving and stuff, like dressing in very little haha, i think it makes my family uncomfortable but they don’t really ever say anything. tbh i would really like to make some friends online that would be super super AWESOME. I wish I could wear that little in school too tbh.

i’ve never done anything sexual or even kissed before though, because of my strict parents but it’s okay ill do that stuff when i get older, cant wait! i don’t take pics or anything like thaty, just chat haha

if you wanna be friends or chat about different stories or even my butt or whatever you can add me on discord! my username there is aspen2012! πŸ™‚

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  • Reply Aries ID:19iamkeiwluy

    It should be considered a freedom of expression to let kids regardless of their gender, sexuality, and age. To have sex, with anyone especially if they happen to be old as your grand parents. I was lucky to have parents who were never this paranoid with me. As I went over to my neighbors house, suck his cock and let him fuck me. When I was barely 13. Also, allowed me to hangout with my friends which happened to be a bunch of cock sucking boys younger and some older than me. We will suck each other, and fuck each other. Sometimes we let adult men fuck us little boys!

  • Reply Barry ID:1e9lq3z5wkwm

    I’d be looking at you too. You like older men?

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    Your parents are a real pain. At 13, it’s your right to be having down and dirty sex with whoever you choose!

  • Reply hornio ID:7rmvd6sozj

    hi, just sent u a request πŸ™‚