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Your Body, Mine (part 2)

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Abused by her son, Donna found a way out, and into his body. But with her old self gone, how can she manage in her son’s lust-filled body?

My son Jon’s funeral was a week later. Although I had to continually remind myself that everyone assumed it was “Donna’s funeral,” since he’d died in my body.

It turned out that cleaning up the “crime scene” hadn’t been as difficult as I’d feared. All it took was a call to Jon’s partner and a sob story about finding my “mom” dead and not wanting the scandal of an assault and rape to mar her good image, and Bruce had agreed to help without hesitation. I did tuck that amulet away in my pocket before Bruce got there though, for a nice memento, and just in case.

Of course, as soon as he showed up I could tell Bruce was gay and in love with Jon. A fact that Jon in his hyper heterosexuality probably hadn’t even realized. But it was definitely something I used to my advantage. Bruce didn’t ask any questions, just helped me clean and redress and stage the body. For all anyone knew, I died of a heart attack sitting at my dining room table.

My life insurance paid for a very nice funeral. And the fact that I got to inherit my own million dollar life insurance policy as well as my own house and all my own belongings, made it a pretty sweet deal. So, since Jon and Emma were only renting, I moved us right in.

Getting used to living in Jon’s body took a little bit of effort. He was easily a foot taller than me, and his proportions were different than I was used to, so it was almost like learning to walk again. And then there was his cock. That monster was rock hard almost constantly. No wonder he insisted on raping me as much as he did. I wondered who else that cock had fucked besides me and his wife. And that thought made the damn thing even harder.

It was about a week after the funeral that I first fucked Jon’s wife, Emma. Well, she was my wife now I guess. I’d had a couple experiences with some girlfriends growing up, but wouldn’t have considered myself a lesbian, or even bisexual. But one night I woke up with Emma curled against me and Jon’s damn cock, MY damn cock, hard as a rock and throbbing, and my blood boiling. I need to fuck someone, to unload, and I needed it right then!

I tore the covers off us both and pushed Emma away from me. She lay there still asleep, face down, wearing only an overly large t-shirt and lacy pink panties. She really did have an amazing little body. She was barely over five foot tall, and her breasts were much smaller than mine had been. I knew she ran and worked out, and it showed on her perfect young ass. Was I jealous? Maybe just a little. She woke up as I pulled her panties down to her knees and spread her legs apart.

“Jon?” was all she got out before my hand landed hard on her bare ass cheek. I yanked her panties the rest of the way off and dropped them on the bed beside her.

“I need to fuck you, Emma!” I said as I climbed between her legs and forced them wider apart. I grabbed her by the hips, still slender since she hadn’t yet borne any children. Damn right I was jealous! I pulled her up off the bed, lining her cunt up with my throbbing cock. I stopped and looked at it for a second. Fuck, the thing was so huge.

“Oh!” she exclaimed. “Yes, Jon!” I felt her push her ass back against me. “Fuck me!”

I didn’t need any more encouragement. My cock found Emma’s slit easily. The bitch was dripping wet already and my cock slid in. She was so tight, and it stopped halfway, though, so I pulled back and slammed into her hard, like Jon used to do to me, making her scream. I could feel my cock strike her cervix with every brutal thrust, but I just kept pounding into her. I’d never felt so much power, so much pleasure!

“Jon!” she screamed, “Not…so hard…Jon!” I felt her hands pushing back on my legs, trying to get me to ease up. But there was no way I was stopping, it felt too good, and I needed the release.

“Shut up!” I yelled, slapping her ass again. The welt from my handprint turned red and began swelling immediately. “You wanted this, and I fucking need it!” I slapped her ass again, harder.

I looked down at my cock moving in and out of her, but still not all the way in. Her cunt lips were so tight around my cock that I could practically see and feel her turning inside out as the monster pulled out of her. But I needed to be all the way in.

“Jon! Stop!”

“I’m not stopping until I’m all the way in!” I placed my hands on her ass and pulled her pussy open, using my thumbs to open her even more. I knew my cock would lose ground by exposing more of her, but I also knew that when I was in, I’d be in all the way. “Have I never been in this cunt all the way, or what?”

“No! Jon, stop!” she yelled as I pulled almost all the way out and slammed in harder with each thrust, picking up speed as I went. Emma was practically sobbing by then, but I didn’t care. I was almost all in. Then, with a final thrust, helped by gripping her hips and pulling her back onto my cock as I slammed up and into her, my cock was fully inside her tight, shallow cunt.

I kept going for a few more strokes, enjoying the feel of my balls slapping her thighs. With one final push, I held myself inside her. I could feel the head of my cock pressed hard against her cervix as I came. I just held my cock there, feeling her cunt spasm around me, milking me of every last drop.

She was still so tight, it was like a vacuum holding me in as I pulled out of her. My cum oozed out of her gaping cunt and ran down her thighs. I let go of her hips and she collapsed onto the bed, pulling her legs up to her chest and laying there in the fetal position.

I wiped my cock clean with her panties then tossed them to her before laying back down. I pulled the covers over myself, letting Emma do whatever the fuck she was gonna do, and went right to sleep.

That became my ritual, fucking Emma like that nearly every single night to release that monster cock and relieve my boiling blood. She eventually stopped trying to fight me, and mostly just sobbed her way through every fucking.

And I never slowed fucking her like that, even when Emma told me she was pregnant a couple months later. Which I’d bet my new life had happened that first night.


Donna was born nine months later. When Emma told me her water had broken, I bent her over right there and fucked her. She cried as usual while I pounded her pregnant cunt, standing right there in her own fluids. Her contractions made me cum even harder.

More than once over that nine months, I pulled out that amulet and thought about trying to switch bodies with Emma. But just the thought of going through childbirth again made me think twice. And the thought of making that change with her afterwards was no less appealing, so I stored the thing away for a better opportunity.

By this time, I’d gotten into a pretty good rhythm handling Jon’s life. Actually, I did his life better than he did. He’d been a mediocre police officer until I got ahold of his body. All he needed was a woman’s drive in a man’s body to get ahead. And that’s what I did. It was an easy thing to get on the good side of the chief and begin working my way up the ladder.

After Donna was born, I fucked Emma only occasionally, when I had an overwhelming need. And then it was as hard and fast as I could, just to get myself off with her body.

It wasn’t long before I discovered that Jon had been fucking the daughter of the police chief. Ashley was only sixteen, but it really didn’t surprise me, as constant as his body seemed to need sex. I learned that Jon’s boss was a widower, his wife having passed in childbirth, leaving him a single father to Ashley.

It was a couple months after my funeral that I found a note from Ashley, slid discreetly into Jon’s locker, asking why I hadn’t called her. I did a search on Jon’s phone and found her name and number, and put two and two together. There were no texts, so I assumed he had deleted them. I did some more looking and found a hidden folder on his phone with nude pictures and videos Ashley had sent him, as well as pictures and videos of the two of them fucking. They dated back several years, to when the girl was only thirteen.

We did some texting back and forth for a few months, but it wasn’t until Donna was born that I decided to finally fuck Ashley myself. I mean, Jon already had, so why not? It wasn’t difficult to get away from Emma, since she was consumed with taking care of the baby. So, I simply met Ashley at her house after work, while I knew her dad would still be working.

Ashley answered the door and pulled me in quickly. The pictures hadn’t done her justice. She was a gorgeous redhead with a spattering of freckles across her cheeks and the bridge of her nose. Full lips and brilliant green eyes. And she was tall, easily five foot nine or ten. Long legs, and I mean long. And at a glance I’d say a full D-cup or double-D hidden away under her blouse. Damned if that monster didn’t try to burst out of my jeans just looking at her though.

I reached into my pocket and grasped the amulet as Ashley ushered me inside. She wasted no time once the door was shut and grabbed onto me, kissing me and wrapping one of those long fucking legs around me. I left the amulet where it was and responded in kind, pushing the girl hard against the wall and kissing her back with all the fire that was in me.

I leaned back from her and ripped her blouse open, the buttons scattering across the floor. I pulled the shirt and her bra off over her head and arms, revealing her perfect, perky double-D’s. Tiny pink areola, small erect nipples. The bitch was perfect and in her prime. I had to be her!

I let her guide me to her room, where I pushed her onto the bed. She was wearing a tight pair of black leggings that hugged her sixteen year old legs and ass perfectly. I pulled those off of her and slid her to the edge of her bed. Damn, even her pussy was perfect. Just a small patch of red hovering over her slit, her lips just as full as those on her mouth.

I pulled the amulet from my pocket and slipped it over my head before pulling my cock out of my jeans and stepping out of them. The young slut was actually biting her lip and glaring at me with an almost insane amount of lust in her eyes. I kicked her legs apart and climbed on top of her. I could feel the heat from her young cunt against my throbbing cock as I pressed against her.

The need to be her, but also to be inside her, warred in me as I clasped the amulet and held my cock against her. The monster and the boiling blood won out and I slammed my cock into her eager cunt. She was just as tight as I’d hoped her sixteen year old snatch would be, but she managed to take me all the way with that first thrust.

She wrapped those long legs around me, pulling me into her with every thrust, her ankles locking behind me. Watching her tits bounce as I fucked her, feeling her tight around me, I knew I needed to be her.

I grasped the silver amulet, just as I had when Jon was raping me. Ashley’s fingers dug into my thighs, her moans getting louder with every brutal thrust.

“Out,” I said, just as I had months before, this time willing myself out of Jon’s body and into Ashley’s. “I just want out.” I closed my eyes, just as I had then.

And nothing happened. I paused for a moment, expecting to change, but I was still Jon. I was still balls deep in Ashley’s perfect sixteen year old body.

Ashley latched onto me harder, practically growling as she pulled me against her, fucking me as much as I had been fucking her.

“Fuck it,” I said, and I let go of the amulet. I placed my hands to either side of Ashley’s shoulders and proceed to fuck her. I mean really fuck her. And she fucked back every bit as hard. Her eyes widened as I picked up speed and intensity.

“Your…not wearing…a condom!” she managed to moan.

“Nope!” I said, thrusting even harder.

“Don’t…cum…inside…” was all she managed to get out before I let loose a fountain of cum inside of her. She tried to push me out, but I put my weight into her and held my pulsing, cumming cock deep inside her teen cunt. I held myself inside the slut as my cock continued to unleash burst after burst of cum deep into her fertile young womb.

“Oh…god…” She suddenly clasped those legs around me again as I felt her cunt tighten around me. She was cumming, over and over, squeezing and milking my cock despite her desire to have me out. I guess her young body had different ideas.

I held my cock inside her, locking my cum in as she came. Her spasming pussy only helped to keep my monster cock hard. Finally, her orgasms subsided and I pulled out of her, followed by only a small dribble of my cum.

“Oh fuck,” she said finally. She sat up on the edge of her bed as I was pulling my jeans back on. She was holding her tummy and rubbing herself between her legs. “You’ve never fucked me without a condom before.” She looked just a little scared.

“Well not any more,” I said. “I’m just gonna cum inside you every time now.” Her eyes widened as she looked up at me, and I swear I saw her breathing get heavier. She even bit her damn lip again with that fire in her eyes.

I fucked Ashley quite often after that, cumming inside her every single time. She gave birth to Amber nine months later, refusing to tell anyone who the father was. She even managed to keep her gorgeous model body after having the baby, so I kept on fucking her. Even though I came inside her every time after that, Amber was the only child Ashely had.


I tried using the amulet several times over the next few years with different girls I fucked. I even tried once with Emma and a few more times with Ashley. But it was always the same result. Nothing. So, after a few years I resigned myself to just being Jon and stored the thing away in the jewelry box.

While Ashley only grew more and more gorgeous as the years went by, Emma definitely let herself go. Emma had ended up with some sort of infection after Donna was born and had to have a hysterectomy, which was fine by me. After that, she gained more than a few pounds, and all that had been young and tight on her began to age and sag.

I still used Emma occasionally, but mostly I fucked Ashley or any other girl I managed to get a chance with, which happened to be well more than a few. I even tried a brief fling with Bruce, but that wasn’t nearly as much fun as I had hoped. Turns out I’m not such a fan of giving or getting it in the ass, and blowjobs only get me so far.

Funnily enough, Emma and Ashley met at a daycare a couple years later and actually became friends. Ashley knew full well who Emma was, but she continued to remain silent. Ashley and Amber were over at the house quite often over those next few years. Donna and Amber quickly became best friends too, since they were less than a year apart in age, and they had no clue they were actually sisters. I took a good deal of joy out of the whole situation.

It wasn’t until Donna’s tenth birthday that things went to shit.

We’d rented one of those giant inflatable water slide things and had about two dozen girls over, all around Donna’s age, give or take a couple years. Ashley was the only mom who stuck around, and her and Emma just sat and chatted, drinking their mimosas while the girls played. I simply sat off to the side and watched as well.

Having been a girl once, I didn’t think much of it before then, but being in Jon’s body had changed things, and apparently seeing all those girls running around in their bikinis got that monster hard. I was used to the reaction in most cases by then and I’d never bothered to hide it before. I didn’t bother hiding it this time either, since I was just laying back relaxing anyway. I’d never been into girls Donna’s age, and Ashley was the youngest I’d been with. But I’d sure spent a lot of time looking at those first pics and vids of her and Jon. That day something clicked in me, and seeing two dozen young nearly-nude bodies made my blood boil like never before.

After a bit, I started to notice a few of the girls walking by me slowly, and a little closer than normal. Then they’d run off and whisper to each other. Several stood at the top of the slide looking down at me and giggling. I knew they’d noticed the huge bulge in my shorts, but I didn’t care. I’d looked when I was their age, so I them look.

Then I saw some of those same girls pull Donna aside and say something to her. I was a bit stunned when Donna pushed one of the girls away and pulled the girl’s bikini bottoms down to her ankles. She turned the stunned girl to face me, gave me a smile and ran off. I just sat there and stared at that perfect young smooth slit while the girl stood there in shock for a moment before pulling up her bikini and running off.

I got up and went inside quickly. I had to relieve my boiling blood, but I knew my hand wasn’t going to be good enough. I went right to the bathroom and stood there at the sink, trying to calm myself down, but it only seemed to get worse.

Then I heard whispering at the door. “I dare you,” a girl’s voice said, followed by a lot of giggling. Definitely several girls. I could hear more voices saying “Do it,” “Dare you,” and the like. I closed my eyes as the door opened. A tiny hand reached around me and slid into my shorts, grasping my cock. I could feel her breath on my lower back.

My blood ignited and I spun around, grabbing the girl and bending her over in front of me. I tore her bikini bottoms off her easily and dropped my shorts. I didn’t even hesitate as I forced my cock into the young slut’s bald cunt. She screamed for help and I glanced up to see the other girls look at me in terror then turn and run.

I grabbed the girl by the waist and pulled her hard onto my cock. I felt her hymen tear away as I plunged uncaring into her virgin cunt. I was half a dozen pumps into the slut when I realized it was Donna I was fucking.

“Daddy…No…Stop!” My head cleared enough to hear her begging me, but I was too far gone to even think about stopping. The bitch had let herself be dared to touch her dad’s cock, so she was gonna get the whole damn thing. I kept going, fucking her as hard as I ever fucked her mom. I was lost in the fire of it all, so I didn’t even notice when Emma showed up.

I wasn’t sure what she hit me with, but all I saw was stars. I must have dropped Donna, because the next thing I knew I was laying on the floor beside her. I looked up through my blurred vision to see Emma standing over me. She was obviously angry as hell, and I could see her mouth moving, but I couldn’t hear a thing she was yelling.

Something hit me in the head again and my head turned, my eyes focussing on Donna. She was lying on the floor beside me, curled in a ball and crying. My vision was beyond fuzzy, but something caught my eye. Something silver and shiny. Something hanging from Donna’s neck.

I reached out and grasped the amulet in my fist. Donna must have gotten it out of the jewelry box, I thought. I guess I wasn’t getting out after all. I closed my eyes as I anticipated the next and final blow from Emma.

“Mommy?!” I heard Jon yell, and everything went black.

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