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Young Dick Club Part 3

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Mary finds twin boys and uses their little cocks for her pleasure.

Mary landed in the new state for her work and she rented a van this time so that she could have a better place to seduce her next victim. After she checked into her hotel room, she drove down to the local game room and sat in her van watching the door.

There were many young prospects that came in and out but most of them were with adults or got into cars with adults. Then she noticed a set of twins that came out and started walking down the street on the sidewalk. They looked to be around 13 years old and were pretty good looking.

Mary pulled up along side them and rolled down her window.

“Excuse me but could you please help me out? I seem to be a little lost. I’m looking for the mall and can’t seem to find it.” She lied as she leaned out the window with her tits almost completely on display.

Tim and Tom both stared at her tits with their mouths open. Mary knew that she had them under her spell now. She wiggled her body so that her tits swayed back and forth.

“Yes ma’am we know where the mall is!” Tom replied as his cock began to swell in his pants.

Tim’s cock had begun to come to life as well and Mary was quick to notice.

“Do you mind getting in and showing me where it is?” She asked as she smiled a wicked smile.

“Yes ma’am we will show you!” Tim replied as he tried to hide the fact that he had a hard on.

Tim got into the front passenger seat while Tom got into the back. Mary made sure that her tits were still on display as well as her pussy was exposed to their eyes as well. Tim could clearly see her plump pussy as she drove towards the mall. Tim fidgeted in his seat as his cock throbbed in his pants. Tim glanced back at Tom and mouthed the words “OMG”.

Tom swapped seats with Tim and he was able to see Mary’s pussy on display. Mary pretended not to notice that they were switching seats but she made sure that they could get a good look at her glistening pussy.

Mary pulled into the parking lot of the mall and drove around to the back lot away from all the other cars. She parked the van so that the back was against the trees.

“I just wanted to thank you for showing me where the mall was. I really appreciate your help and would like to repay you somehow!” She said as she reached down and pulled her blouse off.

She reached down and pulled her skirt off as well and she was now completely naked in front of the twins. They sat there looking at Mary’s body and couldn’t believe what was happening. Mary climbed into the back of the van and laid the back seat into a bed and sat down on it facing them with her legs spread open.

“Why don’t you two take off your clothes and join me back here?” She moaned as she reached down and slipped her fingers into her soaking wet pussy.

Tim and Tom quickly stripped off their clothes and climbed up onto the van bed with Mary. They had identical 4 inch cocks that were standing straight out from their bodies. They were both uncircumcised and Mary could see that their cocks throbbing with their heartbeats.

“MY MY what do we have here boys? Are these for me?” Mary moaned as she reached out and wrapped her hands around both of their cocks.

Tim and Tom both groaned as they felt the only hand to ever touch their cocks besides their own hands. Mary stroked them as she leaned over and kissed each one. She sucked Tim’s cock into her mouth as she swirled her tongue around the shaft while continuing to stroke Tom’s cock. Tim grunted as he instantly began to fill Mary’s mouth with his cum.

“MMMMMMM so sweet and fresh! She moaned as she swallowed his load.

She then sucked Tom’s cock into her mouth as she continued to stroke Tim’s cock. She loved how young boys cocks were quick to get back hard after cumming. Tom grunted as he shot his cum into Mary’s mouth. Mary swallowed his load as she licked her lips.

“Thank you for that but I think that you should repay the gesture and eat my pussy! Have either of you ever eaten a pussy before?” She asked as she sat back and spread her legs open wide.

They both shook their heads no as they stared intently at her spread open pink pussy. She reached out and grabbed the back of their heads and pulled them down to her pussy.

“This is a pussy and it loves to be kissed and licked and sucked. Just remember to keep your teeth off it. And if you suck on this nub, you can make me cum very hard!” She moaned as she pointed out her hard throbbing clit.

Both boys began to kiss, lick and suck on her swollen pussy. They were a little clumsy at first but she gently guided them to the best spots and she was soon cumming over and over again as they both slurped up her juices.

“OHHHHH FUUUUCCCCKKKKK YEEESSSSSS EAT MY PUSSY BOYS!” She moaned as she worked her pussy up and down their faces.

It didn’t take long before she was ready to be fucked by both of them. She quickly put Tom on his back and she straddled his waist and aligned his hard throbbing cock against her smoldering little pussy. She moaned as she felt his cock pushing into her soaking wet pussy.

“Get behind me and put your cock in my ass now!” She moaned at Tim.

Tim quickly moved behind her and took his cock and placed the head against her tight little asshole. Mary reached back and helped him push his cock into her tight hot tunnel. Both boys groaned as their cocks were enveloped in the best thing that they had ever experienced.

Mary ground her pussy and ass back onto their cocks as she felt herself orgasm again and again. Tim grabbed her hips and drove his cock into her ass as she ground her pussy down onto Tom’s cock.

“Suck on my nipples Tom!” She moaned as she felt his warm mouth clamp down on her tits.

The van was filled with the sounds and smells of hot sex. After a few minutes Mary had them swap places and Tim was now balls deep inside her hot wet pussy and Tom was driving his cock into her tight little asshole.

Tim wrapped his hands around her large tits and sucked on her nipples as Tom slammed into her ass. Mary was cumming over and over again as she felt their cocks throbbing angrily inside her smoldering hot holes.

She had never had two young cocks inside her at the same time before. She was going to have to make sure that she does it again as she usually gets only one boy at a time.

It wasn’t long before she felt their cocks exploding in her holes. She felt their cum splashing her insides as they grunted and groaned. She rode out their orgasms until their cocks slipped out of her holes.

She quickly moved to clean up their cocks with her mouth as they sat there looking stunned by what just happened.

“You boys are amazing and very fun! Thank you for everything!” She replied as she began to put her clothes back on.

Tim and Tom both got dressed and Mary took them back to the place where she picked them up. She kissed each one and then drove away with a smile on her face and cum leaking from her holes.

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  • Reply T ID:1deatsoxs32y

    Love all your stories

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    Hot as always pretty girl

    • AlabamaSlamma ID:1dldx4zlgtds

      Hahaha definitely not a girl. Thanks HH.

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

    This story triggered another one of my memories. My 12 year old nephew came home from football practice and I just got over my sister’s house from working out in the gym, when we started horsing around. I couldn’t believe the strength that he had over me when he got me on the carpet and I ended up on my tummy and he was behind and on top of me and that’s when I felt his puberty hormones kick in !! he had me pinned and his cock was pressing through his football pants and pressed in between my spandex covered ass cheeks ! I ended up yelling at him to get off me, but thank-God that was far as it went ! Today’s 11and older boys are built like full grown guys ! now I don’t fool around with my nephew like that anymore, but as you know me Alabama ! I just might give my nephew his very first hand job then a blowjob if he’s a good boy and treats ladies and girls with respect ! great erotic story that brought back my fond memory of having my nephew on top with his prick in my spandex ass ! Britt

    • AlabamaSlamma ID:1dldx4zlgtds

      Lucky boy!! I bet your ass cradles a cock perfectly.

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    One more hot story, keep them coming, you’re a great writer.

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    These are great stories Slamma. Keep them coming

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