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Xdresser husband, at my request

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I’ve always found sissy porn appealing. I like men, I like cock but for me the ultimate mate is someone with a cock and cute lingerie.

I guess it’s a semi-lesbian arrangement. I’d known my husband for two years before we even had a date. He was small for a man, but very attractive, no body hair (thank heaven I hate a hairy body) and we could talk about anything. He had tried m2m sex a few times, four times with one guy and 3 with another. I’d admitted to having at lesbian lover who was 28 when I was 16. He asked and I told him that yes I had orgasms that way but it wasn’t penetration, and nothing built by man is better than a mans cock to do that penetration. Eventually I had a bad breakup with the guy I was seeing and he’d been sexless for over a year, and we just decided we’d try dating instead of just friendly get togethers. I quickly turned that from “dates” back into friendly get togethers where we were both on equal terms on our dating get togethers. I preferred it, not wanting a man “in charge” again, and he not wanting to be that anyway.

So, one night we decided he’d stay over and we sucked, ate and fucked. It was quite nice, after only a few times he could get me off in record time, I actually became multi orgasmic from fucking, not just getting eaten. Though he was a great pussy eater too. One day when a delivery came, he donned a robe to answer the door. After I took him in front of a mirror, the robe was a see through black thing I had. He wanted to take it off but I told him I liked it on him. He kept it on, and I went to the bath and put on a basque with garters, and stockings. He got instantly hard, and I asked him to keep the robe on. As I put him on the couch I got on my knees and was using the soft material of the robe to stroke his cock. He was moaning and groaning, I barely got my mouth on it in time to catch his cum. Before we were going to fuck I took him by the hand and brought him into my bedroom and told him just to do it for me, not to question anything. I reassured him he was a man, he was MY man, and MY cock. With that I put on a garter belt, stockings, and then put on see through panties to match the robe. Then we fucked.

That started it. He is my perfect lover, a man that looks like a woman when we make love. He now knows how to do his hair, his makeup and has plenty of lingerie and even womens clothing that all fit him so well.

I guess, yes I turned him into a crossdresser, but he likes it, I have what i want for a lover, and he gets to be feminine all he wants. I do please him anally both giving and receiving, and have some weekends where I crossdress as a man and he as a woman, and exchange roles.

It’s perfect, we are perfect for each other. It’s kinky I know but it works.

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    Wow would love to meet a woman looking for this type of realshonship.