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Work Wife Returns part 2

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It was about a week later when Nicole and I had the opportunity to continue to explore or new found interest in BDSM. I was going down the elevator at work when Nicole got in. Seeing that we were alone she pushed the button for her floor and then turning around to face me she immediately gave me a warm wet passionate kiss. Taken by surprise I went with the situation grabbing two handfuls of her ass. “DING” went the floor indicator and Nicole released me from her grip and headed out and down the hall.

Standing there shell-shocked the door closed and my ride continued towards my destination, with me in a dazed state totally stunned by what had just happened in the workplace. A little while later I returned to my office and devised my plan to have a little surprise fun at Nicole’s expense as well.

Picking up the phone I dialed Nicole’s extension.


“Hi Nicole, I need you to come to my office right away. There is an urgent matter I need to discuss with you.”

With that I hung up the phone and waited for the fun to begin.

Nicole soon arrived and stuck her head in my open door.

“You wanted to see me?”

“Yes!” I answered “please come in.”

As she walked into my office I continued.

“And please shut the door.”

Seeing a wicked smile cross her face I knew she had figured out I had a plan, but I wanted to see just how far she was willing to let this go.

After closing the door, Nicole turned to face me and I began my rehearsed speech as I came from around my desk to stand in front of her.

“It’s been brought to my attention that your workplace behavior with a certain male employee has been completely inappropriate, and I have been asked by the HR department to see to your discipline immediately.”

“Oh” she said allowing a sly smirk to cross her face. “That does sound serious.” “I guess I’m about to get what I deserve.”

Lowering my voice and changing my tone I replied, “Don’t be coy with me slut… now turn around and put your hands on the door.”

Nicole’s expression changed as she went into submissive mode and followed my orders. With her hand on the door Nicole instinctively spread her legs and arched her ass back. I walked up behind her and pulled her skirt up revealing her perfect ass accentuated by her pretty little red thong. Placing my hand on the softness of her ass I began to massage it and whispered in her ear.

“what kind of punishment does a dirty little slut like you deserve?”

Nicole looked over her shoulder at me with a sexy little pout on her face but said nothing in reply. I then moved her thong to the side and inserted two fingers deep into her already wet vagina. Nicole sucked in her breath and let out a faint “Mmmmmm” as my fingers began to do their work. She began to roll her ass and push back on my hand to the rythem I was setting. I didn’t take long till her pussy juices were running down my hand and I could begin to feel her vagina walls contract around my fingers, her breathing then became rapid and she leaned her head back with her eyes closed. At that point, just when I thought she was close to orgasm I pulled my fingers out and walked back to my desk. Nicole’s eyes shot open and looking back at me with her hands still on the door.

“Are you fucking kidding me?!?” She said exasperated.

I smiled a fiendish smile and responded. “Naughty sluts need to be punished.” “Therefore I’m sending you home for the rest of the day.” “ Now go home, think about what a bad girl you’ve been, and wait for my instructions.”

A look of bewilderment, disbelief and ultimately excitement crossed her face as she responded with a simple “yes sir” and exited my office.

As I sat down at my desk, I whipped out my phone and began crafting her instructions. They were simple, straight forward, and to the point.

“I want you to go home, leave the door unlocked, then prepare yourself as you did before, go to the bedroom and wait for me there.”

Smiling I pressed send, and shut down my computer. Walking past the receptionist I made mention of a lunch meeting I’d be attending and told her that I would not be back today. Leaving the building I was climbing in my truck when the phone chirped. Nicole had sent a short text that read.

“Yes sir I’ll be ready.”

A big smile filled my face as I started the truck and pulled out of the parking lot.

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