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Wife number 3

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Army buddies enjoying each other’s family

My friend and I were both physical specimens we were in the military and in Special Forces. We had just spent two tours in hostile areas. We got to go home periodically but right back to the fighting. Anyway our tours were over and we got to go home we both had 90 days leave before our next Duty station. We went to my home first and I introduced him to my mom and sister 30 minutes later he’s in there banging my mom and I’m banging my sister that’s how we Special Forces guys role. Of course that was not the first time I spent with my mom and sister. So after a week there his family was calling in complaining he needed to come home they were missing him so I went with him grudgingly I wanted to stay home for some more home cooking if you will, ienjoyed sleeping with my mama and my little sis of course my little sis has a big belly now her second big belly by me and she’s not as active. Mom said go ahead and enjoy them he needs his buddy with him to keep him from being so hyper. So when I get to my friend’s house his mom meets us at the door she has a negligee on and you can see her rather voluptuous body a large beautiful Amazon billowing tits 6 ft tall and very much in shape. You can definitely see where he got part of his physique and athleticism. He asked where sis and she says it’s lunch time for the kids and she’s feeding them follow me. We walk through the house into a sitting room and there is his beautiful sister naked as the day she was born with a child on each tit and they are sucking away. Her tits or massive and as big as my head I was in awe. Her entire body was shaped exactly like her mother’s well proportioned muscular yet extraordinarily feminine. As those babies nursed on her I could see her naked sex kind of pulsing as they were causing her nether regions to quiver I had heard of women having orgasms while they were nursing their children now I knew it was true. I was mesmerized by the beauty of my brother in arms sister. I knew I had to have some of that and I knew it would be available to me because he enjoyed what I allowed him to have at my home my mother and sister. His sister was not quite 13 at the time and two kids on her tits. His babies home just long enough to breed her and off again to the war. I turned the sergeant says my God she’s incredible he said I told you you wouldn’t be able to take your eyes off of her I can’t wait to get to really know her as soon as she’s finished nursing he said crawl right down there talk to her while she’s doing that I think she likes you I’ve sent her plenty of pictures of you and she says that she really wants to get to know you too. So I sit down on the bed and start talking to her and we have this wonderful conversation it was an intuitive conversation I’m seeing her beautiful body and I’m highly aroused. And she starts giggling she says you’re very uncomfortable with your pants right now aren’t you I said yes I am it’s about to pop out rip the cloth you’ve got me horny she says well silly Rippy clothes off and crawl on in I said why you’re nursing your babies yes while I’m nursing my babies my pussy is twitching and I’m dying to see what you feel like inside me. I know your family is like our family we enjoy each other. Quick as a flash I was butt naked and slowly got and frantically guiding my penis to her quivering vagina there was an aroma of hot sex in the air I slide into her and she smiles and kisses me and the babies are still nursing on her kids I’m buried to the hilt and she’s bragging that she really enjoys my lingth and my girth but I’m feeling her nicely. It was a sexy scene two babies nursing on her tits me sliding in and out of her bending over and kissing her lips and her pussy welcoming me me home. I didn’t realize how fertile she was because evidently our first liaison she became pregnant again. Since she couldn’t marry her brother according to archaic state laws she and I got married a week later on her 13th birthday. My friend actually married my mom and sister in the same ceremony and we’re all one big happy family now. Of course a little later on I marry his mother and she has a couple of kids for me. You might say we’re all Blue Bloods. And loving every moment of the day. More to cum in this little Saga

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