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White girl is taken by multiple bbc’s in a black nightclub for a fake I.D.

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Mr. Big John was very happy fucking underaged Britney’s soft and supple ass and her young white and tight pussy .

My name is Big John, because I have a thick 11- inch black dick and I am 64 years old, and I own a nightclub that gets really busy and crowded on the weekends. When I have my business assistant book live Rap Music Dj’s and that attracted a lot of the younger black guys and girls. We don’t get to many white guys or girls. I employ four bouncers for the main area of the club, and I have two bouncers for the back entrance of my club. Two more for the front door, plus a guy that checks every ones I.D. at the front door. It was the holiday weekend for Martin Luther King, and I was short of help when my I.D guy called in sick, so I went out front and checked everyone coming in my nightclub.

So, as I’m out front, I can see my two younger homies, Calvin who is 45 years old and Leroy who’s 48 years old. so, I yelled out to them to come over as I’m checking I.D. s from a bunch of girls, and to my surprise there’re a few white girls. As Calvin and Leroy make their way through the crowd of black and white lady’s, they started grinding up against both the white girls and black girls who were to drunk and high to even notice that we were there. Then out of nowhere a pretty young white girl starts to rub my cock through my pants.

She looked about 18 with long black hair with a full-figured waist and large 32-DD boobs, with pretty brown eyes. She was wearing a short red skirt with black stockings, and five-inch stilettos, and a white button blouse that accentuated her big tits. So, as I frisked her down for any weapons and felt up her stocking covered legs, and her tits, she turns to face me and says her name is Britney .

Then she shows me her I.D. to buy a drink, I smiled at her and said, “Britney this I.D. is a fake”??

She looks down at her fake I.D. and said “Please ! don’t call the police ! I’m sorry”!!!

As I’m looking at how sexy looking Britney is and the fact, she came to a black nightclub I said to her.

“I won’t tell if you won’t”!!! Then I escorted her to the bar with me and ordered her vodka on the rocks. Britney downed it. I was amazed how quickly she swallowed it all down without coughing and gasping from the strong-tasting drink.

“How much do I owe you”? Britney asked me.

“Oh !! you can pay me back later ! Do you want another”!!!! Britney quickly nodded her head as her long black hair is swaying up and down with her face. I then called Calvin and Leroy over.

“This is Calvin, and this is Leroy ! they will each buy you another drink”!! I told Britney as she yells for joy.

Leroy and Calvin rush to the bar with sneaky smirks on their faces, as I grinded up against Britney while her hand is moving closer and closer to my hard 11- inch cock. My two homies return and pass Britney a gin and tonic and within minutes, she drank them down. Then she takes my hand and leads me to the dance floor.

We grinded and danced against each other for a few songs before Calvin and Leroy joined us. We took turns as Britney and some other girls danced and made our cocks even harder inside our pants. Britney wasn’t completely trashed yet, but she has definitely loosened up since I met her.

She intentionally grabbed onto my cock, then she closely brushed right by my ear with her lush red lips and suggestively moaned ,”Ohhhhhhh !!!!!!! Big boy !!! I want your big black cock in me”!!!!!!!!

I then slipped my hand under her short red skirt in between her black nylon stocking thighs, and on her very wet, white, bare pussy, and then I pushed my thick black finger into her pussy as we grinded and danced to the beat of the music. After a few more songs, Britney was noticeably drunk as she stumbled and staggered in her 5-inch stilettos off the dance floor, but I quickly grabbed her hand.

“Hey how about paying that drinking debt ! Britney”?? I said to her. She smiled at me and reached into her black lace bra and pulled out money that she was keeping inside her bra.

I then stopped her and gave her a smirk. Britney looked confused then I quickly tugged her hand and lead her to the nearest restroom as she staggard and stumbled in hey 5-inch stilettos. I looked over my shoulder and gave Calvin and Leroy a nod, they quickly followed us.

When we got into the bathroom, I quickly checked all the stalls, “We’re clear”!! Calvin says, as he locks the bathroom door with just the four of us in the nightclub bathroom with a young underage 17-year old attractive white girl.

Britney quickly fell to her knees in front of me, and unzippered my pants, while my raging 8-inch black cock sprang out, almost hitting Britney on her face as she takes me into her soft little mouth. I groaned out in pleasure , “OH YEEEAAHH !!!!!! THAT’S MY GOOD LITTLE WHITE WHORE”!!!!

My homies cheered as Britney sucked my big black cock hard as she held onto my black balls.

Calvin and Leroy unzipped their pants and pulled their large dicks out, as I thrusted my hips against Britney’s pretty face. She was making muffled groaning sounds ,”MMmmmmmphh !!!! Mmmpphhh”!!! as I shove my 11-inch black dick down her throat, choking her,

While I was deep throating Britney’s throat, Calvin pulled up her red skirt, exposing her black lace panties and her black, thigh high stockings. While I pulled her long black ponytail closer to me as I’m jamming my black 11-inch dick further down her throat and holding it there. While I watched her eyes opened up wider with tears running down her cheeks as she’s trying to pull back, but I continued to hold on to her, waiting for her to cry.

I let her ponytail go, while she choked and gasped for air. Leroy stripped her of her blouse, exposing her black lace bra. Britney is now kneeling down with only wearing her hiked up red skirt, with her black lace bra and black stockings. With her 5-inch stilettos and black lace panties, in a black owned nightclub with three black guys standing over her with big swinging black dicks.

I forced her back to my black dick, and she willingly opened up her mouth before I plunged it again down her throat. Leroy moved her panties to the side as he starts to play with her little white pussy.

“Hey man !!!! this white bitch is soaking wet”!!!!! Leroy cried out in excitement .

I watched as he pushes three of his thick black fingers up inside of our pretty, little white whore.

Britney was shaking her pouty, sexy, white ass at us in pleasure. Leroy is fingering her even harder, while Calvin begins to play with her tits and nipples, while squeezing them under her bra.

God damn ! Britney sure knows how to suck cock, her head is bobbing faster and faster, that I almost blew my load right then and there inside her pretty white mouth, that I had to stop her, and pull my dick out with all her saliva mixed with my precum drooling all over her face.

I walked behind Britney, while Calvin quickly took my place as he shoved his black 8-inch cock down her throat. Leroy takes Calvin’s old position and starts to fondle her tits by squeezing and pinching her nipples.

I gave a hard slap on Britney’s white, bare, supple ass cheeks, and she cried out, “”Mmmgurglmpphhh”
with Calvin’s black dick down her throat.

“Shut up !! You white whore”!!!!! I said to her .

I took my black dick and tapped her entrance to her soaking wet pussy, I pushed in just the tip, and she used her body to push back onto me, wanting more of my dick. I took my dick out, teasing her. Britney tried to back up onto me, but Calvin slammed his dick down her throat as he pulls her hair and her body back towards him.

I smiled at Calvin “Yo brother ! That’s a nice move”!!!!! As I smiled at Calvin .

“I thought so to bro”!!!!! Calvin replied with a sinister grin.

Leroy is busy squeezing her already erect nipples causing Britney to yelp out, “Ohhhhhh”!!!!!!!!!!
While he pulls and rolls them between his thick black fingers, he gave me a nod and a smile to move on.

I took his cue and shoved my thick black 11-inch dick all the way inside of Britney, not holding back. Her pussy stretched quickly to fit my large black hunk of meat, pulled it back out and rammed it all the way into her womb balls deep, again and again. As I grabbed onto her hips tightly, I kept on thrusting my huge thick 11-inch African dick in and out of her white pussy, rutting into her with my primal animalistic instinct. I groaned out in pleasure , “Oh fuck yeah !!!! you fucking white bich !! take that !!!! Uungg !!! Oh god damn !!! your so fucking tight you whore !! Oh !! I’m gonna cum !! Here cums my seed bich”!!!!! As I stretched and slammed her tiny white pussy as hard as I can. While the loud sound of my black leathery low hanging balls, are slapping hard against Britney’s white, soft and supple ass cheeks and are echoing throughout the restroom.

Britney’s breathing heavy and squealing out ,”P…please pull out !! O…oh god !! please don’t cum in me”!!

I finally blew my load deep inside her, my dick was twitching as my black seed filled up her small white pussy. Britney’s black nylon stocking covered legs tightened up as she came all over my black dick, screaming out as I thrusted a few more time into her. Making sure that I get every last drop of my African seed deep inside her womb before I pull my 11-inch dick out of her as my thick creamy white seed seeps out and drips onto her black stocking covered thighs.

“Oh God No !!!! I’m Not On Birth Control !!!! Please Sir !!!! Don’t Cum In Me !!!! Oh My God !!! No”!!!!

I quickly took Calvin’s place again and said ,”Lick My Black Dick Clean !! You White Slutty Whore”!!!!!

I commanded Britney, as she starts licking off my cum and her pussy juices from my dick. Without any warning while she’s sucking and licking my dick clean, she screams out in pain as Calvin took my previous spot and impales and rams his black thick 9-inch dick mercilessly and rapidly in and out In and out of her cum filled white pussy, “Ohhh !!!!!! my god ! it felt like you just tore me”!!!!!! OHhh god”!!!

“Please stop fucking me like this My tiny white pussy can’t take it anymore”!!!???? Oh god help me”!!!!

I was laughing at her and loved hearing her crying out for help from God as I plunged my long thick black dick right down her throat again, as I high-fived Calvin while he’s pounding Britney mercilessly deep inside our little white whore’s pussy as she’s also yelping out ,”Ohhhh !!!! No !! Not Again”!!! “Ohh”!!

“Please let me go !!! Your cocks are stretching and tearing my small white pussy out of shape”!!!

I motioned with my hand to Leroy to come over, and he took my spot in front of Britney’s face and swiftly thrusted his hard 8-inch black dick right into Britney’s opened and awaiting mouth, while she’s moaning as she’s shaking her head no as she’s sucking his cock so I slapped her across her face saying to her when it comes to my homies you can’t slack off sucking and fucking their cocks.

Her eyes are wide open in fear looking at me as she’s grimacing in pain, as she’s nodding her head in understanding me.

I watched as my two homies are fucking this young underage white girl really good and hard. Leroy is holding her head as he’s fucking her throat deep and fast, then I look at Calvin while he’s busy fucking Britney doggystyle on the bathroom floor.

Without a moments notice Calvin grabs Britney’s ponytail and pulls and lifts her up from the bathroom floor and drags her across the floor as she’s crying and kicking her black nylon stocking covered legs and 5-inch stilettos to the sink. Where he positions her, so her hands are on two separate sinks as he really starts giving a hard doggystyle to Britney. while her hands are gripping the two sinks tightly as possible in pain.

While Calvin is fucking her non-stop and she’s screaming out and yelping ,”Ohhhhhhh”!!!!!!

“Ohhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!! god”!!!!! “Please stop !!!! I can’t take anymore of this !!! my pussy hurts”!!!!!!

Suddenly there was a knock on the bathroom door that drew my attention away from my homies and the young white bitch I’m fucking. I unlocked it and slightly opened up the door .

Standing outside was my old, big, fat gangster, uncle, Mr. Big John. but he was called Mr. Big by all his men and enemies alike, he wanted to know what me and my boys are doing in the bathroom with the door locked ,so I showed him the little underage white girl that we’re all fucking, and his eyes opened up in complete delightment and joy ,”Oh !! I see ! Is there room for your old uncle”!?? He asked.

I looked at Britney who’s not aware of my black, big and fat, ugly uncle Mr. Big, as she’s pushing her hips back onto Calvin’s dick while he’s fucking her.

I looked back at my uncle and nodded my head yes, as I heard Calvin moan out that he’s cumming at the same time Britney’s also squealing out ,”Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”!!!!!!! “Ohhhhh my”!!!!!!

Leroy went to take Cavins place, but I stopped him and motioned to my uncle to come in, who has now joined us in the bathroom. I relocked the bathroom door, keeping the young white girl Britney all for ourselves.

My old black uncle pulls down his pants revealing his enormous thick 12-inch black dick .I moved up to Britney and lifted her up and placed her white pouty ass inside the sink bowl, positioning her ass so she sits in the sink bowl with her pussy facing towards us, and trapping her, as both of her black nylon stocking covered legs and her 5-inch stilettos are freely dangling up off the floor.

My old black uncle Mr. Big is stroking his fully erect thick 12-inch monster cock and is walking towards Britney, her eyes opened wide in fear at the sight of his monster cock and quickly attempted to shimmy and struggle out of the sink bowl and screaming out ,”OH GOD GET AWAY FROM ME WITH


Calvin and Leroy moved to either side of the sink and held both of her black nylon stocking covered legs with her heels spread apart, while my uncle laughs as his black monster meat stick is getting even bigger, while Britney is even kicking and struggling more wildly than I expected as she kept screaming out , “NO ! NO ! GET THAT FUCKING THING AWAY FROM MY PUSSY YOU BLACK


“Hold this white bitch still and gag her”!!!! I commanded my homies .Leroy pulled out a ball gag out f his jacket pocket and placed it tightly over Britney’s head and made sure that the red ball with the breathing hole was secured correctly into her mouth and the only sounds from Britney was ,

“MMMmmmmmmphhh !!!!!!! “MMmmmmmmmmmphhhhh !!!!!!!! Mmmmmmmmmpppphhh”!!!!!!!!!!

We held her legs securely apart while my uncle took his time looking at Britney’s pussy as he’s gently pushing his thick black fingers in and out to gently to test out her pussy.

Mr. Big lines up his 12-inch dick in between Britney’s black, nylon stocking legs as he lightly presses his dick in and out, while his black cockhead is severely stretching out the beginning of her wet cum soaked pussy lips as Britney watched in terror, then her eyes rolled into the back of her head from the pain.

Without any warning from the old black guy, he pushed his dick halfway inside her, stretching her pussy apart as she loudly screams out in pain through the ball gag ,”MMMMMMMPHHH !!!!!!!”

I swear even with the ball gag securely strapped tight around her mouth, the whole nightclub heard her, even with the loud music being played just outside the bathroom door.

Hold this white bitch still, commands Mr. Big as Leroy quickly places each of Britney’s black nylon stocking covered leg between each sink as he thrusts his dick in her mouth.

Britney’s eyes lit up in fear as Mr. Big thrusted his dick deeper inside her pussy again.

“God damn man !!!!!! Boy do I like young white tight pussy”!!!!!!!!!!! Mr. Big John groans out.

I smiled at my uncle urging him on to keep fucking Britney, while Calvin and I held onto her sexy black nylon stocking legs and spread them even wider apart to the point Britney was in great discomfort and totally trapped while the old black man grabbed her hips through her hiked up red skirt and starts rutting into her like a wild Feral dog.

“Unngh !!!!! Unnggh !!!!! Unnngghh !!!!! Take that you little white cunt ! fucking white whorish bitch”!!!!!

screamed out Mr. Big !! in between his powerful thrusts, while Britney squealed and yelped through the small breathing hole inside the red ball , “Mmmmmmmmohhhhh”!!!!!! “MMmmmmmmphhh”!!!!!!!

“MMmmmmoohhhhhhh”!!!!!!!!!!!! “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmpphhhh”!!!!!! “Mmmmohhhhhph”!!!!!!!

As he’s really banging her hard, her black nylon stocking covered legs and heels are rocking up and down really fast with every thrust that he rams into her pussy, while Leroy and Calvin try desperately to hold and keep her legs still and separated apart .

He quickly picked up his pace and before we knew it, his thick, huge monster, 12-inch black dick exploded deep inside of our little 17-year-old underage white whore.

Britney’s pussy spasms and quivers uncontrollably, as he completely fills up her womb and tears fall down her face. Causing her make-up also to run down her face, leaving black streaks down both of her cheeks. While the old black gangster held his big, black, dick, deep inside her, pushing her white soft and supple ass further into the bathroom sink.

Before long he pulled his huge black dick out of little Britney’s pussy, with a loud audible suction and plopping sound from the tight seal that his wide dick caused. While all his and his homies and Britney’s cum, leak and spurt out down her ass crack and all around her bare pussy and the tops of her black stockings.

Old big John said ,”Thank-you boys for a wonderful night and stop by my place tomorrow and I’ll give you boys some excellent hooch to show my appreciation and thanks again”!!

He wiped his black dick on her black nylon stocking covered legs as he leaned over and removed the ball gag strap off her head and gave Britney a sloppy kiss on her forehead and laughed out loud as he left.

Leroy wasn’t finished yet with Britney, as he moved towards her now completely stretched out wide gaped pussy, “Finally !!! now she’s all mine”!!!!!! He mutters before completely filling her pussy with his thick, black 8-nch dick, as Britney moans and squeals out, “Ohhhhhhh !!!!! god not again”!!!!! “Ohhhh”!!!!!

Calvin and I reluctantly put our clothes back on as we both heard and saw Leroy rutting Britney like she was a little fawn while she screams and squeals out in pain, “Oh god ! please stop your fucking me”!!

“Ohhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhh !!!!! god !!!!! my pussy is so swollen and gaped”!!!! “Ohh !!!!! fuck”!!!

I was just ready to leave the two love birds alone when I saw Leroy has his thick black finger up under the bathroom sink, and into Britney’s white virgin ass.

Oh man ! I laughed when I saw that ! Britney has no idea what’s instore for her with My homie Leroy.

“Go for her ass Leroy”!! Leroy has always been the odd one, and he was the most vicious guy in our gang when it comes to fucking beautiful woman and young girls regardless of their race. It’s like he’s making them pay for their beauty and for him being a lowlife criminal thug.

“I’ll help you out buddy”!! Calvin told Leroy as Leroy slows down his thrust fucking on Britney, as he pulls out of her. Britney looked relieved, but not until he pulls her off the sink and places her hands on the sink again and with her sexy white ass facing outwards.

Britney has the look of fear in her eyes while Leroy begins to finger fuck her asshole with his thick black finger, she quickly lifted up her hands from the sink to try and stop him, but Calvin and I moved in quickly to hold her back down.

We ended up holding her upper half of her body, including her upper back, shoulders, and hands as she struggles.


“I’m going to enjoy fucking and popping your pretty white ass cherry !! you fucking white whore”!!!!

Leroy angerly hissed into her ear as he roughly bends Britney over, while her 5-inch heels, enhanced her sexy, black, nylon stocking covered legs, and also boosted up her ass, just right for his dick to enter into her ass. He’s now lining up his warm, thick, black 8-inch dick against her virgin asshole.

Leroy pushes his dick in slightly into Britney’s ass until he felt resistance, he then took his dick out and shoved it all the way into her wet slick pussy, soaking up her wet moistness before pulling out and jamming it back into the entrance of her white virgin ass again.

He kept on repeating this motion a few more times, lubing up her asshole with her own pussy juices and all the black guy’s sperm that’s still seeping out of her as Calvin and I held her down, while she moaned and yelped out ,”OOhhhhhhhhhh !!!!! “Ohhhhhh !!!! please no !!! no !!!! no !!!!! don’t do this”!!!!??

Britney kept on struggling with us, but us two black guys were way too strong for her. While she was crying, knowing what’s about to happen to her little white puckered asshole, as Leroy slides his black dick into her worn swollen and gaped pussy one more time before lining up his fully erect 8-inch dick against her asshole.

“Fuck that white bitch’s ass hard”!!!! I told Leroy.

He covered her mouth with one hand, and he grabbed and held onto her red skirt covered waist with his other hand, and rammed his black dick straight into her virgin asshole, as his black balls thrusted against her pussy and Britney’s eyes are wide open in fear.

“This is what you get for having a fake I.D. and drinking underage, and being a white whore, fuck slut.

If Britney’s mouth wasn’t covered everyone in the nightclub would’ve heard her scream in intense pain even with the loud rap music playing.

Leroy continues fucking and ramming into her ass again and again and again, while he’s laughing as he’s doing it. After a while, I let go of Britney’s shapely, black, nylon stocking legs, while Calvin does the same.

Leroy at this point is using Britney’s body however he wants now, and he’s now slapping her face and twisting her erect nipples and also pulling her back towards him with every hard thrusting fuck.

“You’re a fucking white trash whore Britney, and now I have my big, black, thick, 8-inch dick, buried deep inside your white ass, and your all mine now”!!!

As Leroy grunts and his body bucks hard, his dick exploded deep inside Britney’s bowels, while all she could do at this point was whimper, “Ohhhhhhh !!!!!!!! nooo !!!!!! nooo !!!!! Ohhhh !!!!! god nooo”!!!!!!!!

“Fuck yeah bitch”!!! Leroy yells out in triumph as he collapses on top of Britney, pinning her against the sink. After a few minutes he pulled his black dick out of her ass that made a plopping wettish suction sound as all of his African sperm spurted and leaked out of her now severely wide gaped asshole.

He dressed himself quickly and as he leaves he slaps Britney on her ass, as she yelps out,”Ohhhhh”!!!!!

Then he whispers in her ear, “See you soon my white little fuck slut and I’ll be sending you more hung black brothers for you”!!!! While Leroy walks out and Britney is still bent over the sink as both her asshole and pussy are widely gaped, wishing that she never came to this black nightclub with a fake I.D. !


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    Don’t you know to watch for trains when you cross the tracks . . You got in a wreck with the soul train.

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    I like it Britney, although it’s not necessarily my type of story with the rape theam but I always love your descriptions of the action that is happening when a monster cock or multiple cocks are stretching your pussy and ass. That always gets my cock hard as a rock and busting huge loads. Your friend and horny daddy Dave.

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Thank you slim ! but as I said before some of my stories are not written for your liken !! but other peoples ! your friend and horny Britney (THE QUEEN OF SPADES)

    • Slim56 ID:1e32x0bcb75j

      Very true hun very true and I know you also write for others. Most importantly you write for yourself. You and Courtney are the best writers in my opinion on this site and I am a big fan and always will be and I will continue to support and love your stories no matter what. You just do what you do best. Your always horny daddy Dave

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    Oh Britney I love your black cock rape stories and this one was so fucking hot, my cock is sore from jerking off so many times!! Your description of being raped and sodamized by 4 monster cocks was one of the best I’ve read and when Leroy emptied his balls into your ass I shot a massive load!! To say I loved this story would be a massive understatement!!! It was FUCKING GREAT!!! You are my Queen of Spades and I love you !! Your # 1 fan big hard horny Johnny

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Oh Johnny !! I loved Mr. Big John !! I wrote this with you in mind honey and your queen of spades loves and misses you to and glad you liked it !! love Britney

    • Big bad John ID:1fuvflep499

      I bet your panties were wet when you wrote this. You are one horny black cock loving slut and it shows in your stories. Thank you for making me a character in so many of your stories. I love the thought of filling your pussy and ass with my thick cock with you dressed in your sexy lingerie and wearing your heels. It gives me an instant hardon, Just wish you were with me to take care of it with one of your special blow jobs!! Love Johnny

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      I’m working on another one for you Shawn !! That’s your next name in my story . Britney

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      Love the story as always! I just posted part 2 of my story today, it should be available in a few hours. I hope you, John and Dave enjoy it as much as part 1!

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    it was hot till she liked it but y’all think it be sexy to rape ew id rather fuck a chick that likes it

  • Reply HistBuff ID:cxtp0kz6ij

    Lovely text. I thought I was the only one who used lots of expressions of sounds such as “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHH!!” “Mmmmmmmmmmmmhh!”

    That’s one of the main reason I left LushStories; they have very strict rules about so many things it amounts to micromanaging. For example, I could write “Ooohh!” but not “OOooh!” because they don’t want more than the the three same letters in a row, saying it makes the text less readable (Wtf). They also have a host of rules about political correctness; for example, I got basically yelled at by a moderator because I used the expression “colored man” in a story set in 1946. I like to use language as accurate as possible (this is why you won’t see any mention of a dick in my stories set before 1975).

    Have a great day, Britney!

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Thank you HistBuff !! I try to show emotions in all my stories !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Britney

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