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When my dad found out

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When I was 17 I had my first gangbang with my dads buddies. Then he found out….

My dad has suspected something going on between his buddies and I. I had made a habit of hanging out with his buddy Steve I was sleeping with.
He wanted to make sure. He had purposely planned that he wasn’t going to make it to a big meet up with his 4 friends. So he called Steve and asked if he could drop me off while he was out if town. So he never said anything to me but he only said Steve agreed to have you over while I’m gone out of town. I smiled and said ok that’s fine with me.
I should mention that I live with my dad. Mum had left years ago. Never heard from her.

So we arrived and I went in. Dad left. Steve said that’s odd he normally makes plans to go out of town when we aren’t all meeting up. I agreed. And said im sure he has his reasons. Then zaiden walks passed me and slaps me on the ass and says I hope that’s ready for my cock. I giggled alittle and Steve and I started kissing for a bit before we joined the others in the lounge room. We then walked in. The boys weren’t there they all went to the bedroom and were all naked waiting by the bed. As i walked in. They stripped my clothes off and I began sucking the closest cock to me and the boys were feeling me up and fingering my holes and feeling my tits. Zaiden got behind me and started fucking my ass. And said yes it’s ready. The other 2 were standing by the bed while I sucked both cocks. In turns. Back n fourth. Steve was laying under me sucking and lickung my boobs. Zaiden fucked me harder and harder. Then he blew inside my hole. Then one of the others got behind me and entered my ass too. Then I said oh it’s anal sex night is it? They all giggled and said yes. We are giving your pussy a break.
So this man did the same. Fucked me as hard as he could and blew inside. And so did the next man. He took way longer. He just kept going. Then when he was done Steve got behind me and fucked me. The other 3 were just watching and commented and ofcourse zaiden had funny commentary remarks. Steve finally blew inside me. And I just laid there on the bed. The boys got up and got ready to leave. And I fell asleep. Steve woke me up and said quick your dads coming to pick you up. So I rushed and got up and got my clothes on and my dad had arrived we went home he said he wanted to talk to me. I said yes ok. We sat on the couch. And he asked me if I had fun tonight. I said we had a good time. Had a drink. Talked. Bit of joking around. He said was this joking around too? He took out his phone and showed me some photos. It was me sucking and being fucked by the others. He took the photos through the bedroom window from about 5 metres away. I I didn’t know what to say. He just got up and went to bed. I just sat there for about 10 minutes just thinking and my mind was just blank.
I got up and took a long shower. Went to my room and laid there. I couldn’t sleep. I got up to go and see if I can apologise to my dad. Even though it won’t change anything. I went to his room and he was jerking off and he was looking at his phone. And he saw me standing there. And he quickly dropped the phone. And he put the sheet over him to cover it up. I went over and picked up his phone and he said please don’t. I said no I want to see. It was the photos of me and his friends.
Then I stripped down and said dad please finish it off. He started wanking again. He Got hard. Instantly.
Then I started feeling his balls and cradled them while he pulled his penis. It was a big penis. Maybe as big as Zaidens. And zaidens is bigger than all the other men.
I could easily say its 8 inches and thick.
My dad then blew his load. And wiped it off with a towel. Then I laid next to him and we cuddled. I then apologised. He said its ok. Then he told me. In a weird way he was really turned on seeing his daughter being fucked by multiple men.
We then spooned and fell asleep. In the morning we didn’t mention anything. It was like a normal day.
That night I spent the night in his room again and we just cuddled and fell asleep. Like lovers.
I continued seeing his buddies and my dad didn’t tell them that he knows.

Keep an eye out for the next part.

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