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When my dad found out #2

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When I was 17 I had my first gangbang with my dads buddies. Then he found out…. What happened next. This countinues

After my dad found out about me sleeping with his 4 buddies. And me helping him cum looking at me in the nude. And a few nights of spending the night with my dad just cuddling and spooning and falling asleep together. I been hanging to taste my dads cock. It was big. I couldn’t stop thinking about it.
So one night I decided I’d act like I’ve fallen asleep earlier in his arms. His cock was pressed up against my bum. I then turn over to face him and my hand landed on his cock. He still thought I was asleep. He started feeling my breasts. Kissed me.on the forehead. I started jerking his cock. Felt big in my hand. He started to moan. Then I opened my eyes. He was looking at my lips while he was caressing my boobs. He gave me a kiss on the lips. We started kissing deeply. Then I climbed ontop of Him and he held me tightly in his arms while we kissed. His cock was sliding up and down between my thighs. He kept teasing and teasing.
I wanted him inside me. I whispered in his ear. I want you inside me dad.
He then replied. If I do. It won’t be passionate. It will be hard and rough.
I told him I was ready. Which I wasn’t. But I didn’t care I was so wet.
He then rolled over. I was facing up. He had me in a choke hold. He kissed me deeply. While he fingered my pussy. He then slid his hard cock into my pussy. Felt big. I could feel him stretching my insides. He was pushing in and out with the speed of a heart beating. Then he went faster and harder. His thighs were slapping my butt cheeks with every thrust. I was sore by then . He kept fucking me. Tell He was about to cum. He pulled out and pulled his cock and blew his cum over my stomach. He dropped to the side. And we just laid there and fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning. He was hard. Was still asleep. I started feeling my dads cock. I wanted to taste his shaft inside my mouth. I started licking the knob. I pushed my mouth over his cock and started sucking him. He woke up with a smile. I sucked him for a bout 5 minutes and he blew into my mouth. I swallowed my dads hot cum.
Then we got out of bed and we showered together. He fucked me in the shower. He lifted me onto his cock. I had my legs stradled around his waist. He had me against the wall. He fucked me for a few minutes and pulled out and slid hid cock between my buttcheeks and grinded till he blew his load. We cleaned up. Dried ourselves and I went to bed for a little more sleep.
We fucked multiple times more. And he said to me one day that he was going to fuck my ass.
That night he was out. When my dad came home he picked me up and took me to his bedroom threw me onto the bed. Stripped my clothes off and bent me over his bed and rimmed my ass and fingered my pussy. I was moaning with pleasure. He then got some lube. Squirt it all over my ass and rubbed it in. And jerked his cock with lube in his palm. And he slid his cock into my anus. Stretched me right out. He pushed a the way in. Then he started fucking me. His balls were slapping my pussy with every thrust. He was deep inside my hole. He then went faster and faster till he blew inside me. He then held it inside me while he took a few big breaths. He pulled out. And we laid there and fell asleep.
We always had sex. I still slept with Steve and the the other men regularly. My dad still never told them he knows. Neither did I.

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    Yeah that’s it fuck your beautiful white daughters . And let us pervs cum on her while you fuck her

  • Reply Sick Littles only ID:1dq1arvc6owp

    Beautiful 😍 🤩