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When I was 15 I fucked an 11 year old girl part 2

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What I did was so so wrong… but so good and so hot..

Like I said up until this point in life I only had sex once and that was 6 months ago. The girl I lost my virginity too was super drunk, but so was I. She wanted my dick that night of the party but after we fucked and she sobered up she started crying regretting it all. Some dumb kid who liked her found out getting super jealous and started spreading rumors I raped her.. maybe in the eyes of the law she couldn’t legally consent but she’s the one who asked me to go upstairs and be alone. Anyways word spread and I had a reputation now. It was exceedingly hard to find girls to date/have sex with and I was starved of affection. I only ever pursued girls my age or older and in high school but.. after that insane involuntary ass job I got from Marie Ann, my 11 year old friend, it started making me feel things I shouldn’t feel, or things nobody should feel.. I felt like I wanted to fuck Marie Ann now. It was so fucking nice having her rub her 11 year old ass in undies up on my dick, her soft cheeks stroking and grinding on me. I started looking at Marie Ann a completely different way after. I’d look and stare at her visualizing what it would be like to fuck her. To be honest I just wanted to put my dick in a girls pussy so bad I stopped caring who or how old they were.. as long as it was a girl.

The next morning we had a little break in the storm, it’d be coming back but for now it was nice and calm. Marie Ann woke up and felt her shirt was glued to her back, it was from all the cum I shot out on it and dried overnight. She couldn’t take her shirt off without it hurting and asked me for my help. Sureeee id love to help remove articles of clothing on this beautiful 11 year old girl. I walked up to her and grabbed the bottom of her shirt and yanked it off in one swoop. Marie Ann was still only in her underwear and when I got her shirt off I saw her amazing body. As strange as it may be I never saw her showing this much skin before since she was much younger and I had no attraction to her then.. but now things were different, and when I looked at her body it made me want her so much more. She examined her shirt and saw my cum and asked what it was. I told her it was probly some syrup or something that got on her and she didn’t realize. She’s super naive so she bought it. She’d go on to shower herself and wash up and get clean. I’ll be dirtying her up later anyways.

We just hung out through the day, as it was nice out we rode our bikes around the neighborhood, went to McDonald’s for some ice cream and just had fun being kids. We were out on our bikes for a while and then it started looking like the storm was about to act up. We raced home as it started raining and by the time we got back to my house we were soaking wet. We rushed inside and went to our rooms to get into some dry clothes. I just had on some shorts and t shirt and Marie Ann was wearing a robe… only a robe.. nothing underneath. We went to chill on my couch and watch tv. And then the thunder started again.. she got scared and clung to me. If I was to ever fuck her, now would be the time. I laid down on the couch and had her lay down in front of me. We were back in the spoon position, just what I wanted. I wanted her ass up against my dick again.. it was so fucking good.

However with the robe she had on the sensation wasn’t as good. Instead of feeling her nearly bare ass cheeks on my cock it was a cotton robe, I could feel a very slight squish from her ass. Fast forward a little and the storms raging again. Come to find out later it was some big tropical storm near us sending us storms. She was getting really scared and I tried to comfort her. I wrapped my arm around her and brought her close to me. I was ever so slightly thrusting my dick into her ass, a sort of dry humping motion. Didn’t take long for my dick to get hard and then I got super horny. I wasn’t thinking logically as it’s illogical for someone my age to be doing this to an 11 year old girl. And then it hit me like a train, I knew what I needed to do to fuck her. I told her I’d be right back and ran to my room. I took off my shorts shirt and boxers and put on my own robe. Just my robe, nothing underneath just like Marie Ann. And while I was away a loud thunder struck and my power went out. Perfect!!

Marie Ann started screaming and crying begging me to come back to her. I hop, skipped and ran to her in a flash. She was visibly distraught and crying, completely terrified of being in the darkness especially with a storm. I told her “shhh, shhhh it’s gonna be okay, shhhh” and then I made a bold move. Instead of laying down behind her like I was I pushed her down on the couch flat on her back and climbed on top of her. I dug my hands in between her legs and separated them. This was the first time I was able to touch her silky smooth legs. I made sure to do it slowly too to savor the flavor. I reached down and touched each of her inner thighs with the inside of my hands and as I was moving them apart my dick started throbbing. After I spread her legs I laid on top of her. I slid my arms under her shoulders and gripped them as I laid on top of her in between her legs. As I laid on her 11 year old body I said “it’s okay shhhhh, I’m gonna protect you and keep you safe” she didn’t seem to mind me being on her like this.

I had my whole weight on her, chest to chest and tummy to tummy. I could feel her sexy legs on the sides of my hips, they were warm and smooth. I started rocking back and forth over her constantly saying “shhh, shhh it’s okay” as if she’s a baby. My dick was hard as fuck right now, I haven’t been in between the legs of a girl for quite some time and forgot how good and comfy it is. Powers still out and the storms still raging and with Marie Ann distracted from it all I opened up my robe a little bit freeing my dick, I reached down and slid her own robe open a bit and then I felt my dick flop on her belly.. I grinded a little bit rubbing my dick over her soft tummy and then scooted down just a little and I felt my dick rubbing against her in between her legs. Swaying back and forth over her my dick kept rubbing against her pussy, I was just waiting for her to react or say something but she was too prettified of everything.

I kept moving my hips, poking and rubbing my dick against her pussy and then.. I could start to feel a warm wetness on the tip of my dick. Marie Ann still said or did nothing except cry and shake. I had a moment of “what am I doing right now, I’m 15 and this girl is only 11 years old!” But then with one thrust forward I felt my tip enter her pussy just the slightest bit. It was that moment I decided I had to go through with this. With the very tip of my dick inside the very outermost entrance of her pussy I started pushing forward more. Marie Ann may have only been 11 years old but man was her pussy wet as fuck. I pushed in a little more and had maybe an inch in her, i pulled out just a little bit and pushed back in and broke her hymen, right as I did that I felt her hands grip hard on the back of my robe, I couldn’t tell if she was crying from being so scared or that I had my dick in her and broke through her hymen, but she wasn’t saying anything.

I should note that when I was 15 I kind of had a small dick, right now mine is around 6.5 inches but then it was probly around 4-4.5. I grew a lot in my junior and senior school year. So now I had about 2-3 inches of my dick in her and started thrusting into her more. This was amazing, I never had my actual dick in a girl before, the only sex I had I was using a condom, I mean that felt good but Marie Ann’s pussy raw was on a completely different level. Her pussy was insanelyyyyy tight and wet. I’m glad I jerked off like 3 times today otherwise I’d have cum pretty much instantly. So I’m on top of Marie Ann with my arms wrapped around her shoulders and I’m fucking her baby pussy. I’m doing somewhat slow thrusts in her and then I feel her arms wrap around my neck and back. Marie Ann is moaning as I fuck her. She didn’t speak a word, just a bunch of “ahs”.

As I’m fucking this 11 year old girl I can feel her tiny legs on my side as I thrust into her. A minute of fucking her she’s still moaning and I felt her lift her legs up and rest her small bare feet on my ass. Her feet were ice cold and shocked me for a second. As I said I was around 5’10 then and she was near 4’6 so as I was fucking her I towered over her small body. My chest was over her head, and there I was plowing away at this crazy tight hairless pussy. I’d like to say I fucked her for a long time but seeing as I wasn’t wearing a condom and this was the second time I was having sex I knew I wouldn’t last long. I was fucking her for maybe 4-5 minutes and it was amazing, her pussy was way better than the older girl I fucked by leaps and bounds. Since I started fucking Marie Ann her screams of terror had washed away and in place she was moaning loudly, and then her moans got even louder and felt the heels of her feet dig hard into my ass and I felt her pussy get even tighter! I think little Marie Ann just came on my dick. Speaking of cum I started thinking of what do I do when I need to cum. I came inside the condom the first time and made no mess. I knew about the pullout method but then I’d cum all over my couch and possibly leave a stain . As time went on and felt I was gonna cum it seemed like I only had one option. Cum inside this 11 year old girl, she couldn’t get pregnant anyways.

I fucked her tiny pussy for a few more minutes, and before I came I took my arms out of her shoulders and gripped onto her little head and started fucking her faster and faster. Each thrust into her I completely rocked her body back and forth, she was probly 80-90 pounds. And right when I was close, I slowed my thrusts down, leaned into her body and started cumming inside her pussy. Holyyyyy shit I was cumming a lot and fuckkk that felt so fucking good, wayyyy better than when I came inside the condom in the older girl. Did it just feel better cuz I was fucking a girl without a condom? Or was it cuz I was fucking an 11 year old girl without a condom and came inside her teenie weenie pussy.

After I came I didn’t know what to do.. so I slowly pulled out and got off her and sat beside her and hesitated to look at her, I knew I’d have to eventually so I looked over at her still laying down with her legs spread in the air and in the moonlight I saw her pussy, it was sooo small and I saw my cum everywhere, it was pooling out and ran down her legs into her asshole.. and of course a bunch got on the couch which I didn’t want. Marie Ann’s eyes were closed and had on a look of contentment on, she opened her eyes, looked over at me and smiled.

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  • Reply dok ID:2zius5nqra

    Well writen

  • Reply James230 ID:1cmgch3tfpeb

    Keep holding on to your dicks guys part 3 will cum soon. Being held up by real life stuff and will get to it when I can, but to give you a little snippet of part 3..

    Marie Ann confesses her love to me and told me she’s wanted my dick in her small pussy for a while and you better believe she’s gonna get all I can give her.

  • Reply Noone ID:1de15q4cpumt

    More please

  • Reply Bob ID:1dt2wzqeekjx

    So fucking good!!! I hope you continue this hot memory and submit more parts for me to masturbate to!!! How many years did you enjoy her young pussy? Did she suck you too? Did you eat her out and taste the combined juices of your cum and her sweet pussy??

    I thought that you might lick up your cum as it was leaking out of her cunt, to keep it from getting on the sofa. Don’t you wish you had, as you think back??

    Please email me when you post more in this wonderful series. Thanks.

    Love, sucks and fucks,

    [email protected]


  • Reply Gonzo ID:7mkmumjj42

    What a beautiful story. My own daughter was my bait as she had many girls sleepovers. Sometimes as many as 5 but mostly 3. My daughter help me take every one of their virginity’s one by one. My daughter knew a lot of girls in school so I had a never ending supply of tight bald pussy. She knew I loved her like no other so she was happy I was able to help her friend out. I was known as the cool daddy from then on. To this day some of those girls are grown with girls of of their own at the age they were and I have had 5 or 6 bring me their daughters to show them what real love and sex is all about. I am getting older now and I sure hope I can continue as long as I can. No teen or preteen seeking cock should ever go without. It is their natural human born right to pleasure.

    • 🤬Hank ID:1ejfqxu4qzau

      What a bunch of bullshit . You was never the cool dad . Fucking a bunch of little girls then there own daughters for you to fuck. Why do all you child molesters have this big warped thing about very young girls enjoy you freaks when you rape them . Holding them down while they srcream and crying while you force yourself own them . It’s clear your hurting them .they was not willing to be fucked . You act like you are some kind of guru where little girls come to get a nice gift to have you show them in a loving why first fuck. That shit is you justifying rape . I would love find and beat you with a baseball bat ever sick fuck baby rape creepy man who tries to make this horrific shit sound normal .

  • Reply akroho ID:7xsdkeqk

    I fucked plenty of 10 and 11 year olds when I was 14 and 15. My little sister would bring them around for me. She would teach them how to sit on me and take my cock in their pussy at their own pace. I loved taking their virginitys.

    • Candy ID:1csuijuv4h81

      So hot

    • [email protected] ID:8m0itujfid

      In your dreams.

  • Reply Yng lover ID:cor6b75hl

    Tell us more plz

  • Reply A. ID:1cn4gpacmfxw

    Be sure to breed her when you can