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When I was 10, Daddy Kidnapped Me So, He Could Fuck Me

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When I was about 7, I woke up one night with daddy standing by my bed stroking his dick. When he saw me he walked out of my bedroom. I started to turn over when, I realized my panties were down below my knees and my nighty was pushed up.

I don’t recall any more of these episodes an I never told anybody about it. I never mentioned it to daddy either. When I was about 10, mommy had gone shopping with her sister so, it was just daddy an I. It was so hot, an I had been outside running and playing with my friends. I came in an I was sweating. Daddy said, “You need to go take a shower to cool off and get clean.”

So, I did. I was in the shower and all of a sudden daddy got in with me. He had never done that before. I was surprised at how big his dick was. Plus, it was kinda sticking out. I was looking at it and daddy said, “Oh sorry honey, it gets hard when I’m naked.” I said, “Wow daddy, it’s big.” He said, “You can touch it if you like.” I thoughts a minute and put my hand on it. It jumped. Daddy said, “Ooh daddy likes it when you touch it.”

He said, “If you stroke it or put it in your mouth you’ll make stuff shoot out of it, it’s so cool.” I said, “Really?” He said, “Yeah, give it a try.” So, I put my hand on it. It was too big for my hand to go around so, I used both hands. Daddy said, “Here, do it like this, up and down.” So, I did. It got really hard and bigger.
Daddy said, “Oh wow, that’s perfect.” “Keep doing that and stick your tongue on the head an lick it like a lolly pop.”

He said, “It’s getting ready to shoot the stuff out.” “Lick the head.” I did what he said and all of a sudden
daddy pushed it in my mouth and the stuff shot out. I backed up and spit it out. Daddy apologized but, I wasn’t mad it just surprised me. Daddy said, “Let me soap you up.” He started washing me and acted like there was nothing wrong with what he did. And, he told me how good I made him feel.

Daddy was washing my pussy with his soapy hand. He was sliding his fingers on my little man in the boat. That’s what I used to call my clit when I was little. It felt so good. Nobody had touched me there before an it made my pussy tingle. I said, “Oh daddy that feels so good.” He said, “It does?” “Well, let daddy make you feel good.” He continued doing it and I got excited by the feeling.

I reached up to hold on to daddy while he did that and he handed his dick for me to hold on to. I was squeezing it and it was getting big and hard again. Daddy was touching me so gently but, it felt so good.
He said, “Your clit is getting hard baby.” I didn’t know what that meant but, I let him do it. My knees were weak.

Daddy was stroking his dick with my hand under his. He stuck one of his fingers in my pussy but, it hurt. So, he just kept rubbing. Daddy said, “Here baby, suck on my dick while I do this to you.” Then, he put it in my mouth. It was hard to get all of my mouth on it. He moaned and said, “Daddy loves your mouth baby.”

I was tingling so much I stepped away. I felt like I couldn’t take any more. So, daddy said, “We better get out of here before the water gets cold.” He rinsed us off and I stood on the mat while he dried me off sitting in the chair. I kept looking at his dick. It was still a little hard. I reached down and patted it. Daddy said, “Thank you for making it shoot earlier.”

Then he said, “Don’t tell anybody about this, it’s our secret, okay?” I said, “Okay daddy.”
I went to bed and later that night I woke up with daddy standing over me again stroking his dick close to my mouth. He said, “Daddy was wondering if you would let me put it in your mouth an you would suck on the head?” I didn’t know what to do so, I said, “I guess.”

He said, “Well sit up on the side of the bed.” I did that and he put just the head in my mouth. He said, “Now just rub your tongue around on it and suck it.” He was so hard and getting excited. All of a sudden, mommy opened the door. She yelled, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Daddy pulled his dick out of my mouth an immediately left the room.

Mommy said, “Are you okay, sweetheart?” I said, “Yeah, I’m okay.” She was hugging me then ask, “How many times has daddy done this to you?” I said, “Two times.” She hugged me again and told me to go back to sleep.

I wondered what was gonna happen because, mommy was very mad. I didn’t hear much of anything except mumbling. I finally fell asleep. The next morning daddy was gone. Mommy said, “He went fishing with his brother.” I don’t think that was true because, daddy didn’t come home.

Monday when I went to school daddy came to pick me up. It was at lunch time when he got me. I said, “How come you got me out early?” He said, “Were gonna take a little trip, just me an you.” Daddy took us to a hotel. We went inside and I said, “Why ain’t mommy coming?” He told me, “She wants us to have some daddy/daughter time together.”

I said, “What are we gonna do?” He said, “Anything you wanna do.” So, I was thinking. We ordered room service for supper an then daddy said, “Lets get ready for bed.” I didn’t have any clothes so he gave me one of his tee shirts to sleep in. He said, “We’ll go shopping tomorrow and get you a few things.”

We got in bed and he said, “Let’s try you sucking me again.” I said, “I don’t think mommy liked you doing that to me.” He said, “Well, she said she didn’t care as long as I was gentle with you.” So, I sat on the bed and daddy put the head if his dick in my mouth. I was sucking on it as best as I could. Daddy started getting bigger and harder.

I said, “Daddy, don’t shoot it in my mouth, okay?” He said, “Okay, I’ll pull out when it starts to shoot.” I could tell he was excited, he was breathing kinda fast. Daddy said, “Daddy’s gonna do something special to you later.” I wondered what it was. He said, “Suck me harder baby.” He was pushing it in an out of my mouth. He said, “Daddy loves his baby girl sucking his dick, I’m gonna shoot, it’s coming.”

Just then, he pulled it out of my mouth and shot it over my shoulder on the bed. I watched it squirt three or four strings of stuff. Daddy sighed then, sat down on the other bed. He said, “Come over here sweetie.” I jumped in the bed and laid down by daddy.

I said, “What are you gonna do that’s special, daddy.” He said, “Daddy’s gonna make love to you baby.”
I wasn’t sure what that meant but, I loved and trusted my daddy. A little later daddy said, “Take off your panties honey.” I did and he said, “I’m gonna play with your pussy and stretch your opening so, I can make love to you.” I thought okay. Daddy had some kind of oil or lotion he put on his hand and he started rubbing my little man in the boat.

He gave me that good feeling again and I was liking it a lot. But, then he stuck his fingers in my pussy and it hurt. I said, “Ow daddy, that hurts.” He said, “I’m gonna have to break your hymen so it won’t hurt.”
He said, “It’s gonna hurt while I push through your hymen but, then it won’t hurt anymore.”

Daddy spread my legs apart and I saw his dick was hard again. He told me, “Relax now and it’ll be over in a minute.” Daddy put two fingers at my pussy hole and started pushing them in. It hurt a lot. I tried to scoot away from his hand but, he kept pushing until he just popped through my hymen. I was crying and telling him it hurt. He put his two fingers in as far as he could.

He said, “It’s over now honey, things will be better now.” I stopped crying and he started sliding his fingers in an out slowly. It felt wet down there. He has fat fingers and they filled the space in my pussy. Then, he added another finger and that hurt. He wouldn’t stop but, after awhile it quit hurting.

Daddy said, “Touch daddy’s dick baby.” He said, “I can’t wait until I put my dick in your pussy.” He was breathing hard. He was excited. I said, “Daddy, your thing is too big for my pussy, it won’t go.” He said, “Oh yeah it’ll go, I’ll make it go.” “Daddy needs your little pussy baby.” That’s when I got kinda scared. It wasn’t gonna fit.

Daddy working his three fingers in an out of me trying to make it bigger. Then he said, “I think that’s enough.” He got on top of me and put my legs up on his shoulders spreading them apart. He oiled his dick and my pussy. Then, he tried to push it in me. It wouldn’t go. He kept trying and finally he got the head to go in.

He was so hard and big for my pussy. After the head got in he said, “Here it comes honey, daddy’s big dick is gonna fuck your pussy so good.” He’s sweating and he starts pushing into me. I’m grunting because it hurt. It was so tight. He said, “Man your pussy is tight.” He made it start sliding in an out a little. He pushed more of it in and then started fucking me.

He went slow and it was rubbing my little man in the boat. That felt like when daddy was playing with it.
It felt good. But, then he started fucking me hard and pushed too much of it in me. It was hurting. I said, “Daddy, it hurts, stop.” But, he didn’t. He kept fucking me making it hurt my insides. “Daddy, stop.” He didn’t. I was crying. He said, “You can take it baby, daddy needs to fuck your pussy, now hush.”

I was still crying and with each thrust of him into my little pussy it hurt more and more. Daddy was so excited and turned on. He tried to push all of his dick in me but he couldn’t. I screamed and he covered my mouth while he pounded me until he cum. He squirted his stuff deep inside my pussy. Then, he finally stopped. He rolled off of me. I was still sobbing.

He said, “It’s over, stop crying now.” But, I couldn’t. Daddy said, “I’m gonna be fucking you often, you need to get used to it.” A little while later he said, “You little pussy is the best pussy daddy’s ever had. He pulled off my tee shirt and sat me up on his belly.

He was leaning against the head board and he looked at my pussy. He said, “You have cum coming out of here.” Then, he took his two fingers and slid them inside. It burned an I said, “Daddy, that hurts.” He kept sliding in an out while rubbing my little man in the boat with his thumb. He said, “You need to cum baby girl then, you’ll want me to fuck you all the time.”

I didn’t want daddy doing what he was doing to me. But, I didn’t know how to tell him.
Daddy, was squeezing my butt when all of a sudden the door busted open and the cops were everywhere. I was naked and so was daddy. They put him in handcuffs and had their guns out. They ask me if I was alright? I said, “Yeah.” When I got up off the bed, I saw blood on the sheets. I guess that was my hymen.

A police woman put daddy’s tee shirt on me and took me to the car wrapped in a blanket. I never saw daddy again. They drove me to the police station where mommy was waiting for me. She was crying and told me daddy had kidnapped me and ran away with me. She had been scared to death.

They took me to the hospital and collected info and evidence. I was okay, just sore. Mom was so mad he broke my hymen.Part of me liked being with daddy. The only thing was the pain when he broke my hymen and when he put too much of his dick in me. But, it was exciting when he would make my little man in the boat hard.

Daddy had to go to jail. Mommy divorced him and put all his things in storage. I had to go to counseling.
I went back to my normal self. I thought about what daddy did to me often. I would have dreams about it too. I missed daddy. I hope he don’t blame me. I still loved my daddy.

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