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Wet 16 year old cunt

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Got to love your sisterinlaw and her gangbang plans

So l was 18 and single my sisterinlaw in introduces me to her friend. Shall we call her D. Biggest tits l had ever seen. Now D came accross prity conservative and put up a real fight till you got her wet then anything went. My sisterinlaw new me to be exceptionaly horney. She invites D and myself over one day my brother was at work. I get there and D is already there. After about 45min l convince D to go to the bedroom so we can make out and my sisterinlaw wants to walk in on us so she can watch. I get to work making D wet so l can fuck her infront of my sisterinlaw eventauly l got her naked and l am eating her cunt when my sistetinlaw walks in.At first D tries to cover up but all l want to do is fuck. Holding her hands with one hand l force my other hand onto her cunt and can feel shes really getting wet l tell my sisterinlaw to hold D’s hands and l force those legs appart and continue to eat her eventauly l feel that cunt getting really wet as she comes. Now l dont have to force those legs open. Holding my cock in one hand l plunge my cock into D and start pounding her with my sistetinlaw watching. Next thing l know l hear my brothers voice behind me saying those are awesome tits. I turn around to see he already has his huge banana shaped cock in his hand. Considering how wet D is l am talking flood gates open l pull out and do the rite thing a tell my brother that D’s cunt is all his at which point l stand to side ready to restrain D if necessary. Turns out l didn’t need to. My brother looks at his wife and says you better start sucking my brothers cock which she does. Moments later my sisterinlaw is naked bending over eating D’s cunt while my brother is still fucking D and l am pounding my sisterinlaw from behind. My brother and l swap cunts and finish D off with double vaginal penetrarion with us both cuming in her at the

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