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We played a game turned into intimate

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It is about the innocent girl next door I’m dyslexic so please bare with me please

I live alive for the past 3 months from my ex girlfriend and it is a story about how I fucked the next door girl who was so shy to me.

I always go out on for walk she sees me and her name is (Megan) and she is very beautiful skinny, virgin and has beautiful body medium sized boobs, brunette too and I wanted to introduce myself to her and told her I am her new neighbour and if you need anything for me to do just message me or call me or you can even walk in with out knocking.

After I went home after walking Megan saw me again and this time try to speak to me more as she was interested in my six pack muscular body but I know I am not that tall I am 5”11 tall she is 5”8 , and I was upstairs doing some naughty business.

Then she bent over the counter as I pressed her ass n spangled her ass then with some spanks and she never had that done before as I train her to become submissive slut.i grabbed her hair hard her neck facing up as her bare virgin naked ass out as I kept teasing her and she kept biting lips and smiling as she knew how good I really am.

I roughly ripped off her skirt off and her pants she was shocked but didn’t care as I made her so horny and wet I put my fingers in her mouth I said you will have to ask me to cum and you need my permission to cum understood?! She said yes sir!

Megan was the only girl in my house to be naked as I kept teasing and she could take it no more as I finger insert Megan’s pussy she starts to scream out of joy and she says I am so tight sir and your hand a so big please finger fuck me so good!

I soanked her ass and told her that her ass will be red and my handprint on that ass as I made Megan ass red and she didn’t care like most submissive sluts do.

She is so wet she want to cum but I told her to wait until you can’t controls no more then Megan will have to beg me like my cumslut she will be

I started fingering her ass she didn’t say anything because she has no control but she just screamed with bit of pain as she kept mentioning that it’s her first time and moaning so much and I wiped her ass with my belt and I have my bdsm stuff to fuck u with

She said that is her fantasy being used like that and her pussy will be bashed up and full of cum and I fuck Megan I took pictures so next time I can use it against her as I love blackmailing her.

I roughly put her on my knees as I told her to unzip my jeans which my dick was in that was going crazy and told Megan to take my Jean down, however I didn’t wear boxers so my 9.1 inch dick popped in Megan’s face she loved it and said sir you have the best big cock I have ever seen in my life !!

I said shut up and suck my dick bitch this is the time where I treat Megan like slave slut whore and training her up to become one as she keep calling me sir fuck me please and I told her to open her mouth and I insert my dick in Megan’s mouth as she tries to take it all in but her eyes water eyelashes coming down her face I ruined her makeup and I didn’t care about her makeup, she gagged and asked for more as I put my hand on her head she even started to chocke caughing.
Then my dick is wet with full sliver and her face full wattery and started to drip on her tits.

I pulled her hair threw her in doggy style and fucking her ass she starts to cry as my dick is inserting her pussy as she stakes cries and screams but I feel she wants to be trained to fuck her like this

Seriously as I was enjoying fucking her mother came and her mom was watching it turned her on as I was roughly fucking pounding screams and her hand went inside her pussy fingering herself,
She walk in Megan’s mom and said this is how I obey him and his dick Megan’s mom said I don’t care just fuck ne master. I slapped her face she squeaked as she couldn’t say anything and I pulled her hair said suck her tits

Then I started being rough pushed pants to side and started fucking Megan’s mom as she screamed and begged me to fuck get every day like this I said shut the fuck up bitch I do what I want and can even fuck ur best friends! They don’t have say to this now shut up and let me fuck you now!

I kept slapping whipping ass face tits ass pussy she starts to cum and begs me and though I said yes but I didn’t I started fucking Megan instead and I wiped ass face tits pussy all over.
I made Megan and her mom squirt but they said I couldn’t help myself from squirting as I wanted more and more I said ok bitches now let me punish you and I tied Megan’s mom up as she is so both like this tied up but that was her secret fantasy and her wish com true,
I didn’t care now but I was on rampage fucking and punishing them both told them to kiss each other tied up and I recorded every bit so I can blackmail them both to let me fuck them both ?

Shall I do part 3 let me know how was this shall I be more dom I am opens to comment please let me know

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  • Reply John ID:27m32ezr9

    Such a poorly written story, my penis didn’t get hard once reading it.

  • Reply A. ID:1cn4gpacmfxw

    Please stop. Your part 1 stunk to high heaven, this part was so unintelligibly written a kindergartner could have done better. Stop with the excuse of being dyslexic, as I’m dyslexic and know how to write

    • Gonzo ID:3tabfb9rk0b

      Agreed, A spell checker is also free.