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Watching my husband brutally rape a little girl

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During a little afternoon walk, my husband and I spotted a lost little girl who seemed to need some help.

My husband and I had a normal routine of walking around our local forest parks throughout the day. It was a way for us to spend some time together and even have a little fun sometimes. There have been multiple occasions he wants to fuck me in the open, which I of course let him do like a good wife.

We were having some fun again, when we heard some movement down the trail. We quickly got dressed and walked over to see what was happening. It was a little girl, looked to be around 11 who had dirty clothes on and overall looked lost. “Honey are you okay?” I asked slowly walking over. She started crying and walked over to us. I was about to hug her when my husband held me back.

I gave him a confused look, but he whispered in my ear, “We never got to finish, and she looks like an easy target.” I understood what he meant immediately and played along. “Honey follow us we can help you,” I said. My husband went first and lead us to a deep part of the forest where no one could find us.

“Here sit down, tell us whats wrong,” I told the little girl. She sat on the forest ground as we stood listening to her pathetic life story. She said her family had abandoned her here and she was only 10 and had no clue what to do.

“Oh you poor thing, here take off your clothes I think I see you bleeding,” I said. She was only 10 and so naive that she stripped as soon as I told her to. The thought that she didn’t know what my husband was going to do to her made my pussy even wetter.

I could tell my husband couldn’t wait any longer, so I started right away. As soon as she was stripped, I sat her down again, then held her hands behind her back, locking her in place. “Wait what are you doing? That hurts!” She cried out. “Shut up you little slut,” My husband yelled at her. “What 10 year old gets naked for a couple of strangers?” He said, humiliating her. “But-But I thought you guys would help me,” She whimpered.

My husband laughed and got his big cock out again, it was still hard and he was ready to start. “This might hurt a bit, trust me I would know,” I said laughing as my husband lined himself up with her little cunt. Wasting no time, he thrusted into her with all his might, I covered her mouth with my hand to muffle her scream as she was raped for the first time. “God this tight pussy is good,” My husband said as he kept up his hard, fast thrusts. I looked down and saw more and more blood on his cock each time he pulled out and brutally went back in.

The girl still was yelping out each thrusts but not so loud so I removed my hand. The noise of her pain made it even hotter for both my husband and I. I quickly pushed my pants down, and using her hands, I rubbed my cunt.

I guided her little fingers where to go, and with my finger on top of hers, I made her rub my clit. “You feel my pussy you little bitch? Do you like being raped? I bet you do,” I whispered in her ear. “Please stop please!” she begged. But that only encouraged my husband to go harder.

He grabbed both her little nipples and twisted them, using them like handles to go harder and harder inside her little cunt. I loved watching my husband be as happy and fulfilled as he raped this little girl.

We both came around the same time, he came deep inside, hopefully she had had her first period and would be stuck with his baby. He pulled out and I let the girl go, we both watched as she lay exhausted on the forest floor. “That was so good baby,” I whispered in his ear and kissed his cheek. He smiled at me and nodded. We were both still naked, just watching this pathetic little girl stay on the ground.

“I have to pee,” He said. He started walking off behind a tree, but I stopped him. “Don’t, I have a better idea,” I said. I led him back to the girl and forced her to be still and open her mouth. He understood and aimed his cock directly down her throat. I sat on the girls body to make sure she would have no option of moving.

He started to piss in her mouth as she choked on it. I laughed as she stared into my eyes begging to be let go. Once he was done, he cleaned his cock off with her hair, and I forcefully closed her mouth. “Swallow it or choke on it and die, your choice.” I said. She gulped it down with a disgusted look on her face. When she swallowed it all, I let go and my husband and I both got dressed.

“Well that was a nice walk,” He said as we held hands and walked away.

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  • Reply Dawg ID:1dash49woqmu

    Sex is nice, but rape like that is abhorrent!

  • Reply Ricky ID:1egzi95iptyi

    Wish I could find a trashy pedo wife like you. You should have taken her home with you instead. Imagine the fun you could have had keeping her for your perverted enjoyment

  • Reply Ren ID:41ery97d1

    True or not you need to go to counseling or hell, hell would be a better choice,where the exact same shit happens to you e very hour on the hour

  • Reply larry bowlden ID:13q1yv44ptg6

    Nicdly done. Sould have been evn longer. I love that iti s MF attack, I lik MfF scenarios.

  • Reply Mr Devil ID:4loyukoi9

    Children need to give consent. Consent goes both ways regardless of age. If you continue to rape children like this the government will never come to accept our ways. I urge you do not forcefully take advantage of these children. They are our future. Instead show them the joys of sex when it is consensual. Depravity tastes so much sweeter when it is uncontaminated with fear and terror.

    • OkiePoke ID:1cyit7azftmh

      That’s a good way to look at it. That story was hot as fuck though

  • Reply dude at work ID:b9lcskrekn3

    hot as hell. would have been amazing to end it with “we took her home to join the other’s”

  • Reply TARAS Daddy ID:2px1mhuf4hu

    So good had to read it twice. U mad it sound so real, that I thought it was. Made me HoTT and horny you should have took her home and fucked her up in her ass. And made her your fuck toy.. Mom and dad don’t care they abandoned her.

    • RawAnalonly ID:gnrr5kb0k

      def needs to be fucked up the ass!

  • Reply Sinner ID:1e2j1ykevges

    Damn love to have this kind of open relationship with my future husband

    • The devils tongue ID:1dbqkrbnj2g4

      [email protected], I would love to find a wife like you

  • Reply Deacon or lickalotapuss ID:1cyit7b0r3vh

    I wish my wife would have a mfm with me…

  • Reply Sick Littles only ID:1dq1arvc6owp

    Best wife abdominal amazing story ❤️ 😍

  • Reply Australia. [email protected] ID:1cn96ee27z4d

    You don’t know what you’re missing with the right person that can be so enjoyable as plenty in your area if you’re looking for them

  • Reply ak ID:hedpkf8ra

    are you paid ?

  • Reply Kendall ID:1d3g9xq2mg8f

    That’s my fantasies i want to find a woman or a man (im bi) and us to find young girl and a young boy for us to have are with

  • Reply David ID:fx7qyy6ij

    That’s me and my wife’s fantasy. She wants to watch me do to a little one what was done to her.

  • Reply Jess ID:1fjhfviq20c

    Wow that was amazing story. Is there part 2

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    So nasty, so dirty – mmmm!

    • TARAS Daddy ID:2px1mhuf4hu

      Hey buddy I don’t know if you got my last message. I found her on one of Jen’s, said she wasn’t coming back.

    • Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

      Yes I did, bro. That’s too bad. I wonder why?

  • Reply Knightstalker ID:1ah7429tk0j

    Fuck what a story added u on gchat