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Watching my husband brutally rape a little girl pt. 2

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My husband and I decide to keep the little slut for our own pleasure.

My husband, Jake, and I decided it would be best to take the little whore with us back home. We can use her every day now, like a little flesh light until she was no longer a fun toy.

She was kicking and screaming when we first opened the door to our house. Luckily we live a good distance away from our neighbors for them to not hear a thing. I slapped her a couple times and she fixed herself and finally calmed down.

“I’ll bath her babe if you just want to get the rest all set up,” I said with a wink. He nodded, kissed me, then walked to get our next little plan for the whore ready.

I dragged the whore to our bath and dumped her in. Since she was already naked I just turned on our water to hose her down. “Please don’t do this please!” She screamed. “I’ve had enough with your bull shit. Be a good little whore and you won’t get as hurt. Understood?” I told her. She nodded and started crying. I rolled my eyes and continued to clean her up.

I made her wash her own body and hair. When she was finally all cleaned up, I turned off the water and got her a towel to dry her off. Her little ass was so cute all naked. “Do-do I get clothes?” She asked shyly.

“No, whores don’t get clothes. Especially dirty little whores like you,” I spat. “Say you’re a whore, get it through your brain,” I told her.

She hesitated but finally whispered, “I am a whore.” I laughed and nodded. “Thats right.”

I took the towel from her when she was dried off and looked at her naked little body. I didn’t believe how lucky we were to get such a hot little 10 year old slut.

I couldn’t hold my self back and had to get a little taste of her before my husband started raping her again. “Sit up on the counter, back facing the wall,” I instructed her. Her skinny little body hopped up, her cunt was out on display. I held her legs apart and up so her cunt was more visible.

It was bare and swollen from the brutal rape my husband gave her. “God you have such a pretty little slit,” I told her. I reached down, starting to play with her. Rubbing her little clit and fucking her with my fingers. She started whimpering, trying to close her legs. “Don’t you dare close your fucking legs slut,” I said.

To teach her a lesson I slapped her little cunt as hard as I could. Her screams made my cunt even wetter. I slapped her over and over making sure to go harder and harder each time. Once her legs were shaking with pain I stopped. She was sobbing, snot running down her little face, tears all over her.

My husband walked in with a smile. “I love watching you abuse her babe,” he said kissing my neck.

“Are we ready?” I asked. He nodded and picked the girl up bringing her to our little set up.

Our german shepherd was waiting, and ropes were all set up.
He threw her down and started to tie the ropes to her arms and legs, forcing her into doggy position.

While he got her ready, I started rubbing our dogs cock. Since we have trained him to fuck me, he already knew what to do. He started whining with anticipation and his cock was fully out now. His knot was showing too.

We decided to not lube the girls cunt up to make it as painful as possible. When she was securely tied, I patted her butt as a signal for our dog to start. He hopped right up and I helped guide his big cock into her. The scream she let out when he entered was so loud is echoed in the house.

My husband and I watched, helping each other masturbate as our little slut was being raped by our dog. He thrusted quick and hard, we could hear his balls slapping against her.

He came in no time and knotted her. As most dogs do, he tried to pull out, but the knot was too big it stuck in her cunt. “Oh my god help! Help! It burns!!” She screamed. Our german shepherd kept pulling and pulling for the next 20 minutes until it finally came out.

He was pulling so hard the girl nearly got out of the ropes. Her skin was raw from the ropes rubbing against her. She had passed out from the pain. As our german shepherd laid down, we looked at her cunt, it was bloody and so swollen, we had to open her little cunt lips apart to see her hole. My husband came on her and so did I. I squirted on her stomach, covering her in our juices.

When we were done, we didn’t clean her up at all and my husband threw her into a dog cage we sometimes used for our dog.

It was small enough that she couldn’t move very well and we knew it would make her very uncomfortable when she woke up.

Together me and my husband went to bed happy to have a little slut to abuse.

Thanks for reading! Email me at [email protected]. Im looking for a future husband like this.

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    rape her tight ass!

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    Fucking nasty, fucking dark….fucking hot.

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    My ex and I picked up a 12yr old run away. We made her into a absolute mindless cum dump. She use to dress her up like a lil desperate for cock slut and then take her out to be used. I soooo want another partner that we can find another lil one and properly make her into fuck meat

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    Let a horse rip her to shreds

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    Even better than part 1

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    Yikes. Crude and nasty, even by the worst standards. Clean it up and take your overt abuse and rape elsewhere, please

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      spritely is right.

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    Dude. If you dont like it don’t read it… this is a great story and great fantasy. Wish I could find a women like this.

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      i wish i knew your adress so i could beet your fucking ass this site sucks and is full of a bunch of pedophile losers

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    You are genuinely a sick fucking bastard

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      its ok he will be an incarcerated Sick Bastard soon

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    Keep it going!!!
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