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Was I helping the homeless or just getting my rocks off Part 2

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In only 2 days the mother was in my bed making me a very happy man but in the morning I had 2 sets of preteen hands wrapped around my cock

Kara had me wanting more of the magic she can do with her body, and when I wasn’t thinking of her, I was thinking of her daughters and wanting them to join me in my bed again. Kara had been with me for a week and we seemed to be becoming a family. After Kara just made me cum from one of her fantastic blow jobs, she moved up resting her head on my chest and said ‘ John I feel very comfortable here with you, but I have to get a job cause I’m not going to live here sponging off of you. I’m not saying that you haven’t been great in more ways then one but, I was raised that you pull your own weight.’

I said ‘ So what kind of work are you thinking about? Cause I will hire you to just do what you have been doing around here, my place has never been this clean never.’ She got up on her elbow looking me in my eyes saying ‘I’m not sure but, I don’t want to go back to that bar, I hated working in that topless bar. The men in there looking at you like your a piece of meat and not a human being. Maybe I could get a job as a waitress in the restaurant down the road from here, they have a help wanted sign in the window.’ I wasn’t so sure I wanted her working in that place, maybe cause it was open 24 hours a day, but I said ‘ You know you don’t have to do that, but I do understanding you wanting too.’

The next morning once she got the kids off to school she walked down the road to The Happy Diner. I was in my office finding sale leads for a number of different companies when Kara walked in and in my ear said ‘I got the job, it’s only 3 days a week to start, but, it’s graveyard to start. I start tomorrow night. I’m so excited.’ I ended what I was doing and turned to her saying ‘ If it’s want you want to do but, I may have to move the girls into my bed to keep me warm. Who knows they may want to take over for you in my heart.’ Kara give me a weird look then said ‘ Be gentle with them John, I don’t want their hearts broken again.’

The next night just after these 2 beauties got ready for bed with their new mid thigh length nighties on, Kara said ‘ Girls tonight you have to do something for me, do you think you two can do that for me?’ They both nodded their heads as their mom went on saying ‘ Tonight I need you two to sleep with John and, keep him warm just like I do, and do what ever he says for you to do without question, OK?’ I had two blond haired preteens looking at me with huge smiles on their faces. Lisa then asked me ‘ Can we sleep on each side of you, please?’ I smiled as I nodded my head not wanting to say anything and giving away my thoughts going on in my head at the moment.

Kara had her outfit they had give to wear on and was getting ready to head for her new job when, I asked if she was taking my car? Kara stopped and turned to me saying ‘ John I can’t driver, no one has ever taught me how. ‘ I was in a bit of shock cause I didn’t even think that working where she had worked before that she couldn’t drive, so I said ‘ Hold on I will drive you there and, then come right back so the girls aren’t alone more than 15 minutes.’ On the way I told her to call and I would pick her up after her shift. I give her my cell phone showing her how to unlock it just before she walked in to go to work.

I raced home with 2 little blond haired girls dancing in my head. As I walk into my bedroom there’s two sets of blue eyes looking at me filled with mischief. I said ‘ You two should be asleep by now, it’s late.’ Lisa smiled and said with a bit of a laugh in her voice ‘ Mom said we should keep you happy when she’s working and not here. You know mom loves you don’t you?’ I wasn’t expecting to hear that from these two sexy little girls but, I know I did kind of loved their mom and in a way I either loved or lusted these two as well. I turned my head to look at these beauties and they threw the sheet that was covering them off, showing me they were both naked. ‘We been waiting for you.’ Kimmy said.

I faced them undressing with both girls drinking in my body as it become exposed. Once my pants hit the floor, I stood there with my hard cock tenting in my boxers. Lisa grabbed the wrist band lifting it over my cock as Kimmy said ‘ I don’t think it will fit Lisa. It’s to big for us.’ Lisa turned to her sister saying ‘ I’m going to try even if you don’t, mom loves what John does to her and I want to that too.’ As my boxers hit the floor. Lisa swung her legs over the edge of the bed bending over taking the head of my cock in her mouth sucking hard on me. Looking down knowing that a little 11 year old was giving me head had me right on the edge, I’m sure she was getting lots of precum in her sexy mouth. Kimmy came over cupping my balls as her sister gagged trying to take more of me in her mouth. I just had to stop Lisa before I filled her mouth with my cum.

I got on the bed lifting Kimmy up placing my tiny sweet pussy on my mouth as Lisa went back to work on my super hard cock. Kimmy give a moan as I pushed my tongue in her as deep as I could before finding her tiny clit. As I ate this little 10 year old out Lisa was pushing me over the top coming in her mouth, she gagged and pulled off before taking me back in her mouth once again as I filled her mouth with my cum. Once my balls had emptied of every drop Lisa lifted her head up to Kimmy’s as she said ‘ Kiss me Kimmy.’ Lisa’s hand come down Kimmy’s body feeling my tongue licking on her sisters tiny clit making her wiggle around on my face. Kimmy pulled back saying ‘ That’s salty Lisa, but it’s not to bad.’ As they kissed again and my finger found Kimmy’s little round rosebud ass. I pushed just a tiny bit in her ass as she give a huge moan and said ‘ Oh Lisa oh it’s, it’s, oh Lisa, Oh LISA, OH GOD!’ as Kimmy had her very first cum and fell against her sister. Lisa said ‘ My turn John my turn.’

We swapped places with Lisa now sitting on my face and Kimmy rubbing her pussy on my reharden cock. I ate Lisa just like I did her little sister as they held each other. When my finger pushed against Lisa she pushed back against it making it go in to the first knuckle. ‘ Kimmy I feel it, ya I like it Kimmy I like it. Oh John please, please harder John, John, John what’s happening aagghhhhh.’ As a gush of her sweet juice runs in my mouth.

The two girls held each other as Lisa’s breath returned. Kimmy was still sliding her now wet tiny pussy on my cock a little hard and quicker as she got more excited then, she slid to the tip pushing back with me going in a couple inches in her making her scream in pain as her hymen tore opening her to a new future. Lisa yelled ‘ Kimmy what’s wrong, are you ok?’ Kimmy just moaned ‘ It’s in me, and it hurts so much.’ Lisa got up off the bed going around looking at my hard cock inside her sister by maybe 2 or 3 inches. Lisa said ‘ Kimmy just sit down, maybe that will help the pain go away. Mom has no problem having him all the way in her.’ Kimmy tried as her sister said to do but, only got maybe 1 more inch before she had to stop. Lisa said ‘ Maybe you should pull off John’s thing cause I see blood, maybe you got cut somehow.’ I said ‘ Kimmy it’s up to you what you do but, blood is normal the first time. It’s nothing to worry about, I am sorry it hurt you sweetheart.’

Kimmy’s face was all screwed up with pain but. you could see as the pain was slowly going away. After what had to be 20 minutes Kimmy sat down taking maybe 5 inches of me in her as per Lisa’s suggestion. ‘John Kimmy said it still hurts but not as bad now.’ Lisa got up and grabbed her little sister’s hips moving her in a fucking motion. I watched Kimmy’s face as she would go from a bit of a smile to a grimace of pain, then back to a tiny smile. I thought how brave this little girl was being as she started fucking me on her own, without her sister’s help. Before to long with the feeling of Kimmy’s super tight pussy tight around me, and Lisa pushing her finger part way in my ass, I shot hard in Kimmy preteen pussy. I wanted so bad to jam every inch in her but, wouldn’t let that urge to take control. She had already been hurt her enough. Kimmy’s eyes open wide as she said ‘ I feel it, John I feel it, OH JOHN YES DO IT.’ Here’s this little girl telling me to cum inside her tiny preteen hairless pussy.

I finally soften enough to slid out. Kimmy who was lying on my chest kissed me on my cheek as she slowly got up making room for her sister to laid her head on the other side of my chest. Lisa kissed me on my mouth and said ‘ Next time, I want you to do that to me, ok John?’ I just smiled and kissed her back. Lisa pulled the covers over us as we fell asleep in each others arms. I don’t think I have ever felt this much love in my life.

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  • Reply akroho ID:4j4yuenqm

    like this story. them girls are a perfect to learn sex. just be gentle

  • Reply 🤬 Hank ID:y0zuiigi273

    This is some fairy tail story telling. It’s like Daddy Bear and the three Goldie locks. reverse story.

  • Reply The Hebist ID:2wz87kahr9

    Oh this was so nice. I wish I had Lisa and Kimmy making sure I stay warm.

  • Reply olddreamer ID:1ensieiqvhkw

    Still a decent story. I still suggest good proofreading. I use two programs that have free options, Grammarly and Prowritingaideverywhere. It’s not perfect, but does work to catch most errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

    • JLM ID:1cl7itfrzymy

      These stories get stuck in my head and I have to find someplace to put them. With that said I dropped out of school early to help my family make ends meet. So I ended up with what would be about a grade 4 level of schooling. So if you think my writing is going to get better I’m here to say that it won’t. I’m in my late 70s and if my writings bothers you then don’t read then. I know you just want me to get better but it’s not happening.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:3tabfb9rk0b

    Love this story very much and brought back a flood of memories. I was living with a lady and her two daughters for over a year and the mom had no clue I was fucking both her young daughters. The daring one was 9 and the timid one was 11 and always followed the 9 year old no matter what. It all started when I watched both them peeping on the mom and me fucking n sucking which I never said a word. A few days later the mom went to work with me falling back to sleep. Later I was woke up with a hard cock and a tugging and wet warm feeling. I pull off the sheet and there lies Crissy sucking my hard cock and giggling n moaning up a storm. I guess the oldest Tamera heard the noises and came walking in the room just in time to see her youngest sister take a huge load in her mouth. She sat on the bed rubbing her pussy then we all three gang banged each other. I swear a cock never goes down with two preteens riding your cock no matter how tired you are. We fucked for the whole day then hopped in the pool just as mom got home. Shit we did this for almost a year when the youngest one slipped one day all horny and asked if she sucks cock better then mom does. Needless to day daddy was asked to leave hahaha but the girls had a lifetime of memories.

  • Reply Noone ID:1de15q4cpumt

    Next chapter please HOT!!!