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Visiting for the summer pt 1

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Reminiscing on my favorite summer as a kid.

I’m a 41 year old ssbbw now but I so miss my childhood. It started way earlier than what’s allowed to discuss here. But at 11 I was a petite little blonde and I spent the summer with my aunt and 2 cousins. They were 14 and 16 and we haven’t seen each other in several years due to the distance we lived from each other. They had a pool and we were swimming my first day there. I was about 4 foot tall and 60 pounds with dark blonde hair. I haven’t started puberty yet but I had started growing boobs. They were small but they caught both my cousins attention. Later that night my aunt won’t Uncle went out for dinner and left us home alone. We were watching TV when the oldest one, Scott sat next to me and put his arm around me. He asked me if anyone has ever told me I had cute little titties. I giggled and said no. There’s was no way I was going to say anything about what’s happened to me when I was younger to them. He slid his hand up my shirt and started playing with one of my boobs. My other cousin John was watching and rubbing his crotch. Scott told him to come sit by us and get in on the fun. John sat down in the other side of me and raised my shirt up exposing my small little boobs. Once covered by Scotts hand and he took the other one in his hand and they both rubbed and pinched my puffy nipples for a long time. We heard their parents pull in and they both jerked their hands back and ran to other chairs just as they walked in. My aunt fussed at us for being up so late and told us to go to bed. I went in the guest room right across from Scotts room. I was so horny from letting them play with my nipples, my little bald pussy was soaking wet. I laid in bed and thought about their hands on me as I rubbed my little clit. I heard the bedroom door open slowly, scared it was my aunt I froze and pretended to be asleep. I heard Scott and John whispering about me being asleep and to see what they could do before I would wake up. John laid next to me and raised my night gown up and started sucking on my hard little nipple while Scott spread my legs open. I heard him tell John my little pussy was covered in my juices. I felt warmth in my clit as Scott kissed it gently. I had been licked and rubbed before on my pussy but that was it. He kissed and licked my clit for a little bit before John says he wanted to try it. They changed places. John licked all over but didn’t get that my little clit was the sweet spot. I heard Scott say he wondered if he could get me to suck his dick before I went back home. I had been quiet and still up until then. When I heard him say that I reached for his crotch. His dick was hard and pitching a tent in his boxers. He looked at me and smiled and helped pull his hard dick out. I wrapped my young lips around his hard throbbing dick making him moan. John looked up and saw what was happening and just stared as I sucked my older cousins dick. It didn’t take long before his eyes got big and he pushed his dick as far as he could in my mouth and shot his cum down my throat. I swallowed what I could and tried not to choke at the same time. Scott smiled at me at his dick fell from my lips and patted my head. He waved to John that they were leaving the room. On the way out Scott told John “yeah she’s definitely a slut, it’s going to be a good summer” then closed my bedroom door and left me there with a dripping pussy and cum on my lips. I love thinking about that summer. Gets my fat chubby cunt so hot and wet. I love rubbing and fucking myself thinking about my young body getting molested and loving it!

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    I hope you write moreabout your sex life with them

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      I will love to see you now