Vegas baby!

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After my divorce my friends try to cheer me up with a trip to Vegas. You know what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

My name is Paul, I’m 45 and recently divorced. I’m not a bodybuilder or even close. I don’t go the gym but I keep active hiking, camping, ect so I am in decent shape, I’m 6 ft considered reasonably good looking. Anyway after my divorce a couple of my male friends thought I needed a little cheering up so we decided Vegas was a great place to let off some steam so we booked a flight for a weekend in Vegas.
Once we’re here I realize my friends just wanted an excuse to get away from their wife’s so they can party, lots of drinking, strip clubs, ect. Not really my thing, I mean I’m not a prude, I like a couple beers as much as most do but they really wanted to party. We arrived on Friday and my friends John, Dave and I had a good steak dinner and a couple beers and I let them convince me to go to a strip club. They bought me a few lap danced which I’ll admit they had the desired effect especially since my ex and I haven’t had sex in over a year, but it’s a strip club you can’t touch or anything, all you can do is leave frustrated and horny. I woke up Saturday morning with a little bit of a hangover and decided I was going to slow down today maybe check out the casino some. They begged me to hit another strip club but I just told to be safe and have fun. I played some slots but no luck so I decided to play some black jack. I actually did okay there and won enough to make up for my loss at the slots. I gave up while I was ahead and decided I would set at the bar, there was a football game on and there were lots of guys watching it. There was one couple sitting at a table by the bar, they looked late twenties or early thirties and the wife was really very pretty. The reason I noticed them is because she seemed really nervous, he was not quite as nervous, they kept whispering to each other and looking around the bar like they expecting a friend to walk in. After around a half hour or so the guy got up and walked over to the bar next to where I was standing, I thought he was going to order a couple drinks but introduced himself to me instead His name was Ben and his wife’s name was Jan and asked me if I wanted to join them for a drink. I was a little surprised but I accepted, better than sitting alone, at least some conversation. I walked back to the table with Ben and introduced myself to Jan and she seemed even more nervous than before, she was fidgety and would hardly look me face to face. I have to say that up close she was even more Beautiful than I thought, it’s hard to tell a lot from across a dimly lit bar. Ben and I did pretty much all the talking and Jan sat there and held his hand. He said it was their anniversary weekend so they decided Vegas would be fun. He works in an accounting office in Chicago and she is a waitress in a nice restaurant. I told them about getting a divorce and my friends decided they would bring me here to cheer me up but they ditched me for the strip club. When the football game ended the bar played some music. Jan whispered in his ear but I could hear her tell Ben she wants to dance. I told them to go have fun I’ll still be here when you get tired after all it’s your anniversary. They Both got quite for a couple minutes and then Ben said he twisted his ankle earlier would I mind dancing with her? I didn’t remember him having a limp when he came to the bar but okay. I would love to dance with her, why not. Like I said earlier it was pretty much all guys so when the game was over the bar emptied out, only us and a couple others and the bar was fairly dark. The first couple dances were a fast dance so we just danced, then a slow dance started and I assumed she would want to sit down but to my surprise she put her arms around my neck and her head on my shoulder. I said something like will Ben be okay with us dancing like this? Well she was already nervous but now she was literally shaking and I asked her if she was alright? Finally she said yes this is our anniversary and I love my husband I’m not really sure how to say this but we agreed that we would live out a fantasy while we were in Vegas. I said sounds like fun. I wanted to do something like that with my wife but our marriage didn’t last long enough. She said one of the things we fantasize about is going to a bar and picking up a guy and taking him back to the room and having sex with him while my husband watches.i never in a million years thought I could actually go thru with it but the more we talked about it, well it’s a lot easier to agree to do it when your talking about sometime in the future but when it’s right now right in front of you it’s hard and kind of scary. We didn’t want to do it near where we live and maybe run into him again. We can’t afford a lot of vacation time so we decided we would actually do this on our anniversary. I looked at her and asked her why me? I mean I’m flattered but earlier there was a bar full of guys more your age and probably in better shape than me. She said you mean that group of obnoxious loud very drunk fools. I don’t think so, we chose you because your not like them. Well of course I agreed she was a beautiful girl probably 15 years younger than me, how could I say no? They gave me a room key and asked me to have another beer to give us a few minutes then come up and just use the key to enter. I ordered another beer and it was hard not to just chug it down and run up there but I waited, I’m not sure what they need to do to get ready but it’s fine if it helps them get over the nerves.
When I arrive to their room I used the key like Ben said and opened the door. The room is lit just by several candles and there was a soft music playing. Been was sitting at a small table and I didn’t see Jan so I sat down with him and he said we didn’t really get much chance to talk earlier so I just wanted to explain what’s going on. He affirmed what Jan said and told me the reason she’s so nervous is well he kind of talked her into agreeing to do this, she likes the idea but he is the only guy she’s ever had sex with, they were high school sweethearts and on the dates before him she let guys kiss her, a couple guys were lucky enough to play with her boobs but that was it. We talk about doing this while we talk about our fantasies and she says she could never actually do this. Honestly we tried to do this on vacation last year but she couldn’t bring herself to pick a guy but when we went to the room after trying she was horny and they had great sex. I didn’t think she would pick anyone this year either but then she picked you, your her choice, you seem nice enough and when it’s over we go back to Chicago and never see you again, just a fond memory. Also if she comes out here and changes her mind you will understand because if not we call it quits now. Of course I agreed. She was waiting for our talk to be over she would come out. Ben went in the bathroom and when he came out he asked me to sit on the edge of the bed. When Jan came she’dwas wearing some very sexy lingerie, black shear matching bra and panties garters and black hose with a seam down the middle, she was beyond nervous, she was scared almost ready to cry. I told her to just come and sit, I promised her I wouldn’t do anything that she didn’t want me to so he came over and sat as far away from me as she could. I said we should raid the mini bar and Ben fixed us all a drink, I’m not sure but I think he made hers stronger than ours. I slowly got her to talk to me, just small talk about their anniversary and her job and tried to take her mind off the current situation. I started to get up to make us another drink but Ben jumped up and said that’s his job. I asked what was that about and he said he needed to wait on us and do whatever we needed . I had to let that sink in for a minute. I noticed that he always sat at the table that was kind of away from us and hard for him to see us or be part of the conversation, we had the second drink and she seemed to start to become more comfortable with what’s happening. I asked her if she would like to dance again and she agreed. Just to check my theory when we stood up and I said in a firm voice hey Ben I need you to move the table so we can have more room to dance. I was right he jumped up and actually said yes sir? And moved the table by himself then sat back down. I let him sit down first then I said Ben turn up the radio and he got up and did as he was told. By this time Jan had her arms around my neck and her head was on my shoulder, we were swaying to the music and I slowly let my hand work its way down to her ass. I just held it there until she got used to it and then slowly began fondling her. After a few minutes she raised her head and thanked my for being so patient with her and asked me to please go slow with her, then she kissed me slowly at first only lips but slowly our tongs met and danced in our mouths. I looked over at Ben and he was playing with himself thru his pants. I said Ben and he jumped, I said if your going to play with that thing strip to your underwear and do it now. He quickly striped and tossed his cloths into the corner. I wanted to see how far I could push Ben and I let go of Jan and said to her please excuse me for a second with as sexy a voice as I could. Then I walked over to Ben sitting in his chair in just his underwear and socks and I raised my voice and said Ben what did I tell you to do? Well? He seemed scared and subservient and still in an angry voice I told you to strip down to your underwear did I say and Sox too? Well did I? He was stuttering and kept saying I’m sorry sir I’ll do better sir. After he took of his Sox and tossed them with his other clothes still in a stern voice i told him what your problem boy, did I tell you to to toss your clothes in the corner, well… pick them up and fold them neatly and put them on the table now. He jumped up and grabbed his clothes as fast as he could. I told him that he deserves to be punished for not following instructions but I’ll be easy this time and told him to go into the bathroom and stay there until I allow him to come out. Jan seemed more turned than ever but i told her we’re just going to Dance for a song or two before I allow him to come out. We danced and kissed and I fondled her ass and boobs, she was turned on enough to grab my cock thru my clothes. I asked her if she thought we punished Ben long enough, she giggled and said yes so I said Ben get out here right now and he literally ran out of the bathroom. I asked him if thought he could do as he’s told now. Of course he said yes sir I’ll do my best. I told him to make us all another drink and bring them to us. I continue to talk in a stern voice to him and for her like she’s a royal princess. I ask Jan if we should take a break and sit back down and enjoy our drinks for a minute and she says okay. I am now in complete control over both of them. I know the drinks were having the desired effect. We sat there having our drinks and Ben asked if he should make us more drinks. I said who gave you permission to speak? Jan did you give him permission she didn’t expect me to ask her and just shook her head no. He started to say he was sorry but I cut him off and said this time you get to stand in corner and face the wall. He almost started to cry but at the same time he had a hard on. While he was facing the wall I began kissing Jan and playing with boobs then I worked my way down to her panties and they were soaking wet. I whispered in her ear that tonight she belongs to me. I was watching him and after listening to us fool around he tried to turn his head and watch us. I told him get your ass over here. He seemed scared and I asked him why am I the only one that still has there clothes on? He looked confused and I said what are you waiting for, start by undoing the laces on my shoes do it now. He fell to his knees and did as I asked. He’s getting smarter, he didn’t just take my shoes off he waited to be told. I’m kind of loving this, I have never done this where a husband is basically being my bitch while I get to fuck his wife in front of him.I told him he was a good boy for doing exactly what I said and he seemed very pleased with himself. I told him to remove my shoes and Sox and he better put them neatly on the table next to his clothes. He said yes sir, I stood up and told him to unbutton my shirt. He quickly did as told and I told him he could remove my shirt now. After he did it he automatically folded it neatly and placed it on the table. I said I needed to use the restroom and while I was gone he was to kiss his wife’s feet. When I came out he was on his knees by the bed with a foot in each hand going back and forth between the two sucking those pretty painted toes. I told him to stop, get up and come here. When he was standing in front of me I told him to undo my belt, then unhook the snap and unzip my pants. I said pull them down slowly which he did, as I stepped out of my pants I brushed my underwear against his face and he didn’t flinch. I then told him his job was to stand at the foot of the bed and wait there incase we needed him but really I just wanted to humiliate him more. Jan and I began kissing and fondling each other. As things started to get heated I was playing with Jan’s boobs and she started to reach behind her to undo her bra. I took her hand and kissed it to stop her but she looked confused as to why until I told Ben c to come undo her bra and take it off, make sure you fold it and put it on the table. He said yes sir and did as he was told. As he was walking back to the end of the bed I noticed his hard on so I told him he had been a good boy and told him he could take off his underwear and said you know what to do with them. He of course did as commanded. I then gave him instructions to not touch himself at all without permission. Jan and I returned to kissing and fondling each other then I worked my way down to het boobs and kissed and licked and nibbled on her nipples, this really turned he on so I started playing with her pussy. Over her panties at first and they were soaking wet. I said Ben get over here and remove your wife’s panties so I can fuck her while you watch. He jumped into action and removed them and of course folded them. She laid there with a glazed look while I kissed my way down to her pussy. It only took a couple seconds before she exploded in my mouth she shook for a while moaning and she said that’s the biggest orgasm she’s ever had so we kissed some more and she started playing with my cock thru my underwear. I told her just a second and I sat on the edge of the bed and ordered Ben to remove my underwear. As ha was pulling them down I made sure my cock slapped his face a couple time. As soon as I laid back down Jan had her hands on my cock slowly going up and down until she bent over and started liking the head and softly sucking the head. She came back to me and kissed me then she climbed over my face and started sucking me again in a 69 position. She took me down as far as she could while I ate her out. I knew I was getting close and I told her we needed to stop because I really wanted to fuck her. She laid down with her head at the headboard but I asked her to turn around so Ben could watch her face while I fucked her. I got into position to enter her but I told Ben to ask his wife to please fuck me and don’t hold back. Without hesitation he repeated what I said. She looked at me and I began kissing her and slowly working my cock into her. She was very tight but well lubricated from having an orgasm, I slid all the way in till my balls were against her asshole then all the way until my cock was almost out and I started to pick up the pace but not to fast as I want to last as long as possible. I looked at Ben and he was watching in amazement as my cock slid in and out of his wife, the very first cock besides his that’s ever been there. I asked been is this what you wantedq to happen? He said yes sir. I told him he had permission to bend over and kiss his wife while I fuck her. This makes his cock even harder, poor guy it looks like it might explode. I told him to stop kissing her. I then asked her to turn over and I took a couple pillows and bent her over them. This time I gave it to her harder going as deep as I possibly could. She began to cum again and this one was even bigger than the last. Ben just looked on in amazement so I asked him if he would like a better view and he said yes sir so I had him lay on his back on the bed and for then I asked Jan to 69 him but I asked her not to touch his cock. i got behind her and started to fuck her while I told ben to lick her clit. I fucked her like this for several minutes until she one again had an orgasm but this time I couldn’t hold it any longer and when she came i couldn’t hold off any longer and I started to cum in her, remember I haven’t had sex in over a year so I had a lot of cum. It was leaking out from around my cock while it was still in her there was so much. I told Ben his job was to clean up this mess, as my cock slipped out of her a big glob of cum came out and landed on his cheek but he took my cock in his mouth and sucked me clean and then began eating all the cum from inside his wife. Poor Ben I forgot I told him he couldn’t touch himself and his cock was so hard it looked like it hurt. I told him to take his wife’s stockings off and he did and folded them neatly. Then I told him to suck on her toes while we kissed and played. He was sucking on one set of toes and then the other until I finally told to cum on her toes, it only took a few seconds for him to cum on her toes and when he finished I told him to clean up his mess which he did. We all fell asleep for a while exhausted. When we woke up Ben was starting to say goodby but I gave him a stern look and he stopped mid sentence. I told him he better get started cleaning up this room and he better make the bed before Jan and get out of the shower. Without saying a word I grabbed her by the had and took he to the shower we got in and I grabbed the soap and started cleaning her up. She didn’t hesitate soaping up my cock and when she finished rinsing it off she jacked my until I was hard. I still had soap all over her and I started playing with her pussy and while I was sliding a finger in and out I used another finger to rub her asshole, she puckered up and said she’s never done that before. She wanted to once before because one of her told her she enjoyed it but Ben thought that was nasty so she dropped it. I told her just relax herself and I continued to finger her butt, first one finger then another. When I thought she was ready I put my cock at the entrance and very slowly began to push. It took a few tries but finally the tip slipped in and Jan moaned and bit her lip. I began to move back and forth each time a little until I was balls deep. I asked he if she was okay and she just said fuck me sir. That was all it took, I began to fuck her faster and faster until I was ready to cum, I pulled out and told her to get on he knees and open your mouth and I came all over her and in her mouth. Then I told her not to swallow but instead to go out there and kiss her husband. I left Jan go out first and waited a few seconds I wanted to if she did what I said and when I came out they were kissing. I told Ben he had to finish drying me off which he did. Then I told him to dress me and without hesitation he grabbed my underwear and held them with my cock an inch from his face while I stepped into them. He finished dressing me and I kissed Jan a long goodby kiss and told them I hope they had as much fun as I did and I left. When I got back to my hotel room it was still early and my friends were passed out. Our flight wasn’t until that evening and we paid extra for a late checkout. After the night I had I was exhausted so I laid down. We got up about noon and they had to shower, they were really hungover and saying where you last night man we got worried about you, we couldn’t find you and your phone went straight to voicemail so what happened to you? I just told them I got lucky in the casino. They assumed I ment I won money and I didn’t tell them anything about my night, why , they would never believe me and if the tables were turned I wouldn’t believe them either. We finished packing up and got some food and coffee before our flight home. While we were waiting to board the plane I noticed Ben and Jan were also waiting to board the same plane, I checked my ticket and sure enough we have a stopover in Chicago before heading to Boston. I wasn’t sure if I should go say hi or if it would be awkward. Apparently they saw me because Jan came over to me and wrapped her arms around me and gave a great big kiss, said she had an amazing time last night and gave me her private cell number telling me I’d better call her. My friends jaws dropped, they didn’t know what to think and I still haven’t told them even though they ask me every time we get together. I have had conversations with Jan since then but it never seemed to work out time wise. Maybe we will run into each other again some day, can a guy get that lucky twice?

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  • Reply Anonymous ID:nnmti2chj

    Hard to get through all the misspellings and punctuation errors. You need someone to edit your work or a spell check program. The length of the story isn’t an issue, for me, as long as it’s readable.

  • Reply Redleg ID:1dy9lgrscd5x

    Such a hot, and amazing story!!!! I for one loved it

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      I’m surprised to hear you think it’s to long. It’s my fifth story and their all about this long. The reason there are no other comments is it was just posted. I hope you liked the story anyway.