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Using my 16 years old daughter

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I work a 8-4 job as a contractor, but as with most construction jobs, it usually turns into 6-6 on most days. But today was an exception and I snuck out at 3:30 on the pretense I had an appointment. I guess you could say I wasn’t feeling well because my mind was in no place for work to be done. I just really needed to release. I have a very high sex drive. To the point it is sometimes problematic. I need to fuck constantly and masturbate at least 3 times a day. Everyday. It was even more in my twenties.

I went home with a plan to call up an old girlfriend or two until I could find a hot fuck for the night. I pulled into the garage of our house and went inside. I noticed my daughter Suzy’s school bag by the door and figured I should go say hello before starting my calls.

I climbed the stairs to the second floor and saw that her door was slightly ajar. I pushed it open farther and to my surprise Suzy was standing there in nothing but a little wet towel. It barely covered her firm round ass and her long legs were mine to admire. I hadn’t realized my little girl had grown into a woman. I only ever saw her in her frumpy girl’s school uniform or sweats since my wife had decided that our daughter shouldn’t be exposed to boys until she had a college education. My dick was starting to harden in my pants as I stared at my beautiful daughter. I swallowed dryly, “Hey Suzy how was school?”
She jumped slightly, as if startled out of a trance. “Oh Daddy, you scared me. What are you doing home so early?”
“I was feeling a little tired and decided to call it a day.” I couldn’t stop staring at her hot little body hidden with only that towel. I walked over and sat on the edge of her bed. “Remind me sweetheart, how old are you?”
“Haha, Daddy! Don’t be silly you know I’m 16.” She giggled lightly. Of course, I remembered, I couldn’t make it to her birthday party a month ago because of a meeting.
“So tell me sweetheart,” I asked, “do you have a boyfriend yet?”
“Of course not Daddy, I barely even know any boys.”
“Have you ever kissed a boy?” I waited patiently for her answer, still unable to take my eyes off her body. She lowered her eyes and blushed a little before she mumbled,
“Just once.”

My cock twitched in my pants at the thought of how innocent my little girl still was. I was practically drooling and could no longer control myself. “Have you ever seen a boy’s penis baby doll?” She shook her head no and I licked my lips. “Do you want Daddy to show you something?”
“Okay.” She answered shyly. I almost moaned at her answer as I stood up, unzipped my pants, and pulled out my rock hard cock.
“This is Daddy’s cock, baby.” She stared at it wide-eyed for a minute. “You look very hot right now sweetie, really sexy and beautiful.
“Daddy…” She blushed, clearly embarrassed. She didn’t realize that her embarrassment was only making me want her more.
“Why don’t you take off that towel and let Daddy see all of you, pumpkin?”
“I-I don’t know Daddy.” She stammered and clutched tighter to the towel.
“Come on baby, we’re going to do something very grown up that will make Daddy very, very happy.”
“Well, I want to make you happy, Daddy.” Her words went straight to my dick, making it throb. She slowly dropped the towel and I hungrily took in the view of her young body. Perfect handful breasts with big pink, hard nipples, small waist curving out into gorgeous hips and oh, puffy little pussy lips with a topping of curly dark blonde hair. Gorgeous. Unknowing I had started stroking my cock as I stared at my hot little girl.

“Mmm, you’re so sexy. Do you know where Daddy likes to puts his cock that makes him so happy?” She was eighteen, of course she knew what sex was, but I couldn’t help playing a little game.
“Y-yes, Daddy.” She blushed again. Perfect. I put my hand gently between her legs and tickled the opening of her pussy, then her little asshole.
“Here and here, right?” I asked and she nodded numbly. “Would you like to let Daddy put his cock in you sweetheart?” It was too late now, I needed to fuck her sweet little brains out whether she liked it or not.
“If it will make you happy, Daddy.” She answered, sounding a little bit sad and mechanical. It was as much of a yes as I needed.
“Oh, it will make me so happy. You have no idea how happy, baby. Now get on your knees and suck Daddy’s cock.” She was mine now, and I was going to have her any way I wanted. She dropped to her knees and I held my dick to her lips. She stuck out her tongue and started to lightly lick the head then suck just a little on the tip. “That’s great sweetie.” I put my hand on the back of her head and started to push her farther onto my cock. “Take more of Daddy’s dick baby, suck harder, and make him feel real good.” She did just as she was told and I groaned in ecstasy. I put both hands on the back of her head and pumped my dick in and out of Suzy’s hot teen mouth. I was driving myself into a frenzy.
“Ohh you’re good at that baby. Now get up and bend over the bed for Daddy.” I didn’t want to blow my load in her mouth before I’d had a chance at all of her other tender bits. She obediently bent over at the waist with her hands on the bed. I fondled her virgin 16 years old ass, my hard-on rubbing against her. “Would you like Daddy to put his hard cock up your ass?” I asked as I admired her round ass.
“If it will make you happy, Daddy.” I almost laughed at her now stock answer for my questions. But I wanted to hear her say it and told her to ask me.
“Will you put your cock up my ass, please Daddy?” She said in a small voice. It was still hot even though I told her to say it. I spit on her asshole and slowly stuck the head of my dick into her tight, tight ass. She screamed “Daddy! It hurts!” But I expected that and ignored her, stuffing another three inches of my dick into her ass, moving in and out slowly with half my dick. She started to cry and whimper a little as I stuffed the rest of my cock into her hot, tight asshole. I started to fuck her harder. “Owww, Daddy it hurts!” She cried.
Her crying got me hotter and my dick throbbed in her ass. “How bad does it hurt baby? Do you want Daddy to stop?” I fucked her faster and harder as I said this. She shouted that she wanted me to stop but I kept fucking her. “Keep crying sweetheart, Daddy’s not stopping till he cums! Your tight little ass is making Daddy feel so good, you want to make Daddy happy don’t you?” I grabbed her tits, pulling her up into me and thrusting my cock deeper.
“DADDY!!” She screamed.
“Ohhh, fuck yeah baby!” I held her thighs, lifting her off the ground and bouncing her roughly up and down on my cock. “Awww here it comes sweetheart, here’s Daddy’s hot cum for his little girl!” I groaned like an animal as my cock twitched in Suzy’s ass and I shot load after load of cum into her. I put her feet back down on the floor as I pulled out, panting. I held her close to me and reached around to rub her clit gently. “Mmm, thank you baby doll, you made Daddy feel really unbelievably good.” I picked her up and laid her down on her bed. “Now Daddy’s going to make you feel good.” I told her as I positioned myself between her legs.
She whimpered, a few tears still running down her cheeks, but I was going to be gentle. I slowly ran my tongue up and down her slit, teasing at her pussy and massaging her clit. I could hear her breathing change and could tell she was enjoying it. I sucked her clit into my mouth, flicking my tongue over it as she let out a soft moan. “You like that sweetheart? Your pussy tastes so good.” She moaned a little louder. I dipped my tongue in and out of her virgin pussy just a little, then sucked on her clit some more. Her breathing was getting more and more ragged. I shoved my index finger into her vagina, breaking her hymen, but she barely noticed. I tongued her clit as I rubbed my finger on the upper part of her pussy, applying a bit of pressure to her g-spot. She moaned loudly and I whispered “Oh yeah, cum for Daddy baby.” Into her wet pussy.
“Oh, Ohhhh Daddy! Daddy!!” She came all over my hand and mouth, her pussy contracting around my finger. She let out a final moan before her body relaxed. “You liked that didn’t you Suzy?” She nodded, still a little numb from her orgasm. “There’s one last thing that Daddy wants to do with you, but it will feel good for both of us, I promise. Daddy wants to put his cock in your pussy. Would you like that?”
“Yes, Daddy, I think I would like that.” She smiled sweetly at me and I lay down on the bed. I got her to straddle me and I held my cock to help guide it into her fresh pussy. She closed her eyes and threw her head back as she ever so slowly lowered herself onto my cock meat. I watched my dick disappear into her tight cunt and almost came right there. I grabbed her tits and played with her hard little nipples as she devoured my thick cock with her pussy.
“Yeah baby doll, that’s it. Mmm, you’re pussy is so wet for Daddy. Now bounce on Daddy’s dick like you were riding a horse. Up and down, just like that.” I put my hands on her hips to help her get the hang of it, but she was a natural. She smiled down at me as she started to find her rhythm. “Oh god baby, ride it harder. You like Daddy’s big hard cock in your pussy? You like the way it feels inside you?”
“Oh yes Daddy! It feels so good.” She moaned.
“Aww sweetheart, ride me harder. Daddy wants to see your little tits bounce.” She rode me hard, driving herself up and down on my dick, clearly enjoying it. “Yes baby, yes! Harder, harder!” I smacked her ass as she rode my dick. “Daddy’s gonna cum baby! Ride me Suzy! Fuck your Daddy! Ohhhh YES!!” I grabbed her hips and held my dick deep inside her shooting wads of cum into her pussy.
“Ohh Daddy.” She sighed.

“Mmm, fuck sweetheart. You just made Daddy the happiest man on earth.”


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  • Reply Bob ID:1comn0nruc7a

    Are you still fucking your sweet, obedient daughter, Suzy? How old is she now? Does she take your fresh cum down her throat?? I’m guessing that she does and maybe shares some back in a passionate kiss??? Please post more parts. I love your writing. Let’s talk.
    Love, sucks, and fucks,

    [email protected]




  • Reply Rick ID:1egzi95iptyi

    So at 16 she hadn’t been kissed by 18 she a slut. The part about her barely noticing her hymen break is total BS. I’ve broke 3 girls. They all screamed and cried. So that’s another piece of BS in your story

    • Atlas_Daddy ID:4chwa5mgzhv

      Great analysis dude. Ever thought about maybe doing your university thesis on that piece?! LOL. “I’ve broke 3 girls. In your dreams you did! I’m pretty sure your sex life consist of a bottle of lube and your right hand..

  • Reply Rick ID:1egzi95iptyi

    There is nothing better than fucking your own daughter. I wouldn’t know though. But I did have two nieces that I was very close to. They were ten and twelve when we all started fucking and they weren’t virgins. Their dad had them first. But they didn’t like him because he started abusing their mom. My former sister-in-law. So I started fucking sister in law

  • Reply Your story SUX!!! ID:5u0x7kbeqk

    Lost interest in this BS story when he doesn’t even know what age she is going from 16 to 18

  • Reply A. ID:1cn4gpacmfxw

    You need to have her beg for you to breed, then give her what she asked for and breed her

  • Reply Perv Mechanic ID:1eh5jxh3vg4w

    Love how you broke her asshole first with almost no lube or care for her comfort

    • Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

      Oh yeah, best part of the story!!

  • Reply Brian ID:2vn9y9km2

    Love the picture looks like my daughter got beautiful picture of her hot little smooth pussy

    • Bob ID:1comn0nruc7a

      Mmmmmmmm, let’s talk.
      Love, sucks, and fucks,

      [email protected]




  • Reply Sick Littles only ID:1dq1arvc6owp

    Such a good daughter ❤️

  • Reply Brian ID:2vn9y9km2

    So hot my daughter she was 12 when she caught me wanking. One night I was in the shower she walked in and asked if she could hop in with me before I could say anything she was naked my cock stood up seeing her naked I started washing her then I started rubbing her little clit she started to shake with excitement as she cum we went to my room and eat her smooth tight little pussy she opened her legs wide and I put my hard cock deep inside her after a few minutes she relaxed then 10 mins later after she cum afew time’s I drove my cock deep up her and filled her little pussy with cum she was breathless as I held my cock in her then slowly pulled out she looks up with excitement watching me pulling out so hot

    • Lovelychloe ID:2nhvhgfxia

      I wish I was ur daughter

    • Captain America ID:1ah742a5t0k

      Where you from