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I was 66 years old and out for a dtroll when three young ladies in thier 20s grabbed me.

It was a nice day so I went for a walk in the woods. Dressed in shorts and tee shirt I strolled along when I saw three ladies walking towards me. They were dressed in shirts and tee shirts. As we passed one said ,how bigs your cock mate. I was taken a back when one if the others said , when did you last have a wank. I hadnt replied when they grabbed me and forced me to the ground. I felt my shorts pulled down and I had no pants on. My cock was stiff and they started to wank me off. Taking it in turns and egging each other on. One shouted wank it faster and as she did I shot a load of spunk all over. They were laughing when I heard mire voices and looked up to see two young girls about 12 years old stood staring at my cock.
Hey come and join us said one of the ladies. Have you seen a mans cock close up. The girls just grinned. Have you ever held a cock the lady said. Both girls shook their heads. Well nows yiur chance. Two of the ladies held me down while the other showed the girls how to hold my cock which they both did.Come on said the lady I will show you how to wank it. She put her hand over the girls hand and put it on my cock and started rubbing it up and diwn. The other young girl stared and giggled. The lady let go of my cock and said keep rubbing it like that. She did and my cock shot uts second load if spunk out. Now its your turn the lady said to the other youg girl who took hold of my cock and started rubbing it.The lady then lifted the other young girls skirt up, pulled diwn her knickers and said his cock will get stiff now he can see your cunt. It did and then the lady said to her suck his cock or we will tell your parents. The young girl took my stiff cick in her mouth while her friend was wanking me. The lady kept pushing and pulling he head on my cock as the other girl continued to wank me. I shuddered and the ladfirced the girls head down on my cock as I shit my 3rd load of spunk into her mouth. Ok girls lets fuck off and leave him now. Which they all did. Laughing and saying what fun it had been. I got dressed my shrivelled cick put away but when I got home I did have anither wank thinking about it.

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  • Reply DONALD J TRUMP ID:2c3w1pct0d

    Fucking garbage, you sound like a 12 year old virgin who fucks his hand and imagines the rest