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Uncle Dave and 11 yo Ellie

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What happened when Abbie and Chloe went home and Dave was on his own with his 11 yo niece, Ellie.

Chloe and Abbie had left by early evening and Ellie and I settled down on the couch to watch a movie. I ordered a Domino’s Pizza and cracked a couple of beers. I ended up drinking both because Ellie didn’t like the taste so she switched to Coca Cola.

She laid her head on my lap whilst we watched Shrek, her favourite movie, but when it was finished I realised she had fallen asleep.

I carried her up to her room and laid her on her bed fully clothed. I went back down stairs to tidy up, lock the doors and turn off the lights. I then took myself off to the spare room to sleep for the night. I went in and turned on the light and there was Ellie, lying naked on the bed with the covers pulled back.

She smiled and beckoned me on to the bed. I stripped my clothes off and joined her. I left the lights on so I could look at her. She snuggled up to me and kissed me. Her skin felt so soft and delicate against mine, her bottom so firm and curvy and her face angelic.

Ellie took my hand and placed it between her legs, leaving my fingers to stroke her hot, very wet pussy. She spread her legs wide to give my hand free movement and gently closed her fingers around my cock. Unlike earlier in the day, Ellie gave my penis slow and sensual strokes which gradually increased my pleasure without causing me to rush to orgasm. I did the same for her.

It was a delight to lie there pressed against such an amazing girl, relaxed and without a care in the world pleasuring each other. No urgency, the only aim being mutual pleasure.

I pushed myself up on one elbow so I could look at her. Her nipples were fully erect despite the lack of breasts. I could not resist taking one in my mouth, playing with it with my tongue and teeth. Ellie pushed her hips against my fingers grinding and moaning. Increasing her ardour she began to whisper my name over and over in a breathy voice.

Her grip on my cock tightened until my glands were bulging and it began to hurt. I tapped her arm to get her to release her hold but she was in the throws of climax. “Oh God, Oh God, oh my fucking God” she yelled. I could feel her heart beating hard in her chest and her breath came in ragged gasps. I could feel her pussy contracting and releasing over and over as a river of juice flowed over her labia and my fingers.

She finally released my cock and climbed on me pushing her mouth against mine with overwhelming passion. Her wet pussy pressed against my bare tummy and my hands explored her beautiful bottom.

When she came up for air she had tears in her eyes and she told me that she didn’t know anything could possibly feel that good. She held me tight for a long while whilst her heart rate slowed and she regained composure. It was such a privilege to be able to play a part in delivering such an intense orgasm and for her to be so appreciative, that I wasn’t thinking of taking my pleasure in that moment.

I let her lie on me until her leg came into contact with my erect penis , jolting her out of her post orgasm trance. She shuffled down my body until my cock touched her pussy and then she reached between her legs and placed my dick facing the ceiling between her soft lily-white thighs. She close her legs trapping my cock between both thighs and her pussy and began undulating.

It was the most incredible sensation being wanked like that and I was thrusting back enthusiastically.

Her pussy lips were wet against my cock and I could feel the heat from down there. I turned her over on her back and positioned myself between her legs. I rubbed my dick up and down her pussy lips and prodded at her hot little cunt.

I pushed in a little, hearing her take a sharp breath in between her teeth. I stopped and looked at her questioningly. She nodded her head and gripped her lower lip between her teeth. I pushed a little harder up against her hymen. It was quite stubborn and resisted. I pressed a little harder, watching Ellie grimace. I was a little scared to push any harder and my dick was bending. I was about to give up, worried I might hurt her or myself, when she gave a tremendous thrust against me and my cock pushed through and buried itself to the hilt in her little tight vagina.

Ellie let out a loud “Oooooffff”, so I waited for her face to relax before I began fucking her. The feeling was so “loud”, my cock being very sensitive from the squeezing Ellie gave it earlier and the squeezing it was getting now.

I slowly began moving my cock almost all the way out and then pushing back in balls deep. Gradually Ellie started to relax and it became easier. After I had increased to normal fucking rhythm, she lifted her knees to her chest and spread them wide. I took hold of her legs and put them against my shoulders, ploughing my member into her stretched little love tunnel.

Ellie was taking all I could give her and was enjoying it. Her noises of pleasure were very sexy indeed.

I was going hard and fast now but pulled out too far so my cock came out of her fanny and prodded her asshole really hard. She howled in pain. Oh my god Ellie, I’m so sorry, it was a complete accident. I climbed off her and she got off the bed and went into the bathroom to examine her asshole in the mirror.

There was blood all around the area but we couldnt tell what was from her deflowering or if i had damaged her little bottom hole. We put the shower on and both stepped in.i washed the blood off of her and myself, letting the warm water run over her asshole to sooth it.

Once dry, I assured Ellie that there was no damage to her little botty. I dried us both and took her back to bed. I pilled up the pillows in the middle of the bed and had her lie face down across them, her ass in the air. Fuck that looked sexy.

I spread her ass cheeks and kissed her right on her pink little asshole. She giggled and squirmed about. I kissed her all over her bottom and looped my hand around and under her so i could play with her clitoris. As she responded to my fingers i buried my face between her ass crack and explored with my tongue. She squealed with delight so i pushed my tongue into her asshole.

Her bottom was delightful, so small and compact but such a perfect shape and texture. I had to get my cock between those cheeks, so i scooted up and placed my knob on her nicely rounded butt and humped her.

Before long my cock found its way between her legs and slipped back into her sweet little pussy. She gasped when I re-entered her, her pussy gripping me tight. I looked down at her lovely little arse and my cock pistoning in and out of her. It was the perfect position to fuck her perfect little fanny, so satisfying knowing i was the first and she would always remember this, no matter who came after me.

Ellie started pushing her arse back with more urgency, telling me yes, yes,yes before one loud elongated yeeeeeesssss, and her pussy began squeezing my dick like she was milking me.

I fucked her all through her orgasm enjoying every little cry and whimper before releasing my load against her cervix in explosive jets. I held it buried in her until the very last drop had been ejected. Fucking Hell I exclaimed as I extricated my penis from her hole and my sperm leaked out down her lips and onto the pillow.

Ellie rolled off the pillows onto her back and i lay beside her. I took her face in my hands and kissed her hard on the lips. Are you ok i asked her. I’m more than ok she said, i dont think I’ve been more ok ever in my life. Me neither i said kissing her again.

We fell asleep in each others arms and didn’t wake up until the next morning , well after nine am. It was the doorbell that woke us.

I peered out of the window into the bright sunshine to see Chloe and Abbie standing at the doorstep. Ellie lay there still asleep naked and beautiful. I was torn between getting back into bed and fucking her again or letting Abbie and Chloe in and seeing what transpired.


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