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True story

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I was 13. She was THREE days past her 10th birthday. Just THREE.

My father sold cocaine for over 2 decades.

Many of the women he sold crack to were happy to offer up their bodies for drugs.

Some of them were even willing to offer up their children for sex.

This one woman, she had this very skinny, very blonde little girl named Zanna. Zanna was very sweet, but no one really loved Zanna and it showed.

Zanna’s mother came over late one night to get drugs and was paying with her mouth and ass. Zanna was already asleep when she brought her in and laid her down on the couch. Her mother went on to the back of the house to pay for her drugs and asked me, a 13 year old boy who couldn’t keep his hands off his dick long enough to keep his hands from stinking, to watch her tight, unconscious, blonde, skinny daughter all night.

I was more than happy to keep that little girl company until morning.

As soon as heard their bedroom door shut, I tested to see how hard that tiny little slut slept, and trust me fellas, when they’re that little, they sleep hard! I started with running my hands all over her body. No movement from her. I then started running my hands between her legs, up and down the crotch of her pajamas, around her flat nipples, all over her ass and thighs…

Still no movement from her. Not even a flinch!

Time to get this party started!

I pulled my throbbing cock out. The head of my dick was already covered in pre-cum. I positioned myself over her head and rubbed my slimy cock all over her teeth and lips.

Still no movement!

I could hear dad in the back fucking her mother in the mouth so hard she was gagging, so I knew I still had time, so I pulled her pajamas down, pulled the front of her underwear to the side to expose that bald puffy pussy and started rubbing my cock all over her virgin clit.

She never flinched.

I was already about to cum when I decided to try out her tight asshole. I pulled her pajamas down to her ankles, panties too, kicked both of her feet up with one hand like I was changing her diaper, and slowly began to run my cum covered cock up and down the crack of tight little ass. I had so much pre-cum coming out of my dick that her whole ass crack was lubed up like I used a whole tub of Vaseline. I spread her ass cheeks open to get a good look at her tight asshole and immediately felt the need to get a finger in her ass.

I licked on my index finger until I felt it was lined up enough and pushed it into her asshole all the way up to the second knuckle. She clinched up for only a second and then slowly relaxed her virgin asshole around my finger. I was jacking off vigorously at this point and the feeling of her warm rectum relaxing around my finger spent a spray of warm in all over her ass, her pajamas, her panties, the couch, and the floor.

I put my throbbing cock up, pulled her clothes back up onto her, wiped the cum off the couch and floor, and let that little slut sleep while my father fucked her mother in ways only porn has shown!

My father ended up marrying that crack whore.

Zanna was mine for almost a decade!

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