Truck stop shop worker

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Lianna works at a truck stop station where she lets the truckers fuck her

Lianna is 21 years old and extremely horny. I work at this truck stop and I have a secret. I work overnight I went to smoke outside and I see this kinda hot trucker 6’2 280 look like 29 or 30 . He saw me staring at him and he said you shouldn’t be smoking that out in public. Make me stop then. How can I do that? Fucking me would be a start. Come inside my truck I dropped off so it’s empty.i climbed in his truck pulled down my pants he inserted hisself inside of me and started playing with my clit and fucking hard and fast I’m moaning quietly so no one can here it 10 at night anyway in suburbs. I was feeling all 6 inches inside of me going in and out he’s rubbing my clit it was such amazing feeling letting a stranger fuck me he was moaning and panting saying I need this some pussy just to fuck your my type of girl. He turned me over shoved his dick in my mouth I’m slobbing all over it getting it wet I’m sucking his balls and he moaned Fuck!!! Then he came all over my face and in my mouth. It was a thrill. I pulled my pants up and said thanks come back anytime he said I don’t do this but I’m thankful then gave me $500 can I come back from time to time. I said sure I work overnight 4 days a week. Week later he comes to the truck stop at 1am it’s completely dead so I was basically outside smoking and texting for hour. The trucker whispers hey I said hey you you want some pussy. He said yes but can I talk to you I said sure. Me and my pal been on the road all week we had a couple of beers we want to unwind so I told him about the truck stop girl I smiled you guys want to run on me? Hell yes I’m going first come in my truck in 10 min. 10 min passed I walk in his truck went in the back it’s him and 2 other guys. I took off my shirt and pants and said who’s first? My main trucker said I want that mouth I unzip his pants give me that dick baby put it in my mouth I licked it teasing him he’s moaning while the other 2 guys are rubbing the front of their Jeans. I kiss the head he whimpered and say oh god yes!!! I took him in my mouth and gaged suck stroked until he came into my mouth as he finish making sure I had every last drop I said mmmm taste good. Trucker #2 came I bent over looked back at him and said fuck me and fuck me hard he grabbed my ass and fucked me in it hard I moaned loudly yes I like it in my ass he moaned loudly took his dick out put it in my pussy and moaned take this dick slut take it I moaned in pleasure letting these men that I don’t know fuck me don’t even know their names. He turned me around and came on my chin I took my finger a licked it all up. Then trucker 3 said my turn he used my mouth he punished it he shoved his dick in my mouth he grabbed the back of my neck moving it fast my pussy wanted more so I started playing with myself while he shoved his thick dick in and out my throat then I felt my first trucker move my hands and put his dick in my pussy and I began to get fucked I was so weak from all the times I climax and another one was coming we all came together and they each gave me $500.

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    Yeah, who cares about their names? It’s their dicks you need!