Truck Driver Confessions – The First Girl

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Kind of making entries into a journal here of my life on the road as a trucker. This is about the first girl.

I used to drive a truck all over the country and some trips into Canada and Mexico occasionally. Over the years, some shit happened that I know isn’t acknowledged by society as being acceptable, and to that, I say: I don’t give a fuck. I used to, then the older I got the more I realized it was just shit that happened, for better or for worse. Call it “perverted”, call it being a “child molester” or whatever you will. Makes no difference to me what you label it.

Don’t get me wrong, never once did I go to a local park and drag some innocent girl into the woods or fuck some kid I was supposed to be babysitting or any shit like that. But, as you’ll see in my first story here, neither did I turn down some sex if it was offered right in my face merely because the number of years in her age wasn’t quite high enough.

I didn’t start out having a thing for younger girls, and by that I mean 11, 12, 13 or so. Of course, when I was that age myself, I’d fuck anything that stayed still long enough. I was 15 and this 11-year-old girl I knew asked me if I wanted to fuck her. Hell yeah, I did. But I wasn’t completely stupid. I did know that if she tattled or it got out, I was probably in serious trouble. So it wasn’t like I was oblivious to the law.

But I was pretty sure she wasn’t going to tell anybody and the kicker was, it was her idea. There was this shed by my uncle’s house and she said we could go in there. I kind of expected her to just bend over or something but she pulled her shorts and panties down to her knees and then lay on the floor on her back. So I fucked the shit out of her missionary style.

Anyway, when I got older, I didn’t particularly have any feelings one way or the other about younger girls. I had been on the road for 5 years or so, off and on, when I was at a rest area late one night. There’s no real reason for a trucker to go into a rest area instead of a large truck stop unless there isn’t one for a long way and you need to stop. Rest areas attract cops like a motherfucker. What they think they’re going to catch there, I don’t know but they drive through. A lot. The reason truckers don’t like cops? Tickets. A civilian driving 10mph over the speed limit, $75 ticket. A driver with a Class A CDL (commercial license), whether you’re in a truck or not, $1,000. No shit. Ask any truck driver. If you get pulled over and he hits you with several small things, you can easily drive away with $3,500-$4,500 worth of tickets. You know all the lights down the side of a trailer? One is out, ticket. You can have all the lights you want but every single one of them must be operable at all times. But I digress.

So this particular night, when I walked up to the restrooms and vending machines, I noticed a man and woman asleep in their car. Just sitting up in their seats, asleep. They wouldn’t be for long if a cop saw them. In most states, you can’t sleep in your vehicle in a rest area. Why, I have no idea. I guess you’re supposed to piss or take a dump, get a snack, and get the fuck out of there.

Not that it was unusual but they were also the only car in the place. My truck was in the truck area and they were parked right in front of where the sidewalk leads to the actual rest area building. So I did my thing and started back to my truck. I looked again at the sleeping folks and wondered if maybe they had O.D.’d on heroin and were dead. The next cop through would find that out, I guess.

I had slept all day in my sleeper at the truck stop that day so I could drive my 11 hours driving time at night. That usually isn’t a good idea because no matter how many hours you sleep, from about 3:00 am to 5:00 am, you get sleepy as a motherfucker no matter how long you’ve slept. But my point is, I still had quite a few hours of driving time left. I felt fine.

So, I started a walk-around of my truck and trailer, checking straps, etc. and when I rounded the end of my trailer, I saw somebody in the dark on the passenger side of my truck. The other side was well-lit from the rest area lights but this side was dark as shit and right next to nothing but woods (or forest, as some of you may call it). Seemed to be a small person.

I was relieved it wasn’t a more “adult-sized” person, as that would have possibly ended up with somebody getting their ass shot for attempted robbery. Why these dipshits rob truck drivers, I have no idea. They must think we drive around with 100 dollar bills hanging out of every pocket but I bet no one ever gets away with even 100 dollars, much less several hundred. But they do it. They’ll rob your ass if given half a chance. I’ve been robbed a total of 4 times at gunpoint, no shit.

I walked straight toward the person, noticing that it seemed to be a young teenage girl, about 13 maybe. Moderately cute face, I guess. Certainly not fugly but not the prom queen either. You know, just plain but cute. I didn’t notice it at first, but she had a small dog on a leash. She just looked at me as I got closer with kind of a “What are you doing here?” look on her face. So when I got closer I said, “This is my truck”. That’s all. I mean, what more was there to say?

She said, “I didn’t say it wasn’t.” I thought “Aha. We’ve got a smartass on our hands.” I said, “Are your folks dead?” She said, “Excuse me?” I said, “That’s your folks in the car, right? Are they dead or what?”

She said “Of course they’re not fucking dead. They’re asleep.” I said “Well, that’s good then. Hey, make sure you don’t let that dog get under those trailer tires when they pass or you’ll have one flat dog. How old are you, anyway?” “None of your business”, she said. I laughed, she was 13, I was sure of it. I started to step around her to walk in front of the truck and get in the driver’s side door.

As I started to step past her though, she blurted out “So you want to fuck or what?” Immediately, it flashed in my mind that although she was a little young to be doing it, this entire thing was a setup. Her fucking folks weren’t asleep. They had sent her ass over to the “truck driver” to sell some pussy or a blowjob and make themselves some crack money. Sorry motherfuckers.

So I said, “Hell yeah, I guess I’d probably fuck if the chance arose but there doesn’t seem to be anybody around here worth fucking so I guess I’ll have to put that on hold.” She looked startled. She said, “Are you talking about me?” I said, “Yes, I’m talking about you. Now get your ass back over there with your folks and tell them I said better luck next time.”

The look on her face. It was crystal clear she had no idea what I was talking about. I felt bad for being an asshole to her. She had started it, though. I said, “Your folks didn’t send you over here?” She looked at me like that was a stupid question and said, “They’re asleep.” I said, “Yeah, I saw that. And you mean to tell me that you’re just outright asking me to fuck simply because you want to fuck? No other reason?”

Now she seemed a little pissed. She said, “If you don’t want to, fuck it. Forget I said anything.” and acted like she was now going to walk off herself. I said “Hold on, miss smart ass. Don’t get your panties in a wad about it. I thought you were trying to sell some “product” if you know what I mean.” She stopped. She just looked at me for a minute then said “So do you want to or what?”

I said, “Well, if there’s no strings attached or anything, I guess I’d be up for that.” She stepped back to where she had been originally, right next to the fuel tank and steps on the passenger side. I stepped closer to her. I was waiting for her to take off her shirt…or whatever she was going to do.

Neither of us did anything for a minute. Then she said “Well?” I said, “Well what?” She glanced toward my crotch and said “Get it out.” I laughed and said “Hell nah. It doesn’t get hard just for no reason. So give me a reason.” She obviously thought I meant to suck it because she said, “I’m not sucking it.” I said, “Nobody said you had to suck it. But at least do something.”

She started to undo the belt of her jeans. She did, then started to unsnap them. The whole situation seemed to get real just then and I realized this may lead to big trouble. I also realized how “outdoors” we were. A cop driving through and deciding to walk around the truck (which they certainly sometimes did) wasn’t outside the realm of possibility. Or one of her folks walking around there.

So I reached up and opened the passenger door. “Let’s go in here”, I said, meaning the sleeper. Some people think the sleeper is some kind of tiny cot that the driver somehow squeezes into the best he can. Hell no. It’s like a little apartment. You can stand upright without your head touching the ceiling and usually there’s a flat-screen satellite TV, satellite Internet, small fridge, microwave, small desk, coffee maker, and whatever else you care to put in there.

You provide electrical stuff, standard 120-volt household current, with something called an inverter that converts 12-volts (the truck’s system voltage) to 120. The inverters are rated by watts. So you just add up the wattage of all the stuff you have and make sure your inverter handles at least that many watts. If not, get one that does. Simple. Sometimes they have bunkbeds but I drove by myself so mine was a single bed, I’m not sure what size you’d call it but almost as big as a queen-size mattress.

So, anyway, she looked at the open door and said, “Hell no. I’m not trying to get kidnapped.” I laughed and said, “And I’m not trying to do any kidnapping. Get your ass in there.” She looked at me, paused, then turned to step up the steps. “What am I supposed to do with him?”, she said, indicating her dog. It was a tiny dog. I said, “Put him in the truck, of course.”

So she did. When she stepped between the seats and into the sleeper she looked around like she was amazed. Like I said, it’s not what most people think it is. “A fucking microwave?” she asked. “And a fridge”, I said as I opened then closed the door of it. “And there’s the bed’. As if she didn’t see it, but I was trying to steer things back on track here.

She stood beside it and resumed getting something done with her jeans. Which I was glad of because this wasn’t “Truck Tour Day” or anything. She pulled them down to her knees, but not her panties. “Your turn”, she said. So I did the exact same thing she did, namely pulled down my pants but not my underwear. I guess she remembered where we left off outside and me saying my cock wasn’t going to just magically get hard for no reason because she started kneading my cock and balls with her hand like it was dough or something.

It was good enough though. I put my hand under her t-shirt without asking and squeezed her tit and nipple. She didn’t have on a bra and I was amazed that I hadn’t noticed that before. I had been used to “older girl” soft tits and forgot how firm young tits were. It was fucking great. She may not have had D-cups or anything but she certainly wasn’t flat-chested either.

I took my hand out of her shirt and got a handful of that young ass. Holy shit. I bet a bullet would bounce off that thing. “Ok”, she said, and took her hand off of my cock. I realized it was hard as a rock. I pulled down my underwear and was standing there with my cock poking out. I’d like to brag that it was 13 inches long and big around as a Coke can but that’d be a little farfetched. A little longer than average, about 7 inches I’d guess (I’ve never once measured my cock), kind of thick, and if there’s anything unusual about it, the head is kind of prominent.

So there’s a description of the ol’ cock. She pulled her panties to her knees. “I didn’t shave”, she said. When she said that I expected a 70’s bush or something but it was just stubble. “No problem,” I said, “I don’t give a fuck if you shaved or not.” She said, “I mean nowhere. My pits or legs, either.” Now I had visions of legs like a gorilla. I told her to take her pants off the rest of the way and hold her leg up. She did. Stubble. “Pits”, I said. She raised her arms above her head. Again, nothing but stubble.

“What the fuck”, I said, “Who gives a fuck about that?” Still in her t-shirt, she lay on the bed face down. About the time I was thinking about what it would be like to stick it in her ass, which I thought she was kind of indicating, she said “Don’t even think about putting it in my ass.” “I wasn’t,” I lied.

She lay still. So I figured she was doing all she intended to do and the rest was up to me. I sat on the edge of the bed and ran my hand from her foot, up her leg, then put my finger in her pussy. She gasped. That was being a little dramatic, I thought. So I fingered her for a minute with one finger then with two. Her pussy couldn’t have been wetter if she had put a whole bottle of baby oil in it.

She was slightly humping her hips as I fingered her and making small moaning sounds. “That’s enough”, she said, and for a second I thought she meant she was calling the whole thing off. She turned her head and looked at my cock and said “Come on.” She didn’t say anything about a condom and I didn’t have one, so raw-dogging it was.

I was relieved she wasn’t changing her mind and decided I better get my cock in her before she really did. So I got positioned and was trying to guide the head of my cock into her with my hand. It was going between her legs just fine but not into her pussy. “Spread your legs a little,” I said. She did. Still nothing. “Spread your ass cheeks with your hands”, I said, meaning the lower part of her ass. Opening her pussy a little, in other words. Although she did what I said, it wasn’t without another “Not in my ass”. I didn’t even bother to answer.

Now the head of my cock was pressing straight into her pussy. I pushed a little more and it slowly started to go in. She gasped again. It made me proud of my cock but I was pretty sure it was a little bit of an exaggeration.

Once it started in, I kept going, despite her saying “Go slower” and “Take it easy”. I was sure her pussy wasn’t quite that sensitive. After a minute I had it all the way in and I was pushing my groin hard against her ass, meaning to leave it there for a minute before I started stroking in her. However, she started squeezing it, hard, with her pussy. Squeezing, relaxing, squeezing, relaxing…like that. It felt so good I was pretty sure I’d be lucky to last 30 seconds. “Stop doing that”, I said. She did.

“Are you on anything?”, I said, meaning birth control. “I have been since I was 12”, she said, as if that didn’t mean “about a year”. I almost laughed thinking about that but didn’t. I said, “When I say I’m going to cum, start squeezing it like that again.” She nodded her head “Yes” but didn’t say anything.

I started fucking her for real, hoping I didn’t cum too soon. She wasn’t moaning like when I fingered her but now she was making small grunting sounds. That turned me on like a motherfucker, for some reason. After about 3 minutes she said “Do it harder. Pound me.” So I did. My groin was making loud slapping sounds on her firm ass on every down stroke.

Like I was afraid of, that was too much for the ol’ cock. “I’m about to cum in you”, I said. She said, “Do it in me. Don’t take it out.” Then she started squeezing my cock with her pussy like I had told her to. Holy fucking shit. It was indescribable. I came so hard I thought I had hurt my cock. Even when I came in her and was laying on top of her for a minute before I pulled it out, she still kept doing it. It was like sticking your cock in a cow-milking machine or something.

I finally pulled it out and said “Damn, girl.” As I was putting my underwear back on she just lay there watching me and said “You’re not done, are you?” I was flabbergasted. I said, “Well, fuck yeah.” She said, “After my boyfriend cums all he has to do is wait a little while and it’ll get hard again.” I looked at her. I said, “Number one, good for him. And number two, you seriously want to fuck again? Right now?” She said, “Not right this minute but yeah.” I said “For what? You didn’t have an orgasm or anything?” She said “Yeah, three times. You couldn’t tell?” Naturally, I lied. “Of course. Yeah.” I couldn’t tell or maybe I hadn’t been paying attention.

I had thought this was a “One and done” but if she was up for it, I could put more enthusiasm into at least trying. “Ok. We have to completely ignore sex and talk about something else for a few minutes and we’ll see what happens”. She said “I’ll suck it if I have to.” I laughed and told her that didn’t sound like she was 100% happy with doing that but if she insisted, she could certainly try it.

She was half-heartedly telling me where she went to school, her friend got in trouble for some shit or another, blah blah for only about 5 minutes which was way too soon, then said “Ok, can we do it now?” I said “Hell no. Not yet.” She said, “I bet if we talk about sexy stuff, it’ll help.” I said, “In my experience, it’s better to completely ignore that and then get back to it.”

To that, she said, “I bet you want to put it in my ass, don’t you?” Before I could say anything, she continued. “If you did, you’d have to hold me down. And when that big cock was pounding in my tight butthole, I’d be crying and begging for you to stop but you wouldn’t, you’d keep pounding it into me as hard as you could. That would really hurt but I’d cum 10 times while you did it.” While she was saying this, she had turned completely face down again and was humping her ass up and down as she talking.

Almost as if she was fucking some imaginary person under her. “You know what I did one time? I put on my friend’s mom’s strap-on at my friend’s sleepover like it was just a big joke but later I made her lie face down while I fucked her in the ass. You don’t believe that? Well, it happened whether you believe it or not. She was crying and being a little bitch about it and begged me to stop and I told her I would but I took it out of her ass and made her suck it then put it back in her and pounded her even harder. After I was done she was sobbing and shit and wanted me to hold her and while she was asking me why I did that to her and crying on my shoulder about it, she asked me to do it again. Fucking unbelievable. First, I slapped her face for being a crybaby about it then told her to stand on the floor and bend over the bed this time. I gripped her hips and pounded her little butthole as hard as I could. I made her say “Shoot it in me, daddy. Put your cum in my ass”, which was hilarious when I thought about it later.”

I was astounded at the combination of her imagination and potty mouth. She had been stroking my cock gently while she talked and now as soon as she stopped, she put her mouth over it. She was a way better cocksucker than she portrayed she was. My cock was hard as a rock in about a minute.

Being unsure about one point, I figured I better clear it up. “You want it in your ass or what?” “I want it in my pussy,” she said.

She stayed face down, which was evidently her preferred position which was fine with me. This time, without me having to say anything, she spread her legs and spread her ass with her hands. I got my cock in her much easier this time. No fucking around, either. I started pounding right away. She was quiet except for the small, repeated grunting sounds again. Almost as soon as I started fucking her she said “I’m going to cum”. This time I noticed that her body tensed up and then she exhaled like she had been holding her breath. She groaned as she did it. I kept pounding. “Yeah, just like that”, she said.

After about 3 minutes she said it again and did the exact same thing again. “If she was doing that before, how could I not have noticed it?” I thought. I was pounding the shit out of her. “Wait a minute,” she said.

She turned over onto her back and pulled her knees up to her chest. “It goes in even deeper like this,” she said. I’ve dated chicks before that said that did work and some said it didn’t seem to matter. This girl said it did, so that’s what we’re going to do. I started pounding her but immediately she said “Ouch. Not so deep.” so I fucked her like she wanted for a minute or two and she said “Ok, now pound it deeper.” so I resumed pounding the shit out of her. She put her feet on my shoulders and her stubbly legs were rubbing the sides of my face occasionally but I didn’t give a fuck about that.

But she must have noticed it at the same time as I did because she said “Does that bother you?” I said “Fuck no.” She said “Kiss them then. Kiss and lick my toes and feet and legs.” So I did. It’s funny how a person discovers a kink they didn’t know they had. That’s what happened to me that night.

Kissing her slightly stubbly legs made my cock hard as a motherfucker, as if it wasn’t already pretty damn hard. Why, I couldn’t begin to guess. Well, I can make one guess, whether it’s correct or not. 99% of the time all girls and women are shaved smooth as a baby’s ass from the eyebrows down. If they don’t for some reason, they’re not about to let some guy see it, much less touch it, normally. So it’s kind of unusual and “forbidden”. Whereas “silky smooth” is extremely commonplace and “Who gives a fuck?” So stubble or hairy is very unusual, especially if they didn’t intend for you to see it but you did. That’s my guess. We’ll need to contact a psychologist for a better explanation. Anyway, I guess she could tell I was seriously getting into it (and not just because she said to) because she took her legs off my shoulders and said “Get on top of me more.” So I did lean closer. She pulled her t-shirt up to her neck and then off. She put her arms above her head and said “Kiss and lick my armpits while you fuck me.”

I wasn’t sure I’d be into that but when I started doing it, I knew I was about to cum. I wanted to be sucking and licking her firm tits when I shot my cum into her, I decided, so I started doing that. “Stop”, she said. “Lick my armpits while you fuck me”, she repeated. So I did. “I cumming again”, she announced. Then the body tensing, holding her breath, breathing out and groaning at the same time again. “Get ready”, I said. She started squeezing my cock with her pussy again.

Again, I came so hard into her that I was pretty sure I might have to get a doctor to make sure I hadn’t hurt it somehow. I never came so hard. And she was still milking it with her pussy muscles.

She said “In a minute we can…” and I interrupted her by saying “No fucking way. There’s just no way that’s happening. You’d have me here fucking all night and I’d miss my drop-off time and have to come up with all kinds of explanations. As much as I’d love to, that’s just not happening. Plus, the longer we stay in here the more likely somebody is going to knock on this door looking for you and that would be very hard to explain, if not outright impossible.” I thought of explaining why, exactly, a 13-year-old girl was in my cab, nude, cum on her butt and legs, my cock out…”Yeah. Impossible to explain. So as bad as I hate to be a party pooper we’ve got to continue this some other time.”

She thought I really meant to continue this I guess because she lit up like a Christmas tree and said “Here’s my number.” and told me a phone number. “You’re not going to put it in your phone?”, she said. “I don’t need to. I can remember it.” which was true.

Man, I swear, that first girl. She was unbelievable. As she was getting out, I asked her if she made a habit of doing this. There was no way she didn’t have some experience under her belt. “No, but me and my boyfriend used to fuck about 3 or 4 times a day. We broke up a while back.” That little bastard. Now she expected everybody to do that. Good luck to any future guy who runs across that girl.

I admit that as cool as she turned out to be, in the end, I was almost a little sentimental as I was pulling off. She was sassy and you alternated between thinking she needed a slapping and liking her. She was a little naive on one hand but could fuck better than the most high-priced hooker ever thought about fucking. I wished that her folks would just disappear and she could go on the road with me. But that was the road to destruction, thinking like that. I tried to forget her phone number as fast as I could but of course that made me remember it even more. To this day, no shit, I could tell you exactly the phone number she gave me, number for number. Now, it may be the phone number of a Chinese laundromat for all I know, but I know the number. I never dared call it.

If she had answered, the little head would have started thinking instead of the big head and that could lead to nothing but trouble. I had a strict policy for myself about that shit. Later, I learned to accept things as they came and let them go just as quickly. It wasn’t easy that first time but it got easier. What’s funny is, I have no idea what her name was. She didn’t ask mine but I was prepared with a fake name if she did. She didn’t mention her name and I didn’t ask. What difference would knowing her name make anyway?

So, sorry about the long length of this but there’s journal entry #1 of the shenanigans I got up to on the road. And there was more. Much more.

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    That was incredible man!

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    Looking forward to hearing more of your (tr)ucking adventures!

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    Finely a real good fuck story . I understand not calling her up when in her area but how did you talk yourself out of it . I would have probably fucked her to pieces. From thinking about that cock massage she give with her square box

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      It wasn’t so much just talking to her on the phone. It was easy enough to avoid her and that area but if I had talked to her and she got to reminding me about that fine pussy (which it was) I might have started getting stupid ideas about meeting up with her again. That could have been dangerous for my health, or my freedom at least.